Nissan LEAF Recall For Unintended Acceleration

Nissan engineers jump through hoops to finally track down the cause of the LEAF problems.

Nissan LEAF Recall For Unintended Acceleration

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— Nissan LEAF unintended acceleration has caused a recall of 2018-2023 LEAF cars which need their vehicle control modules reprogrammed.

More than 79,000 LEAF cars are involved in the acceleration recall.

"The vehicle may accelerate unintentionally if the driving mode is changed ("D" to "B"; e-Pedal "On"; or "ECO" mode) after disengaging the cruise control." — Nissan

In December 2021, internal testing on a trial Nissan vehicle found a motor torque deceleration delay following deactivation of intelligent cruise control. Nissan investigated but was unable to recreate the problem, but testing continued.

Engineers finally determined a specific sequence of actions could cause unintended acceleration in LEAF cars.

Here's how Nissan describes it.

The following sequence of actions are required to be completed in under eight seconds for unintended acceleration to occur:

1. Cruise Control, Intelligent Cruise Control or ProPILOT Assist is disengaged; and
2. Immediately:
a. Shift drive modes from ‘D’ to ‘B’ or ‘ECO’ or e-Pedal ‘ON’; and
b. Press accelerator pedal and then release

The problem has not occurred in the real-world and would be rare if it did.

Nissan LEAF recall letters will be mailed August 30, 2023. Nissan dealers will reprogram the vehicle control modules, but LEAF owners with questions may call 800-867-7669.

The Nissan LEAF unintended acceleration recall number is R23A6.