Nissan Tire Recall Affects Frontier and Titan Trucks

Nissan recalls about 4,700 trucks after finding tears in the inner beads in the 2023 truck tires.

Nissan Tire Recall Affects Frontier and Titan Trucks

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— A 2023 Nissan Frontier and 2023 Nissan Titan tire recall involves about 4,700 trucks with tires that may have tears in the inner tire beads which can cause the tire pressure to quickly disappear.

Nissan discovered the problem in March when a transport driver said a front right tire suffered from a rapid loss of air on a Nissan Titan Pro-4X truck.

Nissan began an investigation and found one Nissan Frontier and four Nissan Titan XD trucks that had tire problems. Those tires were torn down and all of them had tears in the inner beads.

"Nissan’s investigation found that a tire mounter boot that was recently replaced during routine maintenance on one production line was the incorrect shape. This boot’s contact with the inner bead during the tire-to-wheel mounting process could potentially cause a tear in the inner bead in certain cases." — Nissan

Nissan is aware of six field claims attributed to air loss, but there have been no crash or injury reports.

A Nissan driver won't have any warning of the problem until they have trouble maintaining control of the truck.

A Canadian recall involves 433 Nissan Frontiers only.

Nissan truck tire recall letters will be mailed June 10, 2023, and dealerships will replace all four tires and possibly the spare tires also.

Truck owners may contact Nissan at 800-867-7669 and refer to recall number PC973 or PC974.