pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
114,600 miles
Total Complaints:
17 complaints

Most common solutions:

  1. new engine (11 reports)
  2. not sure (2 reports)
  3. replace cracked heads (2 reports)
  4. replace cylinder head (1 reports)
  5. replace sensors (1 reports)
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problem #17

Mar 202018

Liberty Sport 3.7L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 190,000 miles

This is my 24 year old daughters Jeep. I bought it for her to use while in college. We have had many problems, one the passenger side rear window track/electric motor messed up just like her last jeep same exact window. Power steering pressure hose ruptured, A/C compressor locked up and had to be replaced and now her mechanic says that one of the valves and/or valve sets has dropped into cylinder #1 causing a rough idle and run. He also states that the engine will now require a rebuild or replacement.

I am a Marine Engineer on a US Army vessel and am used rebuilding and tuning engines so this should be an easy fix for me if the parts are readily available. The Jeep does have almost 200K miles so I would say that it has held up okay considering it gets driven everyday in stop and go traffic and for being a V6 Jeep engine.

- natelayton10, Newport News, US

problem #16

Aug 012016


  • Automatic transmission
  • 97,555 miles

I purchased this Jeep in Australia with 140 km (90,000 miles on clock) the head gaskets blew and then the trouble started. Within weeks I started having trouble with cam and crank sensors. No issue in paying to have them replaced but 3 weeks later new sensors failed? Mechanic has replaced under warranty but now scared to drive it too far concerned it will fail again?

Jeep you have a lot to answer for but seems like you never will! Thank God the Army uses good vehicles as if we had to rely on Jeep we would lose the war before it started.

First and last Jeep! Never again. You should be disgusted and hang your head in shame for this product.

- mkirkness, Traralgon, Australia

problem #15

Mar 092016

Liberty Renegade 3.7L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 93,000 miles

The engine is leaking oil and coolant. I have had the car since it was new and have taken amazing care of it. Had an multiple extended warranties on the car and always took care of any problem.

- Nicholas N., Davie, FL, USA

problem #14

Feb 012016

Liberty Extended 3.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 131,000 miles

Can report what others have reported. Driving just fine, engine started making noises and the check battery light came on once. Had the car towed to tour shop, a compression test confirmed the engine had overheated and the water pump failed. (Had always had routine maint completed)

Really sad part was there was no indication of the failure. Really liked the jeep, thinking about putting another engine in her or getting another model for parts, but after reading this blog, reconsidering.

- Rob B., Austin, TX, USA

problem #13

Jun 222015

Liberty Limited Edition 3.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 126,550 miles

After paying a total of $4,200, The radio or keyless entry no longer works nor does the air conditioner. I'm sure there looking for me to pay for the radio & air conditioner diagnostic. Very exhausted from all of this.

- carlacpa, Pittsburgh, PA, US

problem #12

May 072015

Liberty Limited 3.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 140,000 miles

Bought this Jeep new in 2003, paid $28000 for it. Maintained completely for entire time. No warning the engine just dropped a rod.

- Joe M., Fairview, NC, USA

problem #11

Sep 102014

Liberty Limited 3.7L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 149,000 miles

in 2/2014 took to STS for anti freeze leaking. They said it was the timing cover and replaced it $900.00. OK After the winter I hardly drove it. As I needed to run my other car that sat just about all winter. On the occasion when I did drive it I noticed we had to put anti freeze in the overflow. On 8/30 I took it back to STS and they did a pressure test on the coolant system and said everything was fine (basically it was my imagination). So I drove in and on the 3rd day I was running to the store a half mile from my house and it started idling high at the light. I went to the store, was going up the hill to get back home it started running really rough, hardly no power going up hill. Towed to dealership and they said both heads were cracked from running hot. This vehicle gave no indication it was running hot,no gauge going to hot ,no light, no smoking nothing. They wanted to put another Chrysler engine in from junk yard for 2500.00 with 100,000 miles on it I declined. We compromised on 2 remanufactured Chrysler heads from carquest. The heads would be warranted for 6 months but no warranty on labor because I did not get the genuine Chrysler parts. I'm hearing horror stories about genuine Chrysler parts being defected - why would I pay 1200 each for a 2003 jeep when I can get remanufactured for 500.00 each. This will be costing me approx. 2700.00 with no guarantee. I have been hearing the engines were defective and if their will be any class actions lawsuits I would like to join. NO more Chrysler products for me.

Update from Sep 30, 2014: My 2003 is still at dealership 2 weeks now they put 2 remanfuctured heads in it now telling me 1 has no compression and I will be responsible for the labor because they were not genuine Chrysler parts. I choose not to get genuine Chrysler parts because they are defective by all I'm hearing and they want an outrageous price for them 1200 per head. They wanted me to get a salvaged engine with 100,000 miles on it for 2500.00 I declined beacause the price seemed very high for that. I feel I am now being ripped off by the dealership what do I do next? Who do I complain to?Can Chrysler be made to do anything about this problem. It has to be something defective or so many people wouldn't be having problems

- Deborah C., Slatington, PA, USA

problem #10

Jul 252014

Liberty Renegade 3.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 110 miles

I've had the car since 2011. still making payments on this, figured it would last me a few years seeing that's its a jeep with less than 110 and jeeps (straight 6, 4.0 motors last forever almost 300k miles). I've maintained it pretty well, just put new tires on it, and then I hear a knocking. Was told that I need a new motor that there is an oil problem with these motors and they produce sludge after a certain mileage. As I was driving home there was a crack and the car shut off. I am very upset at the fact its going to cost me 5k just to fix it. If I would of known sooner would of never bought it.

- Jon C., Chicopee, MA, USA

problem #9

Aug 192014

Liberty Limited 3.7L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 140,900 miles

I bought a new 2003 jeep liberty with only 28 miles on it. I've had it for 10 yrs 10 months with 140900 miles on it. One morning I went to DD and it started making a popping noise. Took it home for my husband to check it out and when started it the noise was louder. Thank goodness for AAA,we had it towed to the garage where I bought the jeep and keeping up with maintenance with them. They found that the one of the rocker arm had dislodged. They fixed the problem. The next morning after getting it back, the noise was back. Brought it back and they said I needed an engine because of the sludge build up. My book value for my jeep is $6,900. It will cost me around 7,000 to fix it.

- sharonhardesty65, Poland, Maine (ME), USA

problem #8

Oct 022012

Liberty Sport 3.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 108,000 miles

I went to the market with the car, I parked it and it was fine. When I returned to the car and started it, it started making this awful noise and driving rough. I was able to drive it to the mechanic, when he heard the noise coming from the car he said that it sounds like there is a problem with the engine.

The following day the mechanic called me and said that the engine was done. He said that the head gasket and the piston was damaged. He said that it will cost about 5k to rebuilt the engine. He does not recommend getting a used one, because he said that all of the 2002 Jeep Liberty engines are garbage, and it would just happen again if he replaced it with a used engine.

My Jeep Liberty is immaculate, the body still looks brand new. I have always kept it in my garage and taken good care of it. I do not know if I should spend so much money to repair it because I am afraid that after I fix it something else will go wrong.

One thing I am sure of, I will not buy another jeep or Chrysler vehicle again.

- Nydia O., Brooklyn, NY, USA

problem #7

Oct 082012

Liberty 3.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 123,000 miles

I bought this Jeep used in Aug. 2011. It had 111,000 miles on it.

I had just changed the oil in it a month or so before. It had never used oil before. I heard a tick, I checked the oil and it was 4 quarts low. It was too late. It blew a rod. No warning lights ever went off.

Now I get to replace the engine. I still owe $8,000 on the Jeep and I get to put another $4,000 into it.

It is no where near worth $12,000!!

My first Jeep and my last Jeep. Never again...

- Zack O., Aurora, CO, USA

problem #6

Aug 012012

Liberty 3.2L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 122,000 miles

never again. jeep stands for cheap. what a piece of crap. now i hate to say it but im going to buy a toyota. thanks for your f*cking crap jeep, u let me down.

- Rick S., Chino, CA, USA

problem #5

Oct 122011

Liberty Sport 3.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 154,000 miles

valves blown at 154000, this is my last and first jeep liberty. problems after problems.

- Rickygbv G., ALLENTOWN, PA, USA

problem #4

May 012011

Liberty Renegade 3.7L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 96,000 miles

We bought my liberty in 06 it was only 3 years old with 12k...it's run GREAT for me until the last month or so (96K). It started with the check engine light coming on...when plugged into a computer it reported missfires from cylinder 6 and sometimes 1...sometime multiple missfires (lots of trips to auto zone to get it checked out). Did a full tune up/coil changes...no fix. It started idling and running REALLY rough...one day I started it and it was making a popping noise and idling sooo rough (it woudl barely start if I shut it off and tried to re-start it). Took it to the mechanic which they diagnosed as a fallen rocker arm. $1200 later they put the arm back on and did all kinds of flushes. The NEXT DAY after getting it fixed it did the same thing when I started it!!! Took it back to the shop and now they say it's engine failure...which we all know is between $3-$7k to fix. I dont know if my car is worth that much??? SOO FRUSTRATING...This should be a recall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT BUY A JEEP!!

- kasjacks, Auburn, WA, USA

problem #3

Feb 182011

Liberty Limited 3.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 101,000 miles

the engine seized up. just want to know how to prevent so it never happens again. needed to replace it with a used engine.

- Mark W., Fontana, CA, USA

problem #2

Oct 152009

Liberty 3.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 102,000 miles

We bought a used Liberty with 43,000 on it. It looked like a lease car and was very clean inside and out. One day my wife said the oil light beeped and then went away. I told her I will check it when she is home. Well, since we park on a slight hill I figured it was low on oil and I will just see about adding some. The level looked fine and i turned on the key to see if the light would come back. It did.. one beep and then it's gone. Since it was a weekend I figured we could take it into our shop and they could do a check. No luck Monday morning came and the Jeep stopped on the freeway. It turned out the engine became seized. After reading about how much it was going to cost to fix I came to a mixed conclusions.

1. get $280 from a junk yard for the scrap metal or pay $7800.00 to replace the engine. Well you only need to read one to two websites to see this a problem with these liberty jeeps. they called it engine sludge.

2. get a used engine for $2000 bucks and just prey it will go in without problems. 50/50 chance.

I can't afford to dump the car for so cheap and I cant make enough money to buy a used engine.. Has anyone sold their jeep part by part? please let me know. I can't just dump a car and I don't have the resources and time to install a used engine.

- Tom H., Watsonville, CA, USA

problem #1

May 032007

Liberty Sport 3.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 74,000 miles

Originally the engine light came on. The dealership (I refuse to call it service center!) cleaned the engine and told us the carbon needed to be "blown out". Cost for this misadventure was $150. Within a week the engine light was on again. We took it back to the dealership. I took them four days to figure out the vehicle had engine failure. As Dave the service manager said "it's not an exact science".

The engine was 4,000 miles over warranty so we got to pick up the tab for a new engine on a four year old car. We keep our vehicles for at least 10 years so we maintain our cars with all the tune-ups & oil changes recommended. Our second Jeep has 154,000 miles on it, is 11 years old & still going strong...and still on it's first engine, This will be our last Jeep!

- Mary Ann C., West Springfield, MA, USA