Honda Ridgeline Backup Camera Recall Issued Over Wiring

Honda recalls more than 187,000 trucks due to rearview camera image failures.

Honda Ridgeline Backup Camera Recall Issued Over Wiring

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— A Honda Ridgeline backup camera failure recall involves more than 187,000 trucks with rearview camera tailgate wire harnesses that may wear out and break.

The recalled 2020-2024 Honda Ridgeline rearview camera images will fail once the wire harnesses break.

Honda received the first backup camera failure warranty claim in May 2020 but didn't open an investigation until August 2022.

Returned parts were inspected and engineers found "cracked electric wire insulation, salt adhesion, and fatigue fracture of the electric wire(s)."

But in February 2024, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration opened a federal investigation following 27 complaints and other field reports about backup camera image failures.

Honda found freezing water and road salt could cause problems with the backup camera wiring each time the Ridgeline tailgate was opened and closed.

Honda changed to a different supplier and asked the company to strengthen the wiring yet make it more flexible.

"As of May 3, 2024, Honda has received 402 warranty claims related to the issue between November 5, 2020, and April 5, 2024, and no reports of injuries or deaths related to this issue." — Honda

Honda Ridgeline backup camera failure recall letters are expected to be mailed July 1, 2024, then dealers will replace the rearview camera tailgate wire harnesses.

Honda Ridgeline truck owners may contact Honda at 888-234-2138 and ask about backup camera recall number YI7.