Turn Signal Issues Cause 2021-2024 Jaguar I-PACE Recall

Jaguar I-PACE turn signal indicator may not flash correctly if a turn signal fails.

Turn Signal Issues Cause 2021-2024 Jaguar I-PACE Recall

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— Jaguar turn signal problems have caused a recall of 2021-2024 Jaguar I-Pace vehicles, and as is the case with so many recalls nowadays, no mechanical parts are affected.

More than 2,000 Jaguar I-Pace vehicles need software updates because the turn signal indicators won't flash correctly if one of the turn signals fail.

According to federal safety standards, a turn signal that stops working should let the driver know by the turn signal flash rate frequency.

Jaguar says:

"A concern has been identified on certain 2021MY to 2024MY Jaguar I-PACE vehicles where the electrical loads should make the double speed tick tock and tell-tale flash at double rate, in an electrical failed state, the double speed will not operate, the tell-tale and tick tock will flash at normal rate."

Jaguar opened an investigation in January following a report about a turn signal malfunction. Engineers tracked down the problem and Jaguar determined the turn signal indicator issue represented a "compliance defect."

Jaguar expects to mail I-Pace recall letters April 12, 2024, then dealers will update the software for something called the car configuration file.

Jaguar I-Pace owners with questions should call the automaker at 800-452-4827 and refer to recall number H475.