Tesla Model X Seat Belt Complaints Cause Investigation

About 50,000 Tesla Model X SUVs are being looked over to determine if there are safety defects.

Tesla Model X Seat Belt Complaints Cause Investigation

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— Tesla Model X front seat belt complaints have caused a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration investigation to determine if the seat belts or components are defective.

NHTSA received two complaints about 2022-2023 Model X seat belts that wouldn't stay connected to the seat belt anchor pretensioners.

The Tesla vehicles were allegedly delivered to owners with improperly connected anchor linkages.

According to NHTSA, Tesla Model X front seats have outboard pretensioners secured to the seat frames, and those pretensioner anchors can only be removed by special tools. Both Tesla owners complained the connection failures occurred at this point.

Safety regulators believe the pretensioner and the linkage were not properly connected during assembly. This will cause a "friction fit maintaining the connection between the two until eventual separation."

The linkages and the pretensioners suddenly separated while the vehicles were in motion.

An estimated 50,000 model year 2022-2023 Model X SUVs are affected by the investigation.

CarComplaints.com will update our website with results of the Tesla Model X investigation.