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Feb 052019

Sonic Sedan

  • Automatic transmission
  • 47,000 miles

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Chevy Sonic has multiple Manufacturing defects! No warranty of GM's covers these problems either! Here are just a few that stick out in my memory..

I've had problems with my mom's 2012 Chevy Sonic since 40,000 miles, As soon as the 5 year warranty ran out. (By the way, if you read the terms of Chevrolet's warranty, they do not include repairs for almost everything. This includes all electrical work because they use a third-party, switches, hoses, wiring, and most engine repair.)

I have had to almost rebuild the entire car, including switches and controls, but so much more! $300- $1200 every time I take the car to the shop, and I've taken this Sonic to the shop eight times in the last 13 months. In fact, repairs cost me more than $10,000 like I mentioned.The A/C compressor, radiator fan, thermostat, fuel pump, ignition switch, main window controls (twice), AC power supply for phone charger = 3x), mirror control switch, headlight control switches, brake light wiring, back seat interior light switch, the battery (2x), the wipers (3x) and tires (4x) ( Note: some wear and tear items needed replacement almost as I got the car- Chevy didn't go inexpensive on parts0 They were just plain CHEAP!)

Since my AC compressor and radiator fan died completely, the coolant in the overflow looks like something from Poltergeist.. And I replaced my air filter and scheduled oil changes every 5000 to 7000 miles.

The reason I am wanting is because the Air Vent control switch just died on me tonight! Looks like fishing wire slipped off the back of the switch under the dash- and when I tried to fix it, the thing just fell apart on me and came out of the socket!

Of course I can't find a repair manual online (only the cheesy owners manual that has absolutely no specifically It's like a "How to operate a car 101".

Only 4 weeks ago I had a completely flat tire and I had to spend $900 on repairs/ maintenance, including $300 for yet ANOTHER new window switch - PLUS new window panel (because the one Chevy installed leaks, causing a short in the master window control switch) .. so... I didn't even get the last repair completed before I HAD ANOTHER PROBLEM. Every time I get something fixed, something else happens to this car. I take care of this car also, it's not like I beat it up. I'm an experienced driver and I am educated, so I know what not to do...

While driving, The fuel intake and power of the engine is inconsistent, and so is the heating system and temperature. The RPMs keep dropping while my foot is steady, pressing on the gas petal. I already fixed an engine misfire, which ended up costing $900.

So many issues, I can't even keep up with repairs in order to sell it.. It's not a problem with my service, a friend does the work for me, and his repair costs are extremely reasonable (Goodyear service station quoted me $1900 for AC compressor and radiator fan, my guy said $900; I also Google parts when he replaced them and he charges about the same if I were to order the parts online myself). The problem with this 2012 Chevy Sonic is with GM and Chevrolet engineers' bosses/ budget and cost managers/ quality of parts Chevy used for the Sonic).

I really want my money back! After interest and repairs, this car cost me just as much as a luxury vehicle would have cost me. My 2002 Toyota Celica has 2.5 times the amount of miles on it and it runs 10 times better than a 17 year newer Chevy, and it always has. I've gotten stuck so many times with this Sonic..

I had to call for emergency roadside assistance 6 times in the last year, from dead batteries to overheating on a 50 degree day.. . The battery has died six times in the 6 months I've had a new battery, and I know it's not the alternator. After some research, I learned that the alternator will not charge the battery unless you're moving (because it won't work with cooling fan on) AND you don't have your headlights on, your heat or air conditioning on high, or if you have your defogger on. So.. I if I only drive 10 minutes to work everyday, every once in a while I have to take the car on a 30 to 45-minute drive just to charge the battery-- And of course this has to be during the day..so I don't use my headlights and my heat on high, or my defogger (it is February)

This Chevy is the most ridiculous made car on this planet. I wish I could get my money back. the dealer will not do anything to help me, and neither will GM.it should be illegal to sell a car with this many problems after 5 years. I could have made payments on a brand new car and spents less with the amount of money I spent fixing this car. My 2012 Sonic was also closer to $20,000- The same amount my 2000 Toyota Celica cost me. And, my 2002 Celica 5 speed with moonroof (180k miles) is even worth more right now than the 2012 Sonic, with 70K miles.

Sitting here writing this, the car just all of a sudden started to vibrate. (I assume the cooling fan kicked on, but it NEVER sounded like this). I can't take anymore. We can't afford another new car right now, and a used car is likely to have many costly issues. I wish GM would help a starving family pay repair bills- because they are ultimately responsible. (BTW, the dealer wanted $99 just to look at the window switch and $150 just to tell me what their meter for the check engine light read-- which is usually just a general starting point when it comes to car problems). They offered us NOTHING -after overcharging us ($5000 above average) and after we paid for a full-priced Chevy Sonic on time, with a high interest rate, and asked for no special treatment (didn't even get our free oil changes that came with the car- I rather Spend my money and time elsewhere) -so GM is the epitome, the lowest of the low, when it comes to car manufacturers. They won't help one bit!

If they weren't so damn cheap, they could hire the right people to make the right choices so that they can make Quality Cars inexpensively. GM manufacturers don't even reside in the United States anyway, I'm sure workers are paid $2 a day or something like that. GM must get their parts from China, because most of the car is made out of cheap plastic. I can scratch the interior door panel with my finger nail- and the floor mats started to crumble after a second gentle hand wash (with Dawn)- the plastic just washed away as it created cracks and blemishes, eventually creating holes. There are little black plastic pieces everywhere including the drain for the basement sink! The air vents inside also just fell apart - the little bar used to move the vent horizontally flew off each vent on 2 separate occasions when I was using the A/C, on high. The driver's side vent broke into 3 pieces when I tried to move the blowing direction. (I am not rough on it, its just made out of the cheapest plastics I have ever seen!)

- Kat L., Somerset, NJ, US