Toyota Yaris Electrical Problems Cause Defect Petition

Petition filed with government alleges 2019 Toyota Yaris was hacked externally.

Toyota Yaris Electrical Problems Cause Defect Petition

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— Toyota Yaris electrical problems have caused the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to receive a petition to investigate the issues, at least for the 2019 model year.

The Toyota Yaris electrical problems allegedly include multiple functions involving an inaccurate fuel gauge, illuminated warning lights, key fobs that won't work and failures of the 2019 Toyota Yaris to start.

A consumer filed a June 2023 petition to investigate if 2019 Toyota Yaris vehicles can be hacked externally through CAN Bus vulnerabilities.

In addition to the 2019 Toyota Yaris electrical problems petition, the California petitioner also submitted "several subsequent submissions" with "references to cybersecurity articles and websites."

The petitioner is convinced her 2019 Toyota Yaris suffered the above electrical problems and the vehicle has been unable to start since late-2022.

She contends her Toyota Yaris was hacked by when she was driving 65 mph on a highway.

NHTSA hasn't opened an official federal defect investigation. But safety regulators have agreed to look into the June petition to search for evidence of a possible problem.

From there NHTSA will either grant or deny the petition to investigate any possible safety defects. will update our website with results of the petition to investigate more than 27,000 model year 2019 Toyota Yaris vehicles.