pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
No data
Average Mileage:
4,800 miles
Total Complaints:
8 complaints

Most common solutions:

  1. not sure (5 reports)
  2. removed rocker retainer retention tabs (1 reports)
  3. replace engine (1 reports)
  4. replace rocker arms (1 reports)
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problem #8

Jun 032014

Challenger SXT 3.6L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 250 miles

After taking my Challenger to the dealership 3 times they refused to fix it. I called corporate and they made them fix it right away. They replaced the rocker arms and torqued them to the proper torque. They were literally hand tight, the guy took them off with his fingers. After fixing them the noise was slightly there. I up my oil from 5:20 to 5:30 and I got all the noise taking got a lot lighter so I raised it to 5:40 and the noise was gone.

- C W., Modesto, US

problem #7

Nov 072014

Challenger 3.6L V6 Pentastar

  • Automatic transmission
  • 20,840 miles

I think I was tricked and the dealer knew what the on going problems or issues the car has. The car stalled on me one night. The engine had sudden loss of power and ticking noise could be heard. I drove it to the closest gas station on limited power, parked and stop the engine. I waited 15 minutes and started up normal. Took it to an authorized Dodge dealer and they told me that they couldn't find any problems, not even reported when they scanned the car's computer. They said that they updated the PCM and that it should be fine. I expect more problems to come since I'm reading so many problems from the factory these cars have. So far the car never stalled on me afterwards but hopefully not. I also hear a ticking sound coming from the engine, and sometimes the transmission shifts rough. Car has a rough idle when I first start it.

- Hector A., West Palm Beach, FL, US

problem #6

May 202014

Challenger R/T 5.7L

  • Manual transmission
  • 8,180 miles

I bought a new 2014 Challenger back in November of 2013. When I finally got it around Christmas, I noticed a ticking noise coming from the top of the motor. It was not very loud at that time and could be covered up by the radio which I normally have on when driving. As time went on it got louder and more annoying.

I finally had enough of it so on 5/20/14 I took it in to the dealership to have it addressed.The service adviser told me that there was a Star case on this problem and had me return it to him to have it looked into. I had a couple of other issues with the brake rotors that he took care of that day that was causing a vibration in the front end on braking. Also it was pulling to the left, so they did an alignment, turned the rotors and solved that problem. I thought that was kind of strange that this had to be done on a new car with only a few thousand miles on it.

I returned the car to them on 5/22/14 and they took out the intake and exhaust rocker shafts and removed the rocker shaft retainer retention tabs per star case S1309999913. When putting it back together the technician rolled a gasket on the valve cover causing an oil leak that ran down on the exhaust manifold and made a smoky mess. I had to return it the following day to get that fixed. The dealership I use takes very good care of me so the next day they got it right in and fixed the oil leak with a thousand apologies. I repeat, super dealership.

There was also an intermittent noise with the clutch that they say they could not get to repeat. After that the ticking noise was still there and the service manager at the time recommended that we not crack into the motor again at that time because there was plenty of warranty left and it could be addressed at a later time if it kept up. Now I am at 23000 miles on 3/17/15 and the noise is getting worse. I can't stand it any more so I am back to service with this ticking problem once again. I have to drop it off with them on 3/19 and we will see from there what is going to happen to resolve this problem. I hope this time we can get it resolved. I will update this later when I find out.

- Bobby S., Burleson, TX, US

problem #5

Oct 162014

Challenger RT Classic 5.7L Hemi

  • Automatic transmission
  • 2,000 miles

When I purchased my car from Lustine Dodge in Woodbridge Virginia, I started it and it ticked and went away. The salesman told me that was normal "Hemi tick", it went away and I made my purchase. About 60 days later I noticed a sewing machine noise from 2000 - 2500 rpm. I called Lustine Dodge and they told me it was fine and they would take a look at it at my first oil change and it was safe to drive. At 4000 miles I took it for my oil change, they told me to make a new appointment for the ticking. I took it back and after a week or so, they called me and told me that they replaced all of the lifters. They also hold me that another customer had the same issue and it caused damage to some additional engine parts that were replaced.

I took my stinky smelling car and had it cleaned and drove it only to notice a slight ticking noise at1500 rpm. Two days later I started it and it had a loud noise on startup. I drove for a mile and the ticking was back but worse 1500 rpm to 2500 and getting louder. I took car back to dealer a week ago and it is sitting at the dealer. They gave me a loaner . I have been without my expensive car off and on for about 30 days....also the hood pops open while driving. Got to call and add that to the list of issues.

- tlester, Woodbridge, VA, US

problem #4

Jun 302014

Challenger RT Shaker 5.7L V8

  • Manual transmission
  • 4,250 miles

Ordered a limited production MY 2014 Shaker package and took delivery in May 2014. Drove the car for about a month and began hearing a rather loud ticking under acceleration. Noticed there was a Star case from Chrysler regarding customer complaints of ticking; Case # S1309000013. I went to local dealer with the printed Star case in hand and they checked the car, said it was "Normal" and all Hemi's tick. I get that the injectors tick but this is more like metal on metal. Dealer said they would not do anything, so I told them fine, I just wanted it documented when the engine fails to show I made an effort.

As time has passed, there are a number of Challenger owners complaining of the same issue and Chrysler simple says it's normal and will not fix or investigate most. Although some owners have had repair work down while others are ignored.

Chrysler needs to come to the table with options and solutions for their customers.

- Chuck G., Richmond, TX, US

problem #3

Feb 012014

Challenger R/T 5.7L Hemi

  • Automatic transmission
  • 500 miles

Purchased a 2014 Challenger R/T new in Jan. 2014. The engine has a loud valve train ticking, chattering noise similar to a sewing machine that can be heard in the cab at highway speeds, mostly over 1500 to 2000 RPM's.This is not the infamous Hemi tick of the past, totally different problem.

Dealer did the star case tab removal on valve guides & replaced lifters. Still have same problems but now Dodge says it's normal. Why would they try to fix something that was normal in the first place? After the lifters replaced I smell burning oil & have heavy spark knock from passenger side in MDS mode, same side the loud valve train noise is coming from. Dodge rep said all is normal for this engine. How is heavy detonation normal??? It sounds like a pile of junk! Nothing is normal about loud ticking metal on metal noises and the spark knock is very damaging to a engine. Dodge will NOT repair my car even though it's under warranty. Even contacted Dodge Customer Care still no help in getting problem resolved. Looks like lemon law. I just want my engine fixed or replaced. I have 8500 miles on an engine that sounds like a 200,000 mile car. Dodge stand up and repair my engine. How can I ever buy another Dodge after being treated like this?

- jammink1, Milan, TN, US

problem #2

Apr 082014

Challenger R/T Shaker 5.7L

  • Manual transmission
  • 1 miles

December 23, 2014

With all the hype about the new Dodge Hellcat, 392’s, R/T’s, etc. lately, I’m interested in knowing if you would like something different - information on the famous “Hemi Tick” issue. Our group could really use some help. We’ve all spent in excess of 40 grand each on our cars and Dodge just keeps pushing out the same product over and over without addressing issues that have been going on for years. Can anyone help us? How about an article about us little guys here that Dodge/Chrysler is refusing to acknowledge?

Myself and approximately 60 others on a popular forum have been having some interesting discussions about the Hemi Tick. From what we’re told by Dodge, this is a normal sound found on a lot of the Hemi engines. Some of us are having issues with a different type of ticking. As with the Hemi tick, it’s our understanding it can be heard with the hood up with the engine at idle. We are hearing something quite different, no ticking at idle but excessive ticking while driving, generally between 1500-1800 rpm’s and above. Here are two sound clips from my personal car while driving. One is with my electronic cutouts slightly open, the other with the cutout noise removed. http://picosong.com/4kLb/ (normal) http://picosong.com/4k22/ (cutouts slightly open).

Most of us have contacted Dodge Customer Care and Chrysler Customer Care and have all been shot down with the “it’s normal” line. Our dealers hands are tied since the automaker refuses to acknowledge there may be an additional problem and won’t further investigate the noises coming from our engines. If this was “normal” wouldn’t ALL the Hemi’s be doing it?

A few of our group have had Star Case #S1309000013 Ticking Noise from Upper End of Engine completed by our dealer. “If the customer complaint is ticking/clatter noise from engine compartment during cold start or with engine at normal operating temperature and Star On Line Case #S1209000001, S13090000021 have been reviewed; proceed with the following inspection…” The repair procedure is listed and in general it states to remove tabs left on the lifters during assembly. (I’ve attached the Star Case). Unfortunately for most of us, this didn’t help at all with the tickatickaticka we hear inside our cars. Others have had their oil changed, from regular oil that the vehicle came with, to 0w40 Penzoil Full synthetic. Again, this was no help for the ticking problem. Some of our dealers even went further and replaced lifters, rods, short blocks, etc. to correct the problem, several had their engines replaced and one has had their car replaced. The service is intermittent among us, some getting good service and correcting the problem, others left by the wayside with the old “it’s normal”.

I received an email from Chrysler Customer Care that stated "To review of our records indicates that the condition in question is a function of your vehicle's design and is not a defect in materials, workmanship, manufacturing, or factory preparation. These are the only types of defects covered under the new vehicle limited warranties." I just cannot accept the ticking as part of my vehicle’s design. Did they knowingly build a vehicle with a ticking noise? It sure sounds like they did from their email statement. My own dealer has refused to service my car if I bring it in with the ticking complaint again. I’ve even gone so far as to drive from New York to North Carolina to another dealer willing to take a look at my car. 1400 miles and no relief in site. It’s most embarrassing when a passenger notices the ticking, thinking our engines are low on oil. We’ve all written emails and called specific people at Chrysler, (Marvin Yacoub, # 586-274-8174, email mfy@chrysler.com), (Darla in Customer Care), (Casandra, Employee #CS1781), (Anna in Customer Care), and (Mike McDonald mike.macdonald@chrysler.com). NOT ONE person has answered us or even attempted to address our issues.

Now, if the factory rep and technicians didn’t think there was a problem, why did they do the work on the Star Case? Why did they authorize the change from regular to full synthetic oil? And if this is a known problem with HEMI engines, why aren’t they ALL doing it? Is Chrysler afraid of another recall after the timing chain problem? I think it would be interesting to dig deeper and find the answers to our questions.

I am sincerely hoping you can help us here. We don’t have many options left other than the Lemon Law and/or a class action suit. We don’t want to do anything other than get our cars fixed. Myself, I ordered my 2014 Shaker exactly the way I wanted it and it is irreplaceable. It is a numbered car, signed by an employee at the Brampton Plant, and is my forever car.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter and if there is any additional information needed, please contact me at xxx.xxx.xxxx


M. D. aka iamawild1

- iamawild1, Youngstown, NY, US

problem #1

May 012014

Challenger RT Plus 5.7L V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 2,000 miles

Bought the Challenger with the infamous 5.7L V8 Hemi. Spec'd it out with the 100th Anniversary Edition with the Super Track Pak, UConnect 430 and Automatic transmission. Noticed the ticking noise coming from the engine when I brought it home, but thought nothing of it as I have never owned a Dodge or any Chrysler products before. As time went on, it grew louder, especially when the engine's running over 3000 rpm. Others noticed it when they were in the car, asking: " What is that noise?"

Looked online and found a few things regarding the "Hemi tick." Some has it, some don't. Well, that is peculiar. Brought it to the back to the dealer for service and it was declared "Normal". Called Dodge customer service and brought it to another dealer for service and that's when it all came out, from the Service Adviser. This is labeled as a "Characteristic" of the Hemi, not issue, not problem, but a "Characteristic" because it is well known, and documented this is a known issue, but Chrysler has chosen not to do anything about it since ostensibly has not cause any major issues or safety concerns.

So here I am, with just over 2,000 miles on this $38,000 brand new 2014 Challenger RT Plus, with an "American V8", that someone online perfectly described it as the sound of a "Sewing machine!"

Dodge Customer Service has no solutions to remedy this other than offering extended warranties and oil changes, which does nothing to silence that "TICKING" noise!!!

Very disappointing, and needless to say this will be my last Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or Fiat product.

- Thomas L., Plano, TX, US