Nissan LEAF Recall Issued Over Incorrect Defroster Instructions

Nissan recalls 65,000 LEAF vehicles due to incorrect defroster information in the owner's manuals.

Nissan LEAF Recall Issued Over Incorrect Defroster Instructions

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— A Nissan LEAF recall has been announced for about 65,000 vehicles because the defroster instructions in the owner's manuals are wrong in the 2018-2023 LEAF vehicles.

Nissan says, "in very cold temperatures (below 140 F/-100 C), maximum fan speed can result in the Positive Temperature Coefficient ('PTC') heater entering failsafe mode for undercurrent protection, which can limit defroster output."

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration discovered the problem during a test of a 2023 Nissan LEAF and contacted Nissan in December 2022.

NHTSA found the LEAF defroster didn't properly clear the "critical area" of the windshield in the allotted time.

Nissan is not aware of any crashes or injuries related to the defroster issue.

Nissan LEAF recall letters will be mailed April 1, 2023, but there will be no need to visit a dealership because owners will be mailed owner's manual inserts which contain the correct defroster instructions.

If you own a recalled Nissan LEAF and have questions, contact Nissan at 800-867-7669.

Nissan's number for this recall is R22C5.