Volkswagen Recalls ID.4 SUVs Over Flammable Sunroof Shades

VW recalls 27,000 ID.4 vehicles because of the flame retardant for the sunroof shade fabric.

Volkswagen Recalls ID.4 SUVs Over Flammable Sunroof Shades

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— A Volkswagen ID.4 recall involves nearly 27,000 vehicles to apply flame retardant to the sunroof sunshade fabric.

VW says the 2023-2024 ID.4 interior sunshades for the panoramic glass roofs may not have enough fire retardant.

"The burn rate of the material may sometimes be beyond the maximum allowable limit. In the unlikely case of a fire inside of the vehicle, this may increase risk of injury to the vehicle occupants. The root cause is currently not known." — Volkswagen

Volkswagen conducted testing with the supplier and other labs but couldn't find a root cause of the problem due to inconsistent test results.

The material had allegedly always passed testing in the laboratory used by the supplier and therefore indicated to be compliant with federal standards.

VW isn't aware of any complaints relating to the problem.

About 2,700 of the vehicles are recalled in Canada.

VW ID.4 recall letters should be mailed January 5, 2024, but owners with questions may call 800-893-5298 and ask about Volkswagen ID.4 recall number 60G3.