Honda Civic Power Steering Rack Recall: 176,500 Cars

Honda Civic recall needed to replace steering racks that weren't put together correctly.

Honda Civic Power Steering Rack Recall: 176,500 Cars

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— A Honda Civic power steering rack recall affects about 176,500 Civic 4-door and 5-door cars in the U.S. and Canada.

The Honda steering rack recall includes 2022-2024 Civics that received replacement power steering racks as part of service repairs.

Honda says the steering racks may not have been put together correctly. This can allow the tire to chafe against the lower suspension or tie rod end, possibly resulting in tire damage.

"Steering racks produced as replacement parts for Honda dealerships were assembled with an incorrect stroke length setting. If the steering rack stroke exceeds a certain length while driving, the tire, or tire with snow chains installed, could contact the lower suspension arm and/or tie rod end." — Honda

The tire or snow chains could suffer damage or punctures if contact is made.

A Honda Civic driver may hear strange noise from the front-end when turning.

As of October 12, 2023, Honda has not received any warranty or injury reports.

Honda Civic power steering rack recall letters will be mailed December 4, 2023. Dealerships will replace the electric power steering racks if necessary.

Honda Civic owners may contact Honda at 888-234-2138. Honda's power steering rack recall number is YFW.