pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
37,000 miles
Total Complaints:
13 complaints

Most common solutions:

  1. not sure (9 reports)
  2. clean battery posts (2 reports)
  3. radio went out do to faulty negative battery cable! (1 reports)
  4. replace battery cables (1 reports)
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problem #13

Feb 092017

Cruze LTZ 1.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 50,149 miles

Last week on my 2012 Chevrolet Cruze LTZ the radio started to go on and off all by it's self. The radio would sometime work and others not at all. Then when it did turn on not all the buttons would be lift up. On the dash the day time running light will go on and off through out the drive time. The blinker will do the same thing.

After reading online about all the same types of issues and that there is more issues to come. Like the power steering going out. Car will turn off and not restart and I don't think that GM is doing anything about it and these cars have a lot of issues.

I called the dealership and was told that I would have to have a extend warranty in order for it to get fix without me having to pay for it. This should be covered by GM.

Update from Feb 22, 2017: After researching the same issues with the radio on the internet. I did come across a possible fix. I had found a special bulletin from GM on the Negative battery cable that was faulty and should be replaced. So I took it into the dealership to have it fix and when I pick it up it didn't fix the radio, nor the blinks not sounding. The dealership told me that I would have to bring it back so they could figure out what the issue was with the radio. So again back to the dealership to fix the radio. At this point I had to pay them $120.00 to tell me that my radio doesn't work.......welll no sh**. I already know that. They then told me that I need a new radio at the cost of $1200.00.

So I now, I still have no radio, no blinker sound and now no back up sensers. Oh the radio also controls the heater display so I have no idea what the settings are, nor what time it is and so on.

In my opinion the all reason the radio went out was because of the faulty negative battery cable! GM should also fix the radio too.

- kaybear63, Jamestown, CA, US

problem #12

Oct 012016

Cruze ECO

  • Automatic transmission
  • 64,000 miles

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various electrical issues

So recently my radio started to flick off and on while I am driving and it seems to happen when I accelerate or brake or turn. It then throws up a "service stabilitrak" it's really annoying. I can't get a straight answer when googling it.

- Melissa H., Newhall, CA, US

problem #11

Jun 112014

Cruze LTZ 1.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 48,000 miles

Radio kept cutting off, would not come on, light would turn off. Looked it up on a forum and found out it is known issue and just replace battery cable- NOT COVERED. This worked.

- Karin J., round rock, TX, US

problem #10

Sep 302015

Cruze RS V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 50,000 miles

Exactly the same problem as everyone else. Intermittent radio flashes in and out. Now headlights flash along with the dash, radio, and every other light inside the car, and says "service stabilitrak". Tonight the power steering locked up on my daughter. She almost crashed. Dealership "has no idea" why this happens. I purchased this car because I wanted a new car with no issues as my previous car was a lemon. And here I am at square one once again. Chevy really needs to check into this issue and fix it before it causes a death because of power steering lockups and failing breaks!

- Amy P., Puyallup, WA, US

problem #9

Apr 142015

Cruze LT 1.4L 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 39,317 miles

Purchased this vehicle used in February 2015. Within 60 days began having issues with the dash electrical system, including dash lights and digital equipment 'cutting out' completely or flashing on and off intermittently. The screen by the gauges would say "Service Stabilitrak" with a picture of a wrench. THis would happen intermittently and I could not tie it to any pattern of vehicle use. Per dealership it was a battery terminal issue. This problem has not happened again since the fix and it's 30 days from repair today. However, after reading other complaints I won't be surprised if it does occur again.

- anotherjenn, Tabernacle, NJ, US

problem #8

Jun 042012


  • Automatic transmission
  • 10,000 miles

I have had problems since purchase. Have contacted Chevy dealers over past 3 years. No help. Car is in for repairs 6 times since purchase

- jgore, Garnerville, NY, US

problem #7

Jan 032014

Cruze ECO 2.2L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 20,000 miles

Car starts out by the radio turning on and off going down the road, gauges on dash will start going on and off, sometimes the trouble icon come on and off. If you shut the engine off, everything would return to normal. 1st time car was taken in, the dealership say it was the "Generator" and replaced it. About a week after we got it back it started doing the same thing, It went back to working right by time of the 2nd appointment

Then on Mem. Day it started doing the same thing, this time I video taped it. But in the past, if you shut the engine off and restart it, it would be back to normal. But this time, I can't even get the key out of the ignition, no dome light, no On Star.... Nothing! I checked the battery with a battery tester, and voltage meter. the battery tested "Good" and "Fully Charged". Had it towed to dealership, they informed me that the battery was bad. I informed them that there must be something else, because I tested the battery right after it happen and t was fine. They said that they would keep it another day the check it out again. I went to pick it up the next day and they could not get it to start, so they kept it to work on it. Which they check all connections. I finally picked it up the following Monday. The dealership still claims it is the battery. I tried to explain that it can't be..... The battery was tested when it first happened and it was fine and the battery was replaced and it still acted up.

4 days later my wife drove it to work, shut it off and it would not start, can't get the key out of the ignition, no dome light, no on star.... nothing! When I called the dealership.... they told me that it must be the battery and if I would just jump start it..... it would start.... ..........

Just to prove a point I had them try jump start it...... Nothing! Had the battery disconnected, to see if it would reset something..... Nothing!

I wonder want they will tell me this time!

- Stephen B., Jonesville, MI, US

problem #6

Jan 152014

Cruze LT 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 64,000 miles

I have a 2012 Chevy Cruze, we bought a Chevy cause we thought they were good cars, and this was my wife's and I first new car. I am having the same problem as a lot of other people with the radio flashing off and on and then check engine lights and trac control light, we have even had the power steering go out when we turn and almost wrecked because of it. And the dealer has no clue on how to fix, can't duplicate it, but I have come up with a quick fix on my car.

I kept noticing that the battery post was getting corrosion on them quickly and when my car starts acting up I have been cleaning my battery post and it will quit doing it until they get dirty again, has something to do with the battery connection and getting corrosion on the post too quickly.,,

- Steve S., Jeffersonville, IN, US

problem #5

Jun 282014

Cruze LT1 4 cyl. Turbo

  • Automatic transmission
  • 52,000 miles

The cruise control shut off along with the radio without indication and came back on on its' own. Did this at least 8 times over the weekend. It doesn't leave you stranded like some others but it is concerning for me as I bought this car for my daughter to go to college. I don't know what to do now. I am concerned it is going to continue to get worse.

- Terry W., West Richland, WA, US

problem #4

Dec 222013

Cruze LT/RS 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 34,300 miles

First Chevrolet since 1979 and officially my last. I am having all kinds of electrical problems.

First the lights, radio cuts in and out, stability track shows, flashes it need service soon, when I turn on the turn signals it sometimes kills the radio. I have smell inside of like wires burning. Then on Dec. 22, 2013 my check engine light came on and I called OnStar to have a diagnostic run. They said I had a engine code, transmission code, and a 3rd code that was unidentifiable. Carried to dealer and they fixed a recall, and turned the check engine light off and then said they could not duplicate it. What!!!! They had an ending code and turned it off but since they can't duplicate it there is nothing wrong with the car. What the heck. Also I had to drive the car for about 30 miles to get it back home and running 60 mph I was turning 4,000 rpm because the transmission would not shift in the higher gears.

All of this has happen 3 times now and every time the dealer says there is nothing wrong with the car. What a joke Chevrolet has become.

- ghalberttexas, Kaufman, TX, US

problem #3

Oct 302013

Cruze LT 4

  • Automatic transmission
  • 21,200 miles

I have had the Chevy Cruze for about 2 months now. I bought it used with about 18,000 miles on it. This morning the dash lights and the radio lights were flickering on and off. I flipped the turn signal on, and it was not working (not any sound or lights). I went a few more miles and I got a warning sign in the dash "repair stabilitrak" All of the lights that are on the car are practically flickering, and the headlights and cab lights only flicker when the car is on. I have taken it to the Chevy dealership, and they seemed clueless as to what might be the problem.

- nicoletx, Lubbock, TX, US

problem #2

Jul 292013


  • Automatic transmission
  • 15,000 miles

I bought a new car to NOT have issues.

But with my 2012 Cruz I have had NOTHING but issues. I have had the vehicle into the dealership 4 times! This last time I have complained and complained and complained. We have a Lemon Law here but GM or the dealership are NOT ANY help what so ever.

Nice to know the consumer is getting screwed yet again.

- D. B., Fridley, MN, US

problem #1

Jun 242013

Cruze RS 4

  • Automatic transmission
  • 12,651 miles

I bought a new vehicle so I would not have any problems, and that is just what I am getting. The Grill keeps popping out, dealer is suppose to fix for free but....still waiting..

Then I started having electrical problems. . . First the radio would turn on and off several times. When it did come back on, some of the radio dash info was missing... such as temp, station number, etc...

Then my dash started to do the same thing.... it would come on and off (still while driving) and when it comes back on, it too would be missing some of the info such as, MPH, average fuel milage, direction, etc...

NOW, today I go out and my car would not start....nothing!!!

FML, I should have stayed with a FORD!

- neckhout, Litchfield, NE, US