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Crashes / Fires:
2 / 3
Injuries / Deaths:
0 / 0
Average Mileage:
9,770 miles

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problem #146

Jul 182016


  • 800 miles
Transmission is slipping when accelerating from a stopped to start, or a rolling low speed to accelerating causing the vehicle to drift into intersection or lane without power. Attempts to re-shift into gear were unsuccessful. Car slammed into gear at high RPM while attempting to clear an intersection causing a jerking into gear sensation and accelerating very quickly. This has happened several times and getting more frequent. Took it to local dealer for service. Dealer checked for any mechanical failures and found none. Dealer acknowledged Hyundai is aware of a widespread issue with this model car and the dual clutch transmission not properly engaging. Dealer reset the learning mode of the transmission in attempt to temporarily delay the symptoms. The same symptoms re-appeared with a week. This is a dangerous scenario and I feel unsafe in this vehicle especially when in certain driving situations like making a left turn in a window of oncoming traffic and not having the power to clear the intersection or lane. This has happened and thankfully no-one has gotten hurt, ,,,yet! this car is only a month old and has 1000 miles on it. The first occurrence was on 7/18/2016 and is getting more frequent with time.

- Macedonia, OH, USA

problem #145

Aug 082016


  • 5,500 miles
I bought this car in December and this problem started awhile ago. When at a stop its like the car is in neutral and RPM's rev but no acceleration. It is very scary to be in traffic and your car has no power. I put it in park and then shift back to drive hoping the car will accelerate. Finally when it does it jerks suddenly and then you have to brake in order not to hit the car in front of you. Driving this car now makes me very stressed and I hope I will not get rear-ended or worse.

- Rancho Cucamonga, CA, USA

problem #144

Jul 092016


  • 13,845 miles
Unable to move from a stopped position with the car in drive. Dual clutch accelerator issue with this model with no current fix.

- Yuma, AZ, USA

problem #143

Jun 162016


  • 1,800 miles
On the evening of June 16, 2016, I was on my way home from work. I was sitting at a stop light at the intersection of two major roads and was the first car in line at the light. When the light turned green, I pressed the accelerator to proceed through the intersection and the car refused to move. For a moment I though maybe some how I had hit the shifter and put the car in neutral but I was still in drive with the rpms up to over 3500. Took a minute to put the car in park and then back to drive. After about 30 seconds, the car finally began to move forward and accelerate but the rpms were still high and the car was obviously not wanting to go. The car started smelling hot and finally proceeded. Scared me to death. I called the dealer right as it happened but the service department was closed. The next morning I was at the service department before they even opened. They kept my car for the day and gave me a loaner. I was told they could not recreate the issue and they "reset the shift points". I said I didn't feel safe in the vehicle even after that. They basically said there was nothing more they could do. At this time the vehicle had about 1800 miles on it. At 3800 miles, I took the car in for its first oil change and mentioned the same transmission issue to a different service advisor and said it was still shifting rough and just not smooth. He told me Hyundai is working on a fix but until then, I still think this vehicle is unsafe.

- Mccordsville, IN, USA

problem #142

Aug 072016


  • 1,550 miles
The contact owns a 2016 Hyundai Tucson. While at a stop light, the vehicle failed to accelerate when the accelerator pedal was depressed. The contact switched the gear shifter stick into park, neutral, and back into the drive position before the vehicle would accelerate. The vehicle was not diagnosed nor repaired. The contact mentioned that the vehicle had a delayed response when accelerating prior to the failure. The manufacturer was made aware of the failure. The failure mileage was 1,550.

- Raleigh, NC, USA

problem #141

Sep 302015


  • 1,000 miles
Brought brand new August 2015. Many times the car lurches into gear. Several dct transmission hesitates noticeable when accelerating from dead stop. Car has 16,000 miles (but started around 1000 miles),. dct clutches periodically when at a dead stop will not engage, but once RPM's drop it will start to move, but prior it's like the car is in neutral.you have to wait until the RPM's come down and push accelerator again and then it will engage. Of course the dealer can not duplicate, so they say there is nothing wrong.. many times I was almost hit when turning due to the car not moving.. very dangerous and someone is going to get hurt or die!!! will Hyundai do something then, because its seems that after 167 complaints they still don't care to do a thing about it!! shame on you! since about 12,000 miles the car has been making a hissing type noise when accelerating, brought to dealer, they said its normal & that its the fuel pump finally being broke into the engine and that is very normal..they also lied on my work order that they compared that noise to a like vehicle with the same amount of miles and it did the same thing, however they told me on the phone that they would find me the same car with the same miles to show me its normal. Well that didn't happen, so they lied on the work order to cover their butts and to work against me when I contact lemon law attorneys. Who the heck are they kidding?!! brought to another mechanic & he said that is not the problem at all, but can't seem to figure out what it is..so im spending money to have them try & diagnosis it even tho I have a warranty. Tires (I think) causing the car to shimmy shake all the time at high speeds. They have been rotated & balanced 5 times & the passenger seat shakes like crazy, but again that is all normal they say. Shame on Hyundai for doing nothing about all these complaints!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Green Bay, WI, USA

problem #140

Aug 052016


  • 13,000 miles
Dct transmission hesitates noticeable when accelerating from dead stop. Car has 13,000 miles, purchased new my me. I am retired and only driver. Dct clutches disengage periodically when at a dead stop will not engage again once brake is released and start accelerating, like car is in neutral. You have to set and wait and push accelerator up to 3,000 RPM then let off sometime-clutches engage and it jumps forward and you have to hit brake quickly or will have an accident. This happens periodically but not routinely enough for dealer to reproduce. It has almost jumped into oncoming traffic with me several times. Damn scary to drive.

- Florence, AL, USA

problem #139

Jun 012016


  • 100 miles
The contact owns a 2016 Hyundai Tucson. The contact stated that the vehicle was slow to accelerate when the accelerator pedal was depressed. Also, the vehicle stalled several times. The vehicle was taken to a dealer who was unable to replicate and diagnose the failure. The manufacturer was notified of the failure and provided no repair solution. The approximate failure mileage was 100.

- Alexandria, VA, USA

problem #138

Aug 022016


  • 4,400 miles
The contact owns a 2016 Hyundai Tucson. While driving approximately 5 mph, the vehicle stalled and lunged forward. The failure occurred twice without warning. The vehicle was taken to the dealer for diagnostic testing. The contac was advised not to drive the vehicle because it was unsafe. The vehicle was kept by the dealer. The manufacturer was not notified of the failure. The approximate failure mileage was 4,400.

- Sun City West, AZ, USA

problem #137

Jul 122016


  • 6,500 miles
Brought brand new Jan. 1, 2016. Many times the car lurches into gear. Several times the car will not accelerate from a stop. Once, car wouldn't start. Dealer has had car twice (once for a week). No engine code. Blamed after market remote start, and removed it. Obviously, not the issue, as it has happened again twice in the past 5 days. This is very unpredictable and extremely dangerous, especially turning left in front of traffic. I have totally lost confidence in the safety of this car.

- Burlington, MA, USA

problem #136

Jul 222016


  • 10,500 miles
On 2 occasions I have come to a complete stop at a stop sign and at a red light. When it was time to go I pressed on the accelerator, the engined revved, but the car did not move. I had to put the car into park then drive several times before the car eventually moved. The car was put into the shop on 8/1/2016. The issue was not able to be duplicated, but the service manager called Hyundai tech and was told to perform a relearn. When I picked up my car, I asked about the service manager about the issue giving the numerous internet complaints. He stated it is a known issue and currently Hyundai does not have a fix. I am concerned about my safety while driving this vehicle giving the transmission issues. I am hoping something can be done in asap to prevent any serious outcomes due to the dangerousness of these transmissions.

- Norwood, OH, USA

problem #135

Jan 012016


  • 4,000 miles
Less than two months after I bought the car, with maybe 4000 miles on it, as I tried to back out of my driveway one morning, the car would not move. The engine would rev and the rpms would climb, it was only after several times of putting the car back in park and then reverse did it finally engage. After that, when driving slowly as in bumper to bumper traffic, upon acceleration it would seem to hesitate then lurch. The next time such an incident occurred was a couple of months later. I was stopped at a signal and when the light changed and I tried to accelerate, the car did not move, again. It took several times of putting it in park and back to drive before it would engage. It has happened several times since then. I find this dangerous and downright scary. Luckily, no one has rear ended me or worse. I have taken the car to two different dealerships. They say they can find nothing wrong and that no trouble codes show up. I see there are multiple complaints filed on your sight about this same problem, so something is wrong, dangerously so! would you please check into this for us.

- Pinon Hills, CA, USA

problem #134

Aug 062016


  • 2,000 miles
Please refer to attached pdf

- Freehold, NJ, USA

problem #133

Aug 022016


  • miles
On several occasions around town or commuting to work this car has not responded when pressing the accelerator. From a dead stop or when moving slowly the response is unpredictable. It happens randomly. This week the car's transmission warning light came on while going up an incline on a common curvy northern California road. It was a cool evening. This is a paved road. No other cars having a problem. I had to stop the car and restart it. Then while accelerating the car just stopped. No power, nothing, dead in the road. Had to wait and restart. This is very unnerving for any car and for a brand new vehicle is simply unacceptable. I have two little kids. I won┐T drive them anywhere in this car. It's not safe. I've driven motorcycles, manuals, automatics all kinds of makes and models over the years. The dead in the water feeling is the scariest, especially when making a turn from a stop to merge into traffic. This needs to be fixed or Hyundai needs to buy these cars back.

- Santa Clara, CA, USA

problem #132

Jun 272016


  • 1,700 miles
Multiple experiences after being stopped (red light, stop sign, fast food drive thru ) with the transmission remaining in drive and brakes engaged, when trying to move forward, the transmission doesn't engage. RPM's increase, but no movement in the vheicle. Then it lurches forward. Potential danger in a) being rear ended at an intersection light because the car will not move forward B) sudden lurching could potentially rear end the vehicle in front if I don't keep plenty of room. There was a software to fix this issue ((St.lf.usa.E478.150901: Sep 1 2015 12:00am). But it hasn't. I've experienced it 3 times today. Taken to the dealer on 7/2/16, they could not duplicate the problem. Told me that my gear oil was low and refilled. But am still experiencing difficulties.

- Stockton, CA, USA

problem #131

Jun 212016


  • 8,500 miles
Transmission fails to properly engage causing rollback, stalling, or severe loss of power in situations such at a stop light, stop sign, hill, and even turning left into oncoming traffic where power is needed to safely cross the intersection. One instance involved acceleration onto the interstate while trying to merge and the transmission acted like it was in neutral causing no acceleration. Other vehicles honked and swerved to avoid and luckily did not cause an accident. Another instance involved turning left at an intersection where there was sufficient time to turn but due to the transmission behaving as though it was in neutral again, there was nearly a collision causing a lot of anxiety to further drive the vehicle. These are just two instances out of the many where you can notice that the transmission does not behave normally causing irregular shifting, unexpected power surges, and stalls that have nearly caused accidents.

- Fountain, CO, USA

problem #130

Jun 232016


  • 2,000 miles
After starting from a stop, the dual clutch transmission (dct) does not always shift into gear. Instead it stays disengages and the engine revs as if in neutral. Very dangerous when pulling into traffic. Car was returned to local Hyundai dealership, and has been in shop since. We started the Hyundai buyback program to see if we can get a refund as we do not feel safe driving this car with our children.

- Phoenix, AZ, USA

problem #129

Aug 042016


  • 1,332 miles
On July 25, 2016, took vehicle in for hood latch recall with 1332 miles on the vehicle. While at the dealership service center, they performed a software update. This update created the instrument panel too illegible - the instrument cluster was defected. The part was ordered and it was to take 30 days to be delivered. Fortunately, it took 10 days. Picked up the vehicle on 8/4/16 after work, drove less then 1 mile came to a stop light once it turned green the vehicle would not drive. Being in the center lane of the highway with flashers on, on coming vehicles just missed slamming into the rear. Finally got it back to the dealership, they have indicated it is the dual clutch issue. This is very unsafe vehicle to drive since you would not know when it would just stop shifting and driving. Have registered a complaint with Hyundai motors as the service department does not know when the vehicle will be repaired. Thank the lord no one was killed this time!

- Nashua, NH, USA

problem #128

Aug 052016


  • 13,850 miles
This has occurred on multiple occasions. After coming to a complete stop at a stop sign, traffic light or turn lane, the vehicle will, on occasion, not move forward when depressing the accelerator pedal. The engine will rev high, 5000 RPM but the vehicle remains stationary for multiple seconds. On one occasion the vehicle had to be turned off and back on before the vehicle would move. On another occasion the vehicle was revving very high and suddenly engaged while lurching forward uncontrollably. This happens while the vehicle in drive. It happens sporadically.

- Montgomery, TX, USA

problem #127

Jul 082016


  • 9,800 miles
I was out of town for a tennis tournament driving 4 women and with another group in another car. Driving along on a city street, and I braked, when I went to accelerate the car would not move. I put it in park, then drive again, nothing but revving. Turned it off and back on several times, still nothing. Luckily my friend was able to park behind me with her hazards on too, to prevent people from rear-ending me. The car would go in reverse but not forward. We pushed it out of the road into a parking lot and called roadside assistance. I had to have it towed to a Hyundai dealer, and after about an hr or so they said they reset the computer and it should be fine. I had already had the software update. I got the car in Oct 2015, and at the time of the incident it had 9800 miles on it. I am afraid to drive it now, it gets sluggish or revs at various times, which makes me think it will happen again. How long before Hyundai does something about this? otherwise, I love the car, just scary knowing it could just stop with no warning.

- Pensacola, FL, USA

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