pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
129,200 miles
Total Complaints:
90 complaints

Most common solutions:

  1. helicoil insert (35 reports)
  2. not sure (28 reports)
  3. bigserts are inserts instead of helicoil (9 reports)
  4. tapered seat insert in head (not helicoil) (6 reports)
  5. cylinder head repair kit (5 reports)
  6. cal-van kit is 18mm and worked (3 reports)
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problem #90

Aug 242017

F-150 Crew Cab 4.6L V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 135,000 miles

when these plugs go they destroy coil also. this shop had a used coil so I saved a little.

- Don H., Oconto Falls, WI, US

problem #89

May 152017

F-150 Crew Cab 4.6L V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 134,000 miles

this was first of three. the second was 08/24/17. the third just happened (09/02/17) and limped home on service roads 30 miles. truck is sitting at shop waiting out the labor day week-end.

- Don H., Oconto Falls, WI, US

problem #88

Nov 122015

F-150 Harley Davidson 5.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 100,000 miles

4th blown spark plug in the same engine. when will ford take responsibility

- Eric S., Millersburg, OH, US

problem #87

Sep 062013

F-150 Harley Davidson 5.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 85,000 miles

another blown spark plug. different one than last time.

- Eric S., Millersburg, OH, US

problem #86

Sep 022017

F-150 Crew Cab 4.6L V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 135,200 miles

I live in a small town 30 miles from Green Bay. there is a bridge tall enough for great lakes freighters to pass under. this plug blew at 70 mph in traffic at apex of bridge. after trying to find a mechanic sat. afternoon on labor day week-end, I was able after many phone calls to find some friends who were free. they were kind enough to trail me home on the service roads where I left my truck at my mechanics shop. so Tuesday I will find out how much plug #3 will cost me. I bought this truck 04/17 with just under 133000 miles on it. should have known a 15 year-old truck with low miles and low price had a catch. I am on fixed income and cannot afford "the Ford Plug a Month Plan". oh, did I mention while all this was going on yesterday that it was raining? at age 70 I occasionally have doctor appointments in G.B. and I no longer trust this vehicle to 30 miles. had I some extra money and a stick of dynamite I would get a Toyota(if it were not for the air-bags).


- Don H., Oconto Falls, WI, US

problem #85

May 012017

F-150 5.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 162,000 miles

Ford needs to fix

- Dimitriy S., York, PA, US

problem #84

Apr 292017

F-150 XLT 5.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 173,161 miles

This happened on my way to the lake with my boat. Glad I had no fire and plenty of room on side of the road to pull over. it took several hours to get two tow trucks there to tow both to my house. Two different insurance companies. No charge to have boat towed but American Family insurance would only tow to nearest garage. It cost me $ 168 extra to get it towed to my house. Now in search for different insurance co. Not sure about best solution to get it fixed and money wise. Repair damage, new heads or rebuilt engine.

- Wayne K., Glendale, AZ, US

problem #83

Dec 162015

F-150 4.6L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 122,990 miles

I just bought the truck at Cherry's auto and had the truck 4 months and it blew the spark plug and it had been fixed before I am paying for a truck I cannot drive. I will never buy a ford again. This is not right.

- Kathey K., Carrollton, OH, US

problem #82

Nov 182016

F-150 Crew Cab 4.6L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 155,000 miles

Drove 50 miles on 7 cylinders! with exhaust fumes giving us headaches! Thanks FORD!! I will not buy another FORD TRUCK!

- Ronnie O., North Dartmouth, MA, US

problem #81

Nov 282016

F-150 5.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 205,000 miles

Plugs blowing out of the engine? wtf? That's 1/2 mile from my house at 25 mph

- Sanford C., prescott valley, AZ, USA

problem #80

Nov 012016

F-150 5.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 104,000 miles

Crap. I just got my truck paid off last month. And, spark plug blows out. I'm not a mechanic, I don't have a friend to help me fix this. I am not mechanical at all. I love my truck. I need my truck. I just wanted to enjoy a few extra bucks for a few months.....geez!

- cozyvalley, Tenino, WA, USA

problem #79

Apr 032014

F-150 5.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 124,729 miles

My wife and I were stuck in a spring storm. This could have been disastrous. Fortunately the COP got torn off and no fire occurred.

- r.d., Vandalia, MI, USA

problem #78

Aug 052016

F-150 XL 4.6L V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 258,500 miles

Just had to replace the transmission at 258,000 miles for $2k. Then less than a week later a spark plug blows out. My mechanic was not surprised and says it's a normal occurrence for these motors. I ask how Ford gets away with a poor design costing us money without consequence.

- mtarbet, Amarillo, TX, USA

problem #77

Jun 082016

F-150 XLT 5.4L V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 158,208 miles

4th Delta Houseboat run from El Cajon, Ca to Stockton, CA with bass boat. A couple of off ramps away from marina a loud exhaust machine gun sound came from under my hood. Coasted to off ramp and found #3 spark plug when looking at engine passenger side blown out of head. MacGyver'd plug back in to complete destination. Took truck to Big Valley Ford for repair. They rethreaded #3 spark plug and installed insert. All new spark plugs and boots replaced and #3 coil also replaced. Truck made it back home.

- kwdcabass, El Cajon, CA, USA

problem #76

May 132016

F-150 King Ranch 5.4L Triton V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 159,000 miles

This is causing me a lot of stress. In all of my 36 years of driving I have never experienced this problem and it is ridiculous. I tried a repair kit from the parts store but the threads were blown out too bad so now I will have to spend $300 on a full repair kit that I found on Amazon. I was checking for any recalls on the situation before I drop the $300 on the kit. After the plug launched into outer space I was looking around and discovered this wasn't the first time this has happened to this truck because there was another broken coil pack. The previous owner must have repaired the #1 plug and used the same coil pack because it is broken at the screw down point. Now I had the #3 plug on the passenger side launch. Also I experienced the reverse problem when I owned a 07 F-150 with the 3 piece plugs getting stuck. WTF Ford from one extreme to the other. Tighten Up.

- Scotty A., Midlothian, VA, USA

problem #75

May 242016

F-150 XLT 4.6L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 123,000 miles

Driving normal speed in town when the engine started making popping sound. I pulled over and opened the hood and found the coilover and sparkplug had blown out of the engine. I will have it towed home tomorrow. Pretty sad when you take care of your vehicles and this happens. The plugs are original.

- Douglas R., Fresno, CA, USA

problem #74

Mar 032016


  • Automatic transmission
  • 165,543 miles

Hard to believe that so many problems of this same thing and yet all the complaints and no one takes responsibility for this. I am a Ford man and sure would think they would man up but guess not. Had a Chevy before this truck never had a problem or recall with it should have stuck with a Chevy I guess.

- zaebst, New Washingtio, OH, USA

problem #73

Mar 102016

F-150 5.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 250,000 miles

I've had three spark plugs blow out of this pickup. I've never even heard of any engine in my life that the spark plugs blow out consistently and commonly. This is a huge engineering flaw and should be the companies cost to repair and or take care of instead of the consumer.

- Carl S., Osborne, KS, USA

problem #72

Feb 252016

F-150 5.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 75,000 miles

2002 F150 Harley Davidson with 75,000 miles. Spark plug blew, first time ever hearing of something like this happening to a engine. Poor design FORD ( Fix or repair daily). This is not normal wear and tear. You could be held responsible for engineering a substandard product. A spark plug blowing out of a engine. What is going on with our USA brand products. Lets go class action. I'm in.

- johnietx, Killeen, TX, USA

problem #71

Feb 052016

F-150 5.4V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 92,364 miles

I cant believe the spark plug would just blow out as it did. Then I found out it's an on going problem with this motor but ford said it not their problem and wanted $300.00 to fix it. Now I have to worry about the other seven plugs or do I need to just sell my truck.

- Garry T., Glasgow, KY, USA

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