Lawsuit Alleges 2023 Honda HR-V Back Windows Shatter

2023 Honda HR-V back windows allegedly shatter while driving or while parked.

Lawsuit Alleges 2023 Honda HR-V Back Windows Shatter

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— A class action lawsuit alleges 2023 Honda HR-V back windows shatter without warning and without anything hitting the glass.

The lawsuit alleges the automaker refuses to order a 2023 Honda HR-V back glass recall.

This allegedly leaves Honda owners to pay for replacement back glass, something that can allegedly cost more than $1,000.

The six owners who filed the lawsuit allege the 2023 Honda HR-V SUVs contain one or more defects in the way the vehicles are manufactured and/or made that can cause the rear windshields to shatter.

However, the six plaintiffs apparently aren't sure of the exact defects which cause the rear windows to shatter.

"Upon information and belief, the Rear Windshield Defect occurs due to either deficient materials used to make the rear windshield itself and/or a deficiency in the structure of the Class Vehicles." — 2023 Honda HR-V back glass lawsuit

According to the plaintiffs, the rear windows shatter for no reason and often when the Honda SUVs are parked.

The class action alleges Honda dealers refuse to replace the back windows for free even though the 2023 Honda HR-Vs are under warranties.

However, most new vehicle warranties do not cover glass issues.

According to Honda:

"This New Vehicle Limited Warranty Does Not Cover: Broken, chipped, or scratched window glass unless it is due to a defect in material or workmanship."

Customers report the sound of shattering glass jolts occupants and can cover people with glass.

The plaintiffs also assert a driver can become distracted while driving when the rear window shatters, causing a safety hazard to Honda occupants and others on the road.

And if the back glass suddenly shatters while the Honda HR-V is parked, the opening created by the missing glass can allow thieves access to the contents of the SUV.

Then there is the problem if the back window shatters in a crash, placing occupants at a greater risk of harm.

In addition to refusing to issue a 2023 Honda HR-V back window recall, the class action lawsuit alleges Honda hasn't issued technical service bulletins to dealerships regarding the allegedly defective back windows.

However, the lawsuit does allege that on May 1, 2023, Honda issued its dealers an internal memo regarding shattered rear windows in 2023 HR-Vs.

The memo allegedly said Honda “is searching for certain 2023 HR-Vs with a customer complaint of rear windshield shattering” and “[t]o better understand the cause of this condition, [Honda] would like to collect specific parts from the vehicle prior to [dealers] attempting a repair of any kind.”

The automaker also allegedly has not offered Honda HR-V owners suitable repairs or non-defective replacement back windows. In addition, customers have not been offered reimbursements related to 2023 HR-V shattered back windows.

The 2023 Honda HR-V shattered back glass lawsuit was filed by these 2023 Honda HR-V owners:

  • Sherry Fry / Pennsylvania
  • Brittini Barnes / Georgia
  • Brittany Cabral / California
  • Tristan Fairbanks / California
  • Janet Ojo / Massachusetts
  • Jessica Stewart / New York

The Honda HR-V shattered back window class action lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania: Sherry Fry, et al., v. American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

The plaintiffs are represented by Lemberg Law, L.L.C.