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Average Mileage:
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problem #23

May 292019


  • 47,000 miles
Since March 2019 check engine light has come one 3 times. My car has either stalled in middle of intersection and/or has a bucking sensation and then check engine turns on. This is unacceptable that it keeps occurring. One time they replaced battery, next time recall V34 and again today. There has to be something going on with this model. I do not feel safe.this happens while I am driving.

- Randolph, MA, USA

problem #22

Jun 162017


  • 25,000 miles
Rear facing camera for reverse related operations inoperable beginning at 25,000 miles. Back up camera fails to operate, leaving dash screen blank. Camera known to stop function mid-operation and amongst specific variables, ie. Barometric pressure, difference in tire pressure etc.

- Odessa, TX, USA

problem #21

Apr 152019


  • 60,000 miles
Car will idle roughly while in drive and break is applie, if in neutral idle isnżT rough. J have changed the spark plugs, gotten a tune up, changed the air filter and nothing has helped. Occasionally back passenger wont go up, radio screen will occasionally turn off while driving and radio often filled with static.

- Perry Hall, MD, USA

problem #20

Apr 062019


  • 62,000 miles
I have a 2013 Dodge Dart aero 6 speed manual, dual dry clutch, multi air turbo. I purchased vehicle in February 2017. 4 months later I had brought my vehicle into carsense for an oil change. Meanwhile I asked them to check the brakes also due to braking issues and my ebrake was not working properly and had a mind of it's own. It worked when it wanted to, but yet everything is in "great condition" says carsence.mind you that I had just purchased this vehicle in February and it was recently inspected in January 2017. Service dept. Inspected my brakes and gave me the current measurements of existing brake pads left. About June 2018 I was coming up to a stop sign in a 25 mph side street with light traffic. I had trouble slowing down to a complete stop. When I managed to come to a complete stop I heard a loud bang. Here my driver's side rear rotor was severely smoking and I noticed my rotor was redhot. My rotor snapped completely in half. My shifter would randomly pop out of gear or the clutch would lightly stick, smelling exhaust odor I'm now pushing 62, 000 miles and what do you know. I am coming home into my development. I'm in second gear turning onto my lane and doing maybe 10 mph well it decides to pop out of gear and accelerates, redlining second gear(I'm assuming it thinks it's in second) and all dashboard lights are flashing steering wheel it locked. Car is now doing 80 mph in a 15 mph zone. My brakes are not working at all brake pedal is harder than hard. I have no control of this vehicle!! engine finally cuts out after I removed the key from the ignition. Comes to a screeching halt. Thank god. It wont start still to this day..oil in turbo and up the hose. Battery plays dead along with my instrument panel and my transmission needs a computer upgrade that's not even available for the 1.4L turbo engine...it needs a tcm, new master cylinder.

- Quakertown, PA, USA

problem #19

Mar 022019


  • miles
Car flashes check engine light, turns on and off multiple times on its own, unexpectedly shifts into neutral, occasionally goes forward when in reverse (R), steering wheel locks while driving, takes a lot of pressure on the acceleration pedal to move forward

- Miami, FL, USA

problem #18

Dec 082018


  • 92,000 miles
While driving on the highway and on city streets, the dash board lights went out and the needles for the speed and RPM went all the way to the bottom like the car was cut off. The car was still in motion. The dashboard said service electrical breaking system and the engine light eluminated. It did this more than one time. It will flicker the warning on the dashboard and then at one point the car cut off while on city streets. At another time when the message flickered on the dashboard the battery light came on. This has happened multiple times and I am concerned about my safety in this car as well as my children. The radio cut off and the eventually cut back on.

- Columbia, SC, USA

problem #17

Oct 032017


  • 67,500 miles
While driving on the mountain roads to driving on the freeway to driving any where my turbo cuts off and I lose almost all power causing me to loose power going up a steep hill and almost get rear ended at least 3 times. Further more when IżM getting ready to merge onto the freeway and it cuts out causing me to almost be hit by truckers. I get a burning smell coming from the engine bay smells almost like oil or wire smell. My speed control is non functioning and my ebrake is also damn near inoperable. I want to know why there hasnżT been a total lemon law for 2013 Dodge Darts they are not safe to drive for the owner and anyone else on the road. So if this is a national highway transportation safety administration why is it not recalled!!!!!

- Tehachapi, CA, USA

problem #16

Feb 012017


  • 70,000 miles
My 2013 Dodge Dart has been going through issues for a year. My tires have been popping left and right brand new and used tires just popping while I'm driving with my kids in the car. The car now has a BCM problem as well as a small gas leak. I have went through multiple dealership that looked over the car and can't determine where the gas leak is coming from in which my check engine is still one which leave me to not be able to get the vehicle inspected or registered again. This car has caused me and my family so much money and issues. It hardly wants to drive, my key gets stuck in the ignition for some reason and I can't turn the car off. The Dodge and recall place told me they can not help me because my VIN is not recalled but I've been having the same issues as every other 2013 Dodge Dart.

- Syracuse, NY, USA

problem #15

Feb 062017


  • 50,000 miles
I had my 2013 Dodge Dart for 3 years and for a year and a half Iżve had problems with tires to the point where they popped while driving, brand new tires, used tires it didnżT matter. I spent so much money on just tires. To top it off I canżT get the check engine light off because of the BCM and a leak somewhere. I went through all the procedure I brought a new gas cap, I brought a new sensor, I checked the wires no holes and nothing has worked. I still have two codes on my vehicle still after spending a lot of money to get it off

- Syracuse, NY, USA

problem #14

Apr 022018


  • 100,500 miles
I have been having ongoing problems with my 2013 Dart SXT since about 5 months after purchase. One of the first things that happened was the passenger door handle coming off - more than once - and having to be fixed. I believe this occurred three times. Each time it was "fixed" and then the handle would come off again. The last time the handle came off, I was no longer under warranty so now I just have a passenger door with no handle until I can afford to get that fixed. As far as the electrical problems I have had: The dash display goes completely dark and resets itself when I am driving - especially if the weather changes; my traction control and check engine lights come on randomly; my heat/ac turns on or up without anyone touching it (at random) and I've frequently had problems with trying to get the vehicle to start when it is cold outside. My remote start stopped working over a year ago, but because I first had my electric worked on at frank fletcher Dodge, and had to take it back a second time because the problems weren't fixed, I stopped trying. Any other place I've taken my car always suggests I go back to the place where the electrical work started but I do not want to do that because it seems like problems get worse every time I have taken it to get fixed. My dash/clock resets at complete random. I have been driving and hit pot holes on the street and bumps on the highway that made the whole system reset while I was still driving. Even this Monday, I started my car at the end of my workday only to find that my clock and audio settings were reset again. I was trying to keep track of the service records from frank fletcher Dodge and others but may have lost some from all of the times I have had to call them in the past few years. I have been expecting some sort of recall or buy back due to the all of the complaints that have been filed, but no luck.

- North Little Rock, AR, USA

problem #13

Mar 262018


  • 125,000 miles
Service transmission message on dash after about 50 miles of driving normal. WonżT shift into second gear until 4200 RPM drops to 1000 RPM then shifts into third gear early at 2400 RPM when turned vehicle off and try to turn back on it says autostick not available. Clear all codes works fine. It's been at the dealership 4 times with no diagnosis. They have done the transmission control module recall twice. Every time it has happened there has been about a month in between. Tends to happen after about driving 50 miles normally.

- Davison, MI, USA

problem #12

Sep 232017


  • 80,000 miles
It was September 23rd around 11pm, I was driving on a highway, upon turning into the exit lane my car hit some form of pothole which made my touch screen and dashboard turn off and back on. Iżve had issues with my touch screen shutting off and back on in the past, once Iżve replaced the battery it worked fine until that day, then it started acting up again so before all of this I did set up a car appointment for it to get checked out 2 days earlier. So anyway, as IżM driving, I arrive to my destination. I sat in the car for a while on my phone and decided to turn on my air. When the air came out it smelled very smokey. So I turned it off and about 5 minutes later, a very light mist began to come out of the drivers side hood. So I decided to just head home instead because I didnżT want to be stuck somewhere and I not have a ride home, my house wasnżT that far from my location. So the further IżM driving I noticed the smoke began to pick up a bit so I cut my hazard lights on. IżM about 5 minutes away from my house at the point. So IżM driving down the ramp to merge into the highway and the smoke got so thick to where I could no longer see so IżM pushing down the breaks to slow the car down and find my way to the side of the road but then my car locks up and shuts down. I couldnżT turn the wheel, gas or break or anything. When I could glimpse through the smoke I noticed a fire was coming from my hood, so into moving traffic on the highway going about 40 miles an hour I hopped out of my car and it rolled a little over 100 feet to almost the yellow line (it was still blocking one lane). Witnesses called the cops and the fire department put the flames out.I reached out to my car company and they said since my car wasnżT insured, that basically IżM out of luck. I have scratches and scars still from the day of the incident and IżM not sure what else to do ## VIN passed ## Dodge Dart 2013 ##

- Kansas City, MO, USA

problem #11

Aug 022017


  • 27,266 miles
Takata recall: There has been multiple issues with this car including loss of power, rapid shifting, transmission failure, stalling, and overheating. The check engine light and transmission light have come on multiple times, the tcs and passenger airbag lights have come on and off at the same time. This car has had 2 PCM's replaced, 4 tcm's replaced, 2 transmissions (the last one replaced less than one week ago), 2 sets of spark plugs and coils replaced, timing belt, serpentine, and water pump replaced. The transmission, serpentine, timing belt, and water pump were all replaced on 7/21/17 and now the car is presenting with the same issues. These problems started with the first owner (and were not reported to me) on 8/6/13 and started with me on 4/16/15. As of 8/2/17 I have the same whining noise in the car (which has been diagnosed as the transmission multiple times now), the transmission is unable to shift or lags or shifts too quickly, I can floor the gas peddle and the car will not accelerate, when I let off the brake the car surges forward, the check engine light is back on, and the cruise control is not functional. This car has been in the shop more than I have driven it and Dodge keeps repairing it and those repairs last less that one month and the same problem happens again and again. This car is unsafe to drive and Dodge has yet to remedy the situation. The car is set to be back in the shop this week and it is currently not drivable and a hazard to myself and others on the road. I would not be able to accelerate to move out of the way of anyone or anything due to the transmission and issues with this vehicle.

- Kingman, AZ, USA

problem #10

Jun 272017


  • miles
There was already a recall on my vehicle. Then I have had two brand new starters put into my car at the Chrysler dealership and both times the starters were burned to a crisp in less than 48 hours. Now I'm having transmission issues and no one knows what's going

- Greensboro, NC, USA

problem #9

May 012017


  • 26,000 miles
Car shuts down while driving - battery light flashes and I am unable to accel. No power what-so-ever. This has happened 4 times twice at 45 mph and twice at 70 mph. Battery has been replaced twice. * car stereo/screen powers down while driving and resets * all lights in car go out for a short time and come back on * rushing water sound while accel. * car gets up to 4,000rpm's to go from zero to 30mph * issue with break delays * knocking sound from front right side of car

- Piscatway, NJ, USA

problem #8

Jan 012014


  • 38,874 miles
Check engine light was on. Dealership technician was able to perform diagnostic procedure that called for a software update for camshaft pos. Sensor and evap leak.

- Knightdale, NC, USA

problem #7

Nov 142015


  • 63,000 miles
The first time my breaks went out I was sitting in a drive thru and we heard a loud popping noise and the breaks became hard to push down. It took longer to stop driving home to be towed. The second time the same thing happened but we were driving this time and with this one the traction control also went out. This is the second time in 9 months that I have had my break system replaced. This is a major safety hazard as I could have killed someone seeing as though I had no breaks to stop. I drive long distances for work on major freeways that are very busy in the morning and at night and had this happened while I was on one of those freeways, someone would likely have died or at the very least been severely injured. This is uncalled for.

- Peoria, AZ, USA

problem #6

Nov 012013


  • 30,000 miles
Eight months after purchasing the vehicle the BCM (body control module) failed causing door locks and trunk release not the function this happened while the vehicle was stationary or in motion on city streets or the highway. After the BCM was replaced the interior lights stop functioning along with the dashboard lights flickering. This also happened while the vehicle was stationary or in motion on city streets or the highway. The vehicle traction control and cruise control both malfunction while the vehicle was stationary or in motion on city streets or the highway. Https://youtu.be/B7loromdbhs https://youtu.be/qclhywt17ik https://youtu.be/jyhg7dpqndq https://youtu.be/jdtthgryv6W

- Redford, MI, USA

problem #5

Dec 132014


  • 20,350 miles
I took my car in to the dealer on December 13, 2014 for an oil change because the light was on. I was driving home after the oil change was completed and the electronic stability control malfunction light came on and the car began jerking to the left. I set up an appointment with another Dodge dealer to check out the problem and was told that the speed sensor was broken. The car is still under warranty so I was told there would be no charge for the replacement. After fixing the sensor the dealer notified me that the light still comes on. They spoke to Chrysler about the problem and were told that Chrysler does not know what it could be. I was told that they needed to keep my car over the weekend and that Chrysler offered me a loaner car while the repair is being done.

- Los Angeles, CA, USA

problem #4

Feb 252013

Dart 4-cyl

  • 1,045 miles
I purchased this vehicle on 01/22/2013. The first of many incidents happened while driving down a major highway. I was in the fast lane changing lanes and I suddenly had full power loss. I was unable to steer the vehicle and was almost hit by several faster moving cars. The car was also quickly slowing down. I was able to get the vehicle started again and pulled off the highway. As I went to turn into a parking lot this vehicle had power loss again. Between 02/25/2012 and 11/07/2014 and 26,000 miles this vehicle has been in the shop over 10 times. It has multiple power loss issues, and gauge issues. Headlights and turn signals have gone out, and random windows roll down when pushing the buttons. This vehicle is a safety hazard and should be recalled in its entirety. Repair shops tell consecutively that they cannot repair all the issues. It has been in the shop since for 5 days this time and they cannot get the vehicle to start. Shop failed to put power loss issues on first issue on ticket, until it happened a second time on 07/02/2013 while I was in a school zone.

- San Antonio, TX, USA

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