Investigation: Honda Ridgeline Backup Camera Not Working

Complaints allege Honda Ridgeline backup cameras stop working due to tailgate wiring.

Investigation: Honda Ridgeline Backup Camera Not Working

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— A federal investigation will determine why Honda Ridgeline backup cameras stop working on 2020-2023 Ridgeline trucks.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has received 27 complaints and other field reports about rearview cameras that stopped working.

The Honda Ridgeline backup camera screen will appear black when the transmission is in REVERSE, a problem owners of other Honda Ridgeline model years already know about.

In February 2022, NHTSA opened an investigation into why Ridgeline backup cameras stopped working in 2017-2018 Ridgeline trucks. At the time, NHTSA had received 42 complaints about rearview camera failures caused by damage to the tailgate wire harnesses.

A 2017-2019 Honda Ridgeline backup camera recall was announced in November 2022 for more than 117,000 trucks. Honda determined opening and closing the tailgate could cause the rearview camera wiring harnesses to break.

In addition, the automaker found the length of the tubing inserted into the wiring harness guide wasn't enough to protect the camera wiring. Engineers also determined the zip tie wasn't tight enough to keep the tubing and guide in the correct position.

It appears the same backup camera wiring harness problem may be causing the cameras to stop working in 2020-2023 Ridgeline trucks.

The current investigation includes nearly 157,000 Honda Ridgelines. will update our website with results of the Ridgeline backup camera failure investigation.