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problem #54

Aug 172019


  • miles
On or about 8/17/2019, the date and time disappeared from the display. Dealership states that it is a Hyundai satellite communication error affecting 100 of thousands vehicles. Numerous contacts via twitter, facebook and myhyundai website have not been responded too. Telephone calls to Hyundai customer awareness just repeat that Hyundai is aware of the situation but no fix or solution is available. This is a safety issue since not having access to the time requires checking cell phone which in Washington state is considered distracted driving and is illegal. Since using vehicle for work, knowing the time numerous times during various trips as well kids continually checking the time on cell phones a safety issue has developed and Hyundai is ignoring not only the problem but the car owners. Not having a working clock may seem trivial, but having to pick up a cell phone to check the current time is dangerous and would be unnecessary if Hyundai fixed a feature that came with the car.

- Everett, WA, USA

problem #53

Aug 192019


  • 23,025 miles
This has happened on three occasions, when sitting idle and about to accelerate to turn into traffic, my car has stalled, shook and almost stopped. In one instance my car was in park when I stopped to take something out of my vehicle. Upon putting in drive, the engine revved and but did not move the vehicle. Two times almost resulted in an accident with my children in the vehicle!! these instances happened this week, dating 8/17/12019 - 8/19/2019 at approx 23,000 miles on the odometer. Once in our residential neighborhood, once on a very busy 4 lane highway.

- Perry Hall, MD, USA

problem #52

Jun 272019


  • 30,000 miles
I've owned my 2016 Hyundai Tucson for less then 1 month now. On 3 occassions after coming to a stop and trying to accelerate the gas pedal seems to fail. My rpms go up but the vehicle doesn't accelerate until pushing the gas pedal 3 times or more very hard. My vehicle only has 30K miles on it. I will be bringing it to the dealership. This is very dangerous especially when turning and on coming traffic is coming but the vehicle won't move. This could potentially kill me if struck while merging on to the freeway. I'm now afraid to drive and fear for my safety. A recall should be made out to pull these off the roads!!

- Minneapolis, MN, USA

problem #51

Jan 152019


  • 63,000 miles
Latching/locking system does not work on the passenger front, and both rear doors. Unable to open the back doors from the inside or outside. The passenger front door will open from the inside but must be pulled 3 times to open from the outside. Once the door has been opened initially it will close and open without problem. After the lock has been engaged and unlocked again, the door handle on the passenger front must be pulled 3 times in order to open.

- Elba, AL, USA

problem #50

Apr 262019


  • 0 miles
I had been a problem with my two back door lock actuator with my car. I canno open my car from inside or outside.

- Orlando, FL, USA

problem #49

Apr 212019


  • 56,000 miles
Back driver passenger door is not opening from inside or outside. It's unlocked and don¿T seem to have issues with the lock and unlock button. All other doors work. I just used the door earlier today with no issues and never had any issues until this evening. No visual objects to be blocking the door. Went online to check for recall and seems many owners are having same issues.

- Arlington, TX, USA

problem #48

Apr 012019


  • 64,000 miles
I purchased this vehicle new in 2016. Until now, the only issue has been accelerating from a stop, like everyone else. Now, the doors are not operating properly. In March 2019, the front passenger door stopped opening from the outside. It would unlock/lock, but the outside handle would not operate and open the door the inside handle did operate. Hyundai repaired/replaced the part under my extended warranty for $50. In April 2019, the back passenger door failed. This time it would not operate from the inside or outside. The dealer tried to make me wait wks from an appt, but this is a real safety issue with passengers/children in the back seat. What if there was an accident? I inquired about recalls, especially with passengers not being able to get out of the car, but was shut down by the mechanic. A quick google search suggests I'm not the only person with this issue.

- Green Lane, PA, USA

problem #47

Feb 222019


  • 74,000 miles
¿takata recall¿ both back doors will not open from the inside nor be outside. Initially started with the back drivers side door and within 2 weeks the back passenger door wpuld not open either. When I I hit the lock and unlock button from inside the car and on my key fob the locks move, therefore it is not an electrical problem. After researching this issue I found this has been a common problem with this vehicle and apparently the ¿clip¿ falls of inside the door panel therefore the door will not open. This is truly a safety issue, since if my car were to catch on fire or were in an accident and I had a passengers in the backseat they would not be able to get out of the vehicle! nor am I able to get my child in and out of the backseat with the car seat.

- Sister Bay, WI, USA

problem #46

Jan 052019


  • 40,000 miles
Recently, we've been experiencing an issue involving the rear door locking system on our daughter's 2016 Tucson. The doors can't be opened, despite the child locks being disabled, the auto and manual locks being unlocked, or the manual handles being used from inside or out. The is a most unsafe situation, especially in the event of an emergency. We have scheduled a maintenance appointment with our local dealer (tameron Hyundai, hoover) at our expense.

- Birmingham, AL, USA

problem #45

Feb 092019


  • 29,226 miles
My vehicle was recalled in 2016, shortly after I leased it, for a known issue with the transmission. Prior to my recall appointment, I was stopped at a traffic light. When the light turned green, I pressed the gas and the car failed to accelerate. When it finally did, it surged forward into an intersection. While very scary, no one was hurt. The recall issue was "addressed" by the dealer. In February 2019, the car again had an issue where it failed to accelerate. I was in a parking lot on a slight incline. I put the car in reverse, it backed up. I put the car in drive and hit the gas. Not only did the car fail to accelerate forward but the brake was stuck. Without being able to control the car, it reversed until it hit a dumpster, busting my tail light and putting a dent in my trunk. Again, luckily no one was injured. It is well documented that this year, make and model have had the issue that I am describing. There have been suits under the lemon law. Moreover, the manufacturer and dealer have been less than helpful. It took multiple calls to get a national caseworker assigned. When I finally received a call, inwas told to bring it to the dealer for diagnostics. My car has been with the dealer for 5 days with no answers and and no loaner vehicle. At this point I feel it is necessary to write to you to take action. Safety should be paramount to any car manufacturer. Ignoring the well-documented history of this car's safety issues, cannot be tolerated. Failure to act, and worse, attempts to somehow place onus on the lessee is an ethical issue and an attempt for the manufacturer to save face. This vehicle is not safe. The issue is intermittent and cannot be predicted. Any attempt to put me back in a faulty vehicle to collect my last 4 monthly payments is a disgusting display of a lack of concern for driver's safety.

- Gillette, NJ, USA

problem #44

Jan 022019


  • 33,000 miles
My car stalls at intersections and will not take off quick enough to get me out of peoples way and from everything I am reading it is due to the dual clutch in my eco. I have had no accidents yet but getting really worried about my safety and the safety of others including someone who might hit me as I am making a turn when car will not move ahead quickly enough.

- Lincoln, NE, USA

problem #43

Nov 242018


  • miles
The electric system is acting up. The answer and hang up bottom on steer stop working for months, the driver side window want go down.and the key in the car.it say that key not detected

- Temple, TX, USA

problem #42

Mar 052017


  • 9,000 miles
I have a 2016 limited edition Tucson with 1.6 turbo. This was not an initial issue but an issue that builds up and continues to become worse the more miles I place on the car. There are hesitations, stuttering and failure to move when the vehicle accelerates. This causes fear and doubts of safety. I have had multiple drivers test my vehicle as well and come to the same startling result. There is also unusual vibrations when slowing down in speed, especially when parking. I take my car into frequent and routine maintenance yet they cannot find a fix to the issue but rather excuses. I no longer enjoy driving my car and do not trust the line of vehicles any longer.

- Tustin, CA, USA

problem #41

Oct 012017


  • 6,000 miles
"takata recall": front light signatures for the "left-side" swich on and off constantly. When the initial car turns on, the dashboard on occasions, goes black! the car when goes on to highways, the engine (RPM) goes up to 7000 RPM for the first and second gear! ths will happen when the car is turn on. Lastly, the trunk automatically started opening even when the keys are away or in my jacket or pocket especially when turned off the car.

- Bronx, NY, USA

problem #40

Aug 082018


  • 23,000 miles
When accelerating after a stop the car will not accelerate. It basically seems to be stuck and the car does not move. This has happened on multiple occasions and I have almost been rear ended twice because the person behind me doesn't know that my car won't accelerate. This is a safety issue not only for me but for everyone else on the road. I was making a left hand turn at an intersection and the car started to accelerate but then just stopped and the light turned and the oncoming traffic almost hit me. I am not sure if this is the power train or what it is. We have expressed this concern to a Hyundai dealership in the past after seeing a recall for this but they said it wasn't my make and model for that recall. This has happened too many times for me not to believe that there is something wrong.

- Fort Collins, CO, USA

problem #39

Jul 212018


  • 32,747 miles
I have owned a 2016 Hyundai Tucson for 2.5 years. In that time it has been in for several issues that can not be duplicated when at the service center and deemed "working fine, no codes present at this time". my issues have included loss of transmission control after a stop (software update fixed), intermittent headlamp that won't turn on, the media displaying "battery discharge warning" while car was running and in motion (headlamp replaced after several times taking to the dealership and I was lucky enough to have the warning light go on while the technician was there). Now the computer/dash board is restarting itself at 45 mph. This has occurred two times. The dash board went dark for 1 second and then started back up through is startup sequence. During this time, the engine is still running but I have no control over the transmission. If you push on the gas pedal it will increase rpms but not accelerate. During this time it is necessary to pull over and turn the car off and then back on. Again, no codes thrown and not reproducible at the service center. The service center found that the positive battery terminal was not completely tight and thought maybe this caused the issue. I am frustrated that something that could happen easily as this doesn't show up as an error since it caused a unsafe driving environment. 24 hours ago, while trying to make a left hand turn at a busy street the car started forward when gas pedal pressed but then stopped moving forward only to lurch forward after a second and pick up speed. I know that if I take it in for this it will be the same story: "we found nothing wrong. No codes thrown, bring it back if it happens again." This car is not safe to drive and the manufacture will not buy it back since there was no defect found...

- Mesa, AZ, USA

problem #38

Jul 012018


  • 766 miles
When stepping on the gas pedal, from a complete stop, the car does not immediately go. It slowly moves, and then takes off after about 2-3 seconds. If stepping lightly on the gas pedal, moving slowly ("creeping"), as if through a parking lot, the vehicle shutters and jerks.

- Hartville, OH, USA

problem #37

Jun 172018


  • 10,500 miles
There is an issue with the sport models that have the dual clutch transmission. The vehicles hesitate when accelerating from a stop and will then launch forward once the gear engages. The rpms will shoot to 3 and then drop to just above 0 multiple times before the vehicle reaching 20 mph. My vehicle is also making a rattling sound when idling and accelerating at slow speeds. Hyundai has done their recall update but it is not completely fixing this issue and just making it slightly less dramatic. I have asked Hyundai multiple times to address this and they are refusing to address ot saying it is just a characteristic of the dual clutch transmissions to avoid having to repair the vehicles. I had a tech at Hyundai tell me that Hyundai will say it's normal but it's not normal. Please please investigate. My vehicle failed to accelerate when I was merging from a stop to another lane with oncoming traffic at 40 mph on a city street, it took a few seconds before the transmission engaged and moved. It also hesitated while I was turning from a driveway and then jerked and kicked forward. This is not safe !

- San Diego, CA, USA

problem #36

Mar 282018


  • 14,000 miles
Various issues have come up with my Tucson related to misc items which were repaired. I also noticed an issue with acceleration from stop. The car would hesitate when you started to proceed from a stop. The dealership said the engine needs time to get broke in so after it will fix itself. Each time I took the car to the dealership for service, they stated they had checked everything out and performed service and found no issues. I was never told about any recalls or defects in manufacturing. Recently, the problem became dangerous. The car would hesitate at stop lights and almost caused two accidents. On one occasion, it was in heavy traffic and the car would not go after pressing the gas and then it surged forward almost hitting the car in front of me and the car behind me almost hit me also. I took the car back to the dealership, a rep from the service dept.drove the car and stated, ¿you could drive cross country, and there is no problem¿. within days of this incident, another was narrowly avoided and I had enough. The car would not accelerate at a stoplight and then at the next it hesitated and then surged forward almost causing an accident. I returned to the dealership and demanded they figure out the problem and fix it! the dealership took my Tucson to inspect. After a day, they called and told me I needed an entire new transmission. That the original transmission was not operating correctly and required a full replacement, they also said there was a problem with drive shaft which they also would need to fix and finally another problem with the A/C which would require full replacement as well. After two years and a full warranty, the dealership "checking everything" during each service and now only after my demand, and my pleading do they find problems¿and all major problems. I got my car back, but now the heating and A/C is not operating right.

- Leland, NC, USA

problem #35

Feb 272018


  • 39,600 miles
When the vehicle is stationary (example: I come to a stop at a stop sign or stop light) then try to move again, the car won't move and there is a lull when I give it gas. This is a dangerous problem with the dual clutch transmission. The engine "revs" but the car wouldn't move after coming to a stop. I have had a few instances where I become stuck in the middle of the road for a minute.

- Boerne, TX, USA

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