Nissan LEAF Recall Issued For the Wrong Defroster Instructions

Nissan recalls 2013-2017 LEAF cars, following an indentical recall for 2018-2023 LEAFs.

Nissan LEAF Recall Issued For the Wrong Defroster Instructions

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— A Nissan LEAF recall includes nearly 100,000 vehicles that could suffer from defroster problems if drivers follow the owner's manuals.

The recall includes 2013-2017 Nissan LEAF cars with incorrect windshield defroster instructions in the owner's manuals.

"More specifically, in very cold temperatures (below 140 F/-100 C), maximum fan speed can result in the Positive Temperature Coefficient (“PTC”) heater entering failsafe mode for undercurrent protection, which can limit defroster output." — Nissan

In February, Nissan recalled 2018-2023 LEAF cars for the same defroster problems.

When Nissan issued the February LEAF recall, engineers were still investigating other LEAF model years. Nissan and a supplier investigated 2013-2017 LEAFs but didn't find a problem with the defrosters.

However, the supplier said it could not rule out the possibility of problems at some point, so Nissan decided to order the LEAF recall.

Nissan is not aware of any crashes or injuries related to the defrosters.

Nissan will mail LEAF recall letters May 26, 2023, and LEAF owners will receive an insert for the owner's manuals with updated instructions about how to operate the defrosters.

Nissan LEAF owners may contact Nissan at 800-867-7669 and use recall number R23A1.