pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
No data
Average Mileage:
73,650 miles
Total Complaints:
7 complaints

Most common solutions:

  1. not sure (7 reports)
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problem #7

Dec 102012

Cobalt LT 2.2L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 93,206 miles

I have had a solid engine light and random misfire code off and on for a month. Under hard acceleration the light flashes and the misfire is very noticeable. Mileage has dropped off significantly. I changed the fuel filter and added gas line antifreeze thinking it maybe a fuel problem. These made no change. I have changed the spark plugs and have not completely eliminated the random misfire.

- Mike B., Glencoe, Ontario, Canada

problem #6

Oct 212011


  • Automatic transmission
  • 74,000 miles

I took my Cobalt in to the Chevy dealership in Surprise, AZ this morning for a routine oil change. As soon as I drove away the car was running rough, idling hard, and kept acting as if it was going to stall on me. I went back to the dealership and was told that it was just a coincidence that this happened after having it worked on by them, even though the car was running perfectly before that. They looked at the car and told me that my #3 cylinder was misfiring and that a coil needed to be replaced and I should have my 100,000 mile tune up done now to change the spark plugs in order to fix the problem. My car is only at the 74,000 mile mark. Their rep even made a point of letting me know that my warranty was no longer covered "because of the years not the mileage". After reading the comments from everyone else with this problem, I am now worried that doing the tune up and changing the spark plugs will not fix the issue. My car is barely able to be driven and its only been a few hours since they did the oil change...

- Denise T., Avondale, AZ, USA

problem #5

Sep 122011


  • Automatic transmission
  • 48,068 miles

My previous complaint was listed in the wrong place so I have placed it here below but since the alarm sounded again I am adding a new complaint. The jerking and sputtering did not happen again but this morning I was about 3 miles into my trip to work when the alarm sounded but again no warning lights came on...

Previous complaint:

This is the fourth time in 3 months that my car as jerked violently and acted as though it will stall when I'm driving so bad that I've been forced to pull over and shut my car off.

So far each occurrence has been when I was going below 45 mph, but I do a lot of highway driving for work and am concerned it will happen then too. Once it happened as I was reversing out of my parking spot upon initial start-up of the day, once about 2 minutes into my trip while I was still in my apartment parking lot, once when I was about 5 minutes into my trip(today's) and once when I was on my way home from work about 10 minutes into my trip.

If I shut my car off for a minute and restart it seems to not happen again for a few weeks. A ding (similar to the one that sounds if the door is ajar or the passenger doesn't have their seat belt clicked yet) will sound before it happens so I have a bit of a warning. The ding has sounded in the past and nothing has happened but now each time it goes off my car does this.No service lights are on and I do not get a message on my screen that says why it is sounding or what is happening.

I hope I don't kill myself or someone else if this happens on the highway.

- Rebecca R., Livonia, MI, USA

problem #4

May 232011

Cobalt 2.2L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 150,000 miles

I have a 2006 Cobalt LT. My engine light is on and is giving us a random misfire code, . We have changed the spark plugs, ignition control module, fuel filter, spark plug boots, cleaned the intake, throttle and the injectors with a DIY fuel system cleaning kit. Light is still on and car runs rough and i am getting about 3 1/2 miles per gallon. You had a couple comments on your site regarding a recall on fuel injectors. I have tried to find this recall but couldnt locate it. Could you give me the recall #. Or tell me what to try. I was told the MAP sensor and the 02 sensors.

- kathyskreations, Port Saint Lucie, FL, US

problem #3

Mar 032010

Cobalt LS 2.2L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 73,944 miles

My case is that the last december 2009 i took my car to the car dealer to be check it, because the check engine light was on. They check it and they recommend me just Clean the injectors, they clean something o did something on it and the check engine light was off for 3 months.

On March 2010, the check engine light went on again and i took it back to the car dealer and then told me the problem was a missfire. They fix it and they told me that everything is going to be good from that day and on and i don't have to be worry anymore about the car. Two weeks later, i meant, last thursday March 18, 2010 the check engine light went on again.

At the same time, i contacted the Chevrolet department of customer service,because it seemmed to me that something was wrong with the car, but so far they have no made anything about that, in fact at first they used to call and tell me that they were following the case and they will try to contact the car dealer and see was going on. After that the customer representative don't answer the call, i left a million of message in the phone and they don't return the call. When at last i could talk to the customer represntative who is following the case she told me that she supposed to call me back later in the afternoon or the next day which was yesterday and nothing happened. I call her back and i left another message in the phone, but nothing happened again.

Sometimes you feel so frustated about the situation and you feel that nobody are willing to help, neither the car dealer either the chevrolet like company.

The car lose the warranty when it turn in 60000 miles and right now is 74000 mile, so i have to paid from my pocket. The problem is you never know is the problem is going to be fixed or not.

That make you to think about the brand name CHEVROLET . We've tried to keep one of ours traditional brand names afloat, but sometimes you see the difference in the quality and you just decide don't buy chevrolet anymore.

Today i am going to take the car once more again, hopefully, they will fix it and i won't have to come back for the same problem, but whom know that.......

- Wilmer G., Clermont, FL, USA

problem #2

Jan 012010

Cobalt LS 2.2L 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 38,000 miles

The Cobalt was taken to a shop and I was notified that the fuel i was using was dirty or something of that sort. Also I can't use the fuel on base since it has high levels of ethanol which makes the cylinder #2 misfire. they reset the check engine light and told me to drive the car at least 150 miles. after 100 miles the light came back on took it back in and they said it was a saved code. so they reset once again and after 280 miles the light came back on. It comes on and off and its really upsettin me. Anyone know what may be wrong?

- Jaime G., Jacksonville, NC, US

problem #1

Dec 202007

Cobalt LS 2.2L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 38,000 miles

I had made a mistake on my other post, both of my problems started around 38,000 miles sorry!! Okay well at the same time i also had a cylinder 4 misfire. I brought it to pep boys and they checked my spark plugs and they had no spark on them at all... they were burnt up!!! Well more plugs were added and it did good with no misfire, still had a check engine light on but no codes were pulling up, well a few months later of the car running like hell, I had it checked again. Well this time its a random multiple cylinder misfire. So I call up Chevy and told them I knew about the federal emission warranty and told them I knew what was wrong with the car and i needed it fixed and since im a woman they called me a liar. I have a print out but I know they will not fixed it under the emission warranty so yeah, I cant get any of my engine problems fixed due to not having any money. ugh.. i hate this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- goddess_nita, Metairie, LA, USA