Jeep Wrangler Frame Problems: Investigation Closed

Federal petition alleged Jeep Wrangler frames had all sorts of problems with the welds.

Jeep Wrangler Frame Problems: Investigation Closed

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— Jeep Wrangler frame problems caused a petition to investigate the alleged weld problems, then a formal investigation and now the end of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration investigation.

The 2018 petition said more than 220,000 Jeep frames had multiple weld problems, including with weld penetration, areas where the welds dripped or splashed and porous welds.

NHTSA granted the petition in September 2019 and opened an investigation into 2018-2019 Jeep Wranglers.

But because of a previous steering recall caused by front track bar weld problems, NHTSA decided to include complaints related to steering shimmy or wobble, loose steering and loss of power steering.

Fiat Chrysler said any steering-related problems were repaired under a previous recall. According to NHTSA, the steering problems were caused by several factors that have since been fixed by Chrysler.

As for Jeep Wrangler frame problems:

"FCA identified various causes of weld quality issues in early production (build dates prior to March 2018) including improper welding techniques on galvanized frames and component part variation leading to off-seam welds." — NHTSA

There were no reports of Jeeps losing control and no reports of crashes, injuries or fatalities.

NHTSA has closed the Jeep Wrangler frame weld investigation but will monitor complaints and reports from Jeep owners.