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Crashes / Fires:
6 / 0
Injuries / Deaths:
1 / 0
Average Mileage:
21,427 miles

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problem #18

Jun 252019


  • 53,348 miles
¿takata recall¿ problem when shifting, the check engine light and it said that there is a problem with the sensor. It always happen whenever im running in freeway. It's like shifting and whenever I put it on reverse I get stuck on neutral whenever I switch it to drive or park I had to turn off the car to make it work again

- Fort Eustis, VA, USA

problem #17

May 012019


  • 20 miles
The vehicle has electrical issues battery gets worn out and after buying 2 batteries I don¿T know what else could be it stalls while driving no matter the speed it's really dangerous I¿M scared to drive it my wife was driving in the freeway and it stalled on her almost made her crash in the highway!!!!!this has happened 2 times already we are just not driving it at all

- El Paso, TX, USA

problem #16

Mar 102019


  • miles
I caught state farm auto trying to replace my new parts with actual junkyard parts.. this is after a theft in my driveway of tires and wheels.

- Denver, CO, USA

problem #15

Jan 202019


  • 84,000 miles
Went to drive my 2016 Durango this morning, check engine light was on, and the car would not go into reverse. After turning the car on and off several times, and letting it warm up, it went into reverse. Took it to autozone to read the code (P1B14) and for the second time we have a problem with the park- reverse dial. Couple of weeks ago it was put into park and the car drove forward on its own. I guess someone is going to have to get injured before Chrysler gets it together.

- Wentzville, MO, USA

problem #14

Jan 032019


  • miles
"takata recall" I've had several experiences with my 2016 Dodge Durango that was bought brand in June or July 2016 with 23 miles on it from a Dodge dealership. A couple months after it was bought, the car cut off while driving presenting signals of "pull over", "check engine", "power train" and more. The signals were flashing non stop. Once I pulled over, the car wouldn't start or move so I put it in park and contacted the dealership. My car was towed to the dealership and the dealership stated that the repairs lied with the computer chip(s). It was a simple update needed. My husband and I paid for that. In March/April of 2017, we experienced our car rolling into the neighbors yard while on and in park. Our home camera taped me getting out of the vehicle while in park (according to the rear lights) in my front yard on the grass and then the car moving forward of which the camera stopped recording at this moment. When I walked back outside to my car, it was rolling onto the neighbors' property. I had to run and catch it. In the later months of 2017, the gas lever stopped working. After pushing the gas button, it wouldn't open and still doesn't open, so we have to open the gas using the "string" or pulley in the trunk space of the Durango by lifting the lift gate to get to it. In December 2018, the car wouldn't start. Dodge towed it to the nearest dealership and a new battery was needed along with recall updates. January 2019, the vehicle's dashboard went out with no lighting or anything showing although the car was operable. It is currently still in the shop while my family of 5 is operating with one vehicle.

- Hinesville, GA, USA

problem #13

Dec 182018


  • 81,000 miles
Came to a stop turned the knob to park, and went to exit the vehicle. The car rolled forward into the curb and dented my license plate. The car apparently did not go into park, like I had put it. Had there been people in front of me I would have hit them!

- Wentzville, MO, USA

problem #12

Sep 242018


  • 20,715 miles
My wife shifted the car into park. She exited the vehicle and left the engine running while she got out. When she stepped away from the vehicle to get something she noticed the vehicle rolling backwards and it backed into a dumpster. The rear window shattered and damage was done to the lift gate.

- Greensboro, NC, USA

problem #11

Jan 222018


  • 15,000 miles
I was stopped at a stop sign and put vehicle in park and exited the vehicle and it started rolled backwards and knocked me down and rolled over me and caused a broken arm, 3 broken ribs and a bad bruise that needed surgery after it didn't dissolve like it's suppose to.

- Jamestown, OH, USA

problem #10

Feb 102018


  • 34,500 miles
On 2/10/18 I parked my car on a hill along a curbed sidewalk I put the car in park and shut it off and exited and locked the doors. I walked to a restaurant around the corner for take out when I returned 5 minutes later and my vehicle had rolled back about ten feet into another vehicle that was parked on the street causing damage to the rear of my vehicle. I had to prior events in my driveway where after I parked my car in my driveway and in the morning I found the car backed ed out into the road way.

- Middletown, NY, USA

problem #9

Jan 122018


  • 17,000 miles
The first time I had an issue with my car, my husband and I were driving on the NJ turnpike in the left lane, with cars coming up behind us over 85 mph, and the car stopped accelerating and we had to pull over and the car died. After an awful mess Dodge took it in for repairs on the radio and electrical issues. They called me to pick it up and as I drove it out of the dealership the same issue was happening and the car almost died again. Now my car screen and radio will not shut off even when the car is off. Dodge can't supply me with a rental, and my husband is in the military and I am pregnant. They were useless on the phone and I am terrified to drive in my vehicle!!

- Cherry Hill, NJ, USA

problem #8

Feb 082017


  • miles
Key fob message key fob has left vehicle when vehicle is in motion, driving highway, stopped as well as parked. At times unable to get in to car. Other times when in vehicle the vehicle will not start. Also, transmission command in drive the vehicle will not go forward and in reverse the vehicle will not back up and when it does it make a noise.

- Sandia Park, NM, USA

problem #7

Sep 192017


  • 43,000 miles
Have been driving my Durango for approximately 6 months. On 9/19 I was on my way to drop my kids at school as I normally do in the morning. Traffic was extremely heavy like usual, and I was stuck in traffic on 104 westbound. My son had undone his car seat latch so since I was stuck in traffic and I could easily reach him. His seat is to the back right of me in the middle row, and its a matter of just reaching back with one arm. After securing him (pushed the clip back together), the traffic had moved forward so I was going to move up. I hit the accelerator, and the car didn't move, it just revved. I noticed the car was in neutral for some reason, so without consideration I moved it to drive. Since the car was revving it jumped forward hitting the car in front of me. It was a minor accident, that didn't do much damage to my Durango, but a small part of the grill broke and punctured my radiator. My problem with the car is that the car should not have been in neutral. Had the car not been in neutral, I wouldn't have hit the gas more (as I couldn't figure out why it wasn't moving at first) and then it wouldn't have revved and wouldn't have jumped.

- Columbus, OH, USA

problem #6

Feb 022016


  • 4,000 miles
Our 2015 Durango limited makes a thumping noise, sounds like an impact in the rear of the vehicle. The dealership has not been able to diagnose the problem, and cant duplicate it. My wife has heard this noise since we purchased this vehicle. We have owned 3 other Durangos with the same body style and have never heard the same sound.

- Tucson, AZ, USA

problem #5

Mar 012017


  • 12,000 miles
Rollaway danger---we have an attached three car garage and I was parked in the larger 2 car section closer to the house. In early am on a recent morning, when backing out of my garage, I realized I had left something in the house. After backing out, I put the car in park, unbuckled my seatbelt and opened the driver door in order to go back into the house. As I was exiting the vehicle, I noticed that the car was still moving forward. I jumped back into the car and quickly hit the brake in order to stop its rolling forward. Unfortunately as I had thrown myself back into the seat! I was misaligned to the controls and I hit the gas rather hard which caused the vehicle to lunge forward. As soon as I realized what happened, I slammed on the break but unfortunately I still hit the garage (the single car garage). I was at an angle to the building which caused damage to the front left of the vehicle but also to the right side passenger door and attached mirror. As well as some damage to the garage also. This was a very scary situation for me but there's more. My husband was taking out the garbage that morning and was walking acrossed the garage toward the garbage can. Had he been 10 paces further in his journey I very likely would have hit him or even pinned him between the vehicle and the garage causing unknown harm to him but perhaps very serious. To be honest, this vehicle scares the crap outta me which is horrible considering 6 months ago I made a major investment in it I have a pristine driving record. We contacted Dodge and we've had someone inspect the vehicle with a letter response of "you don't know how to drive". given my driving record, I would argue that I do and given the known issues with possible roll awayon these vehicles I would ask that a fix be brought to market to make these vehicles safer!

- Tucson, AZ, USA

problem #4

Dec 012016


  • 9,000 miles
Fcw does not work as explained in the Dodge manual. No warning to brake or brake jolt or stop of the vehicle. All I get from Dodge dealers 4 of them is we can't test the system and you can run into the car in front of you. I have it set on the most set on the most sensitive setting. This system is according to the manual work under 25mph to 1mph. The adaptive cruise works as described. I called there 1-800 number and all I get is the run around and that they can't test it. Its easy just drive and you will run into the car in front of you with no warning at all. I had a 2012 Durango and I traded it in for this feature. Please help

- Pittston, PA, USA

problem #3

Oct 182016


  • 8,000 miles
I live in northern New York. On the morning of 10/18/2016, my 11Y/O daughter buckled her 7Y/O sister in the back passenger seat of our 2016 Dodge Durango. Our 11 Y/O then enter the front passenger side and shut the door. The Durango then popped out of park and rolled down our steep driveway with our two daughters inside. My 11 Y/O had enough sense to jump to the drivers side and hit the brakes. The vehicle was not running and the keys were not in the vehicle. My daughter could not stop the vehicle and it went partially over a 25' embankment, as my wife was walking out door to get in the car. My kids were not injured and I credit my daughter for that by slowing down the vehicle. The local dealership has been great and is behind us 100% but Dodge has been less than helpful, and make it sound like there is nothing they can do. I'm not sure they understand how bad this could have been. Again the vehicle is a 2016 Dodge Durango with the rotary shifting knob. It was not running, no keys in it, and no one was in the drivers seat. My kids are terrified to ever get in that car again and my wife and I wouldn't anyway because it is unsafe. Dodge makes it sound like because the dealership found no fault codes there is nothing they can or will do. I call Dodge everyday and I feel they don't understand the seriousness of this complaint.

- Elizabethtown, NY, USA

problem #2

May 012016


  • 1,500 miles
Original arbitration data to ncds: 1.Durango 2016 was purchased on 30 April 2016 with the forward collision warning system (fcws) with brake assist as an option. This and the adaptive cruise control (acc) system was app $2K as a safety option. www.Dodge.com/en/Durango/safety_security/. this website describes the feature. 2.attached file capture 6 and 7 describe the feature: ¿fcws provides the driver the opportunity to be notified via audio or visual alert and if the situation merits, a level of braking to help slow the vehicle and finally if the fcws event begins below 26 mph, the system may provide maximum or partial braking to mitigate forward collision.¿ this information is from document downloaded from corporate website titled 2016 Durango om 4th.pdf page 229 /230 describing the feature. 3. I have attempted to resolve this issue for over 6 weeks through the Chrysler resolution center case # 29403021 working with penny @ 214-583-2188. She informed me that if the acc system is working then the fcws 'should¿ work because there are no error codes. I have taken this vehicle to both lithia Dodge in las cruces, nm and sunland Dodge in el paso tx where the vehicle was purchased. Service representatives from both dealerships test drove the vehicle and encountered similar situations in traffic consisting of potential collision with another vehicle but the system never provided audio/visual or limited braking assistance as advertised. However, Chrysler resolution's position is that if there are no error codes, and the acc works, then the system ¿must/should¿ be working. That is not the case for fcws. Acc does work. Since then: 1. road demo conducted with vehicle and system doesn't work., 2. original cost of option was refunded. 3. prefer fault be fixed and will return rebate to dealer 4. files document the history of this problem.

- Las Cruces, NM, USA

problem #1

Aug 272016


  • 2,600 miles
The automatic start/stop feature fails to restart the engine after foot is removed from brake. The error message appears in the information system "cycle shift to park then recycle to drive". the D flashes on the dashboard and the D on the gear shift selector flashes. This normally happens at a traffic light but may occur during a short stop prior to turning or merging onto a street. This causes a dangerous pause that could result in a rear end collision by being hit from behind. There is a function button to disable the start/stop feature but the default position on engine start is on.

- Graford, TX, USA