Tesla Recalls Model Y SUVs Over Loose Seatback Frame Bolts

Tesla finds supplier didn't properly tighten bolts which could cause problems with the seat belts.

Tesla Recalls Model Y SUVs Over Loose Seatback Frame Bolts

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— Second-row seatback frames have caused a recall of about 3,500 Tesla Model Y vehicles for 2022-2023 model years.

Tesla says the second-row seatback frame bolts may not be tight enough.

The Tesla Model Y second-row driver-side seatback frame and the second-row passenger-side seatback frame are secured to the lower seat frame with 4 bolts per seatback.

But one or more of the bolts may not have been torqued to specifications by the supplier.

Tesla discovered a loose bolt in December 2022 which caused an inspection of Model Y second-row seatback frames.

"As of February 23, 2023, Tesla has identified 5 warranty claims, received between December 9, 2022, and February 14, 2023, that may be related to the conditions described above. Tesla is not aware of any injuries or deaths that may be related to such conditions." — Tesla

The loose bolts can cause problems with the seat belts and how they perform in crash impacts. Loose bolts can also cause problems when folding the Model Y seatback and owners may notice loose seatbacks or hear a rattle when driving.

Tesla service centers will tighten any loose bolts once recall letters are mailed April 25, 2023.

Tesla Model Y owners with questions should call 877-798-3752.

Tesla's seatback frame bolt recall number is SB-23-13-001.