pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
70,100 miles
Total Complaints:
36 complaints

Most common solutions:

  1. not sure (26 reports)
  2. neutral safety switch (4 reports)
  3. replace tipm (2 reports)
  4. put in neutral (1 reports)
  5. range sensor (neutral safety switch) (1 reports)
  6. replace starter (1 reports)
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problem #36

Oct 142017

Wrangler Sahara, Unlimited 3.8V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 117,439 miles

I have had some strange this happen when starting over the past years....But on this day it just did not want to do anything. only a click...that's it. Managed to short out the starter and solenoid to get it going. Had to do the same to get it to a repair shop the next week. The said the the starter and wiring to the starter was fried. replaced that as well as the ignition switch.

They did not have a new starter in stock and provided a used part. It worked for two days and then the problem started again: You can hear the starter attempting to turn the engine but no luck. Took it back the week after and they replaced the starter again. (used spare). Worked for 2 days again. Now the "clicking" is back. sometimes start first time other times, not.

- Niel S., Roodepoort, South Africa

problem #35

Jul 282017

Wrangler Rubicon V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 131,000 miles

My 2008 Jeep Rubicon will not start, I see there are a lot of other owners with the same problem, why won't Jeep do a recall? I'm going to try some of the suggestions listed here.

- Dianna H., Sierra Vista, Arizona, US

problem #34

Aug 112017

Wrangler Limited 3.8L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 40,000 miles

When trying to start several times it just clicks and clicks. Have to wait 5 to 10 mins to try every time. Has been going on for years now.

Jeep has to know this is an issue. Had to have new transmission too. jeep was a great vehicle but after this one I am not so sure anymore. Hoping one day they will reimburse me for my transmission. It is sad when you have something great like a jeep and then you change the engine. Geez leave things alone if they aren't broke.

- bamtam466, Elizabeth, US

problem #33

Jul 212017

Wrangler Sahara 3.8L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 112,000 miles

24 hours after my car was 'fixed' I go to leave work at 6:30 on a Friday night and my Jeep's dead. No luck jumping. Called for tow. Tow driver tried to jump without luck. Just prior to loading on truck, I tried to start and she started right up! (Wait, add another $25 tip for the super awesome tow driver to my repair total.)

The 20 minute drive home was uneventful. While attempting to start it at different times throughout the day, sometimes it would start and sometimes not. When it did not start, it would not even attempt to turn over. There was barely a click.

Because my long series of problems started two weeks after a new radio was installed, I took Jeep to the radio installer today. He took the radio out and did not find any problems. He advised me to bring the factory radio in so he can reinstall it just in case there is a connection between my vehicle problems and the after market radio.

Since returning home today, it sometimes kicks right over and sometimes can't even attempt to turn over still. We'll be back at the auto repair shop Monday. Still wondering if this is TIPM related. If it is, do I get a free rental for a day anyways? Sigh. #shouldagonetoautomotiveschool #broke

- Pam P., Agawam, MA, US

problem #32

Sep 102008

Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon 3.8L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 93,000 miles

We have owned our 2008 JEEP Unlimited Rubicon since NEW in March, 2008. An annoying problem has existed since September, 2008 (8 YEARS to date). Normally, this occurs while I'm driving, but last night our teenage daughter experienced this 'not starting' issue after returning to the trailhead from a arduous hike.

The issue is: Turning the ignition key to start does NOTHING except result in an audible 'click'. The vehicle has NEW batteries (two), and because of the duration and repeated occurrence of this issue, it seems to have been an engineering/manufacturing issue. Sometimes the issue doesn't raise its ugly head for MONTHS, while at other times it occurs a couple times DAILY. It happens when the engine is cold (not being started for 24+ hours) or warm (after being parked for five minutes or less during fueling or a trip to the grocery store).

Of importance: OUR VEHICLE HAS AN AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION, does this issue also occur in vehicles with a MANUAL TRANSMISSION? My procedure for alleviating the problem is: 1. After the vehicle doesn't start I depress the brake pedal and shift into neutral. Often times, this solves the issue on the first attempt. 2. IF vehicle still fails to start, I turn the steering wheel while the vehicle is in neutral, and then try to start it. 3. If the vehicle STILL won't start I move the transmission selector through its range and then place it into park. 4. Same as #3 except leaving the transmission selector in neutral. 5. Repeat the above procedures.

Thus far (knock on wood) I have not required a tow. I love our JEEP Wrangler (especially with the top off) but first and foremost in our minds is RELIABILITY and DEPENDABILITY. If it doesn't work when you need it to, there's no reason to have it in the first place.

- littlewa, Port Angeles, WA, USA

problem #31

Jun 162016

Wrangler Limited

  • Automatic transmission
  • 105,000 miles

ONCE AGAIN 2008 JEEP HAVE HAD TWO TIPM IN THE LAST 6 MONTHS . IT IS BACK IN THE SHOP this time it will not start , only if im lucky... took to mechanic and they could only think it may be starter so they put a new one on , problem NOT FIXED. It is once again the TIPM so this will be the 3rd Tipm in the last 6 months I will never own a Doge Chrysler Jeep product ever again! I have a very upset 16 year old daughter so much for dream cars ... This is not acceptable and should be a legal issue against the company

- Kathy G., Jackson, TN, USA

problem #30

Jan 012010

Wrangler Sahara Unlimited, 4 Door V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 20,000 miles

I purchased my 2008 jeep wranglar sahara in 2008 brand new. Two years later , I began having problems with the car starting. I'd put the key in the ignition, turn it and the car does not start; just hear a click. Initially, the problem seemed to occur sporadically usually after it rained, but since the problem has gotten progressively worse to the point where it occurs several times daily, absent any rain fall. I have replaced the battery, alternator and starter to no avail. I also took my car a Jeep dealer for evaluation and they could not detect the problem. If I start the car in neutral after it doesnt start, I have found success with the car starting; at times I also have to turn the wheel whil ein neutral in order for the car to start. Jeep should be ashamed of themselves as there is definitely a need for a recall.

- Charles H., Carmel, NY, USA

problem #29

Jun 222016

Wrangler Limited X 3.8L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 69,000 miles

Bought a used 2008 Jeep Wrangler Limited X V6 3.8L from a small dealership 2 hrs from our home in June 2016. Made it an hour from home when Jeep started loosing power. We pulled over and just before we came to a stop it shut down. We jumped it but it wouldn't start. We cleaned the battery connection and finally started it. We drove 200 feet to an Advanced Auto right off the closest exit. We added oil accidentally filling too much. It was a long stressful day. We went to drain some of the oil and noticed the oil was black and sludge like. We were told the car had been put through an inspection. We noticed green like substance around the oil cap. Long story short, the dealership had the car towed back and replaced the engine. They changed out all the fluids, gaskets, and plugs. We headed for home the second time. This time we made it home. My cousin excited to give his parents a test drive, went to start the car. It turned once and nothing else happened. He went and bought a new battery. It still does the same thing. It has been very frustrating. We called a local dealership to have them diagnosis the problem. We bought a extended warranty before we left the original dealership just in case. We were told it would start at $70 and go up. Problem is we have shelled out a down payment, taxes, extra gas, new battery, etc. We went on line to investigate the problem and learned many people have had the same problem with the 2008 Jeep Wranglers. They have spent hundreds of dollars and still live with the issue. This is perplexing to me. Jeep was suppose to be a good investment. My cousin is disabled because of back issues and needs a reliable vehicle. He can not be stranded nor is he able to work on it. There must be a reasonable solution. Surly, Chrysler has some idea and has received many complaints. We are not looking to make millions. We just want the vehicle to run like it is suppose to without any further investment. Help!!! Frustrated and broke.

- Kathy C., Clarksburg, WV, USA

problem #28

Jun 162010

Wrangler Limited 3.8L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 43,300 miles

We have a 2008 Jeep Wrangler. We purchased it brand new in October 2007. We had the engine replaced under warranty warranty at approx. 37k. In June of 2010 it shut off on me while I was driving down the interstate then 2 seconds later turned itself back on. It started having cranking issues as well ..intermittent ones.

Had it towed to the service center and they could not duplicate the problem .. sent it home to me. Had it towed there again..they said it was the wireless control module. After replacing that it ran fine for a little while ..maybe 9 months later it happened again .. same scenario every time it gets towed then when the service center gets it it cranks up.. This time I believe they determined it was the starter. Needless to say here we are 90000 miles later still having the same issue.

It has been in the shop at least 20 times .. over half of those they couldn't duplicate the issue because it would crank for them. The wireless control module, engine, starter, ignition, and battery as well as battery cable head have all been replaced. They even ran an extra ground to the body from the transmission. This problem originated when it was under warranty. Obviously the problem was never correctly fixed or we would not still be having this issue.

I have always taken it to Jeep for these issues. Considering I see that so many others are having the same problem I don't understand why they have not come up with a resolution. What will it take for them to step up to the plate and do the right thing by their consumers. We paid 30k for this brand new. I don't think that Jeep purposely produced a piece of junk. The fact remains that they have and they should do right especially by those of us that purchased brand new Jeeps. Someone is going to end up stranded somewhere and wind up getting hurt ...then what ??

I think that we all need to come together and do something about this issue. I am a very small woman .. when I wind up stranded somewhere and someone hurts me .. what will you do then Jeep ?? As far as I'm concerned you will be liable!! So why don't you do the right thing by all of us? You obviously cannot fix the problem. You have manufactured a defective vehicle and you should give us our money back!!

- Tiffany L., Lake Wales, FL, USA

problem #27

Mar 152010

Wrangler Unlimited Sahara 3.8L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 60,000 miles

When I go to start my jeep most times all I hear is a click. When this first happened I replaced the battery and it started. Shortly after it did it in a parking lot. Luckily someone was nice enough to give me a jump; my battery was brand new at this point. The jump did not work. I sat there for 15 minutes or so and moved the steering wheel and anything else I could think of and it finally turned over. I looked online for similar issues and found what might be the culprit, Transmission Range Sensor. The fix: to bypass it, to push forward on the gear shift and start the jeep at the same time (my method that has worked for years) or tear into the transmission and replace. Why has Chrysler not recalled? This is getting old. Chrysler step up to the plate and back your product.

- husk73er, Kansas City, MO, USA

problem #26

Nov 062015

Wrangler Rubicon 3.8L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 265,000 miles

My wife is the original owner of a 2008 Wrangler Rubicon. I have to admit this vehicle is just a great family car. It has helped my 5 car 3 driver family the most in terrible northeast weather. The Jeep also known as the tank -does it all. The vehicle has had its share of electrical problems. It started with a meltdown of the Rubicon front stabilizer bar release module electrical connector. The front stabilizer bar has a switch inside the vehicle which when push releases the bar to allow greater front wheel suspension travel. Great option for true off road driving but I never needed to use it ever. I take the tank off road but not extreme enough to need this option. We have to start the vehicle sometimes by shifting out out of park and back into park to start it. No problem except auto transmission get total rebuild at 100,000 miles and now I have to play with my shifter to get it to start. Oh no pun intended. Unlimited power train warranty covers it. Great! Not a penny even through dealer breaks my side view mirror. Months later my wife finds herself on the Belt Parkway stranded with a dash lite up like a Christmas tree. No problem-I get to her, pull the electrical harness, a large electric plug to the front stabilizer module-no damage intact gasket with no water present. No reason for this connector to fail and MELT! MELT the plastic connector. Christmas tree dash stops but flashes sway bar in center of dash. Ok Two months later I try to start car and dash goes out and my Jeep won't start-nothing, like a dead battery! Check Sears Platinum 1 1/2 year old battery perfect. I disconnect battery in my yard and sleep on it. Next morning armed with internet information and a set of Jeep Dealer service manuals I get my hands dirty. Seems like this vehicle has a bad starter. Try to get one at two local dealers-none in stock. WOW! Holy $hit?? Ok ebay! Waiting for part 1 week out. I hope this fixes starting problem.

Update from Dec 9, 2015: Update Needed new battery, rebuilt starter, TIPM (fuse box with printed circuits) and all it really needs is a starter safety switch. 2008 Jeep Wrangler is covered under unlimited powertrain warranty. I will tell you that Wranglers kill batteries. Even really good batteries

- drpaulgualtieriny, Walton, NY, USA

problem #25

Sep 142015

Wrangler Unlimited Sahara 3.8L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 86,371 miles

Periodically, the engine won't turn over. You hear the starter click, lights are on, but nothing happens. Was told it was because the pin inside the hood (letting the ECU know the hood is closed) wasn't being fully pressed down. After fixing that, it still happens. The worst part? It's always when you're in public or have people in the vehicle...

My one saving grace so far has been weird; if I jiggle the steering wheel and try again, it will turn over (90% of the time). Although the other night, I tried this for 15 minutes and eventually called a cab so I could get to where I needed to go.

No dealer or mechanic seems to be sure what the issue is. Most times, same as others have mentioned here, I bring it in, and it starts just fine.

I think I'm going to trade it in.

- Matt K., Winnipeg, BC, Canada

problem #24

Sep 012015

Wrangler Unlimited X 3.8L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 87,543 miles

Bought this 2008 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited X used from a Chevy dealer in March 2015. It had 83,000 miles on it when I purchased it and it currently has 87,650 on it. During that time the engine wouldn't start or turn over about 8 separate times. After doing some research on the forums, many suggested it's a faulty transmission range sensor. Supposedly this sensor is located in the transmission and basically tells the car what gear the transmission is in. The suggested fix was to shift into neutral and try and start the car. Happy to say that method has worked every time.

Apparently this is a well known problem with the transmission range sensor. Why is it not a recall by now?

- Gary B., West Islip, NY, USA

problem #23

Oct 152015

Wrangler X

  • Automatic transmission
  • 69,000 miles

Over the past 6 years this car has had this problem where it randomly will not start. I will turn the key and the car will make a single thud sound. I have taken the car to three different Jeep dealers for at least twenty different repairs and I have had no luck.


- John S., Falls Church, VA, USA

problem #22

Jun 102014


  • Automatic transmission
  • 66,000 miles

I am so tired of never knowing if my vehicle will start after I turn it off and how long it will take to restart if it does not start in park or neutral.

- tgrahmann, Yoakum, TX, USA

problem #21

Jul 032015

Wrangler Unlimited V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 67,231 miles

Should not have to deal with this, how has Jeep not addressed this?

- Joe G., Oak Lawn, IL, USA

problem #20

Jun 172015


  • Automatic transmission
  • 50,000 miles

Periodically my vehicle will not turn over. Jeep dealer was unable to find the problem. Appears to be an electrical problem. Vehicle was not repaired....over a year ago. Still having a problem....no solution, however they were happy to charge me for their non service event.

- J L., Omaha, NE, US

problem #19

Apr 132015

Wrangler Rubicon

  • Automatic transmission
  • 100,400 miles

As stated in another complaint on this site, I am having Ignition problem. The Jeep will start, but then acts up and won't start/turn over. You play with it a few minutes and then it starts. The big problem is, it won't replicate the problem at the repair shop. I paid towing fees, the tow truck driver tried to jump it and could not, so it was towed to the shop. At the shop, he lowered the jeep and gave the mechanic key and it started right up. I left it there for two days, and it did not acted up. Since then, April until now (Aug), it has done it 4 times. Any Suggestion--can figure if it's the started or ignition? I am leaning toward ignition.

- esperon, San Antonio, TX, US

problem #18

Nov 052014

Wrangler Rubicon 3.8L V6

  • Manual transmission
  • 48,000 miles

I was at a light and the Jeep just died. Wouldn't restart. Got it towed. The next morning it started fine. The mechanic found the bad sensor. It was melted.

- Raven W., Houston, TX, USA

problem #17

Nov 012012

Wrangler Limited 3.8L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 130,000 miles

There is a well known problem with Jeep ignition systems or electrical called "start-stop." My 2008 Wrangler Sahara has encountered this issue for about 2 years now. Turn the key over and there is a "click." No starter engagement, but all lights, etc. work.

First encountered this issue back in about November of 2012. Took to the dealer initially and they could not decipher what the problem was- it did not occur when they checked it. I replaced the battery with a brand new Optima, checked all the electrical and performed other diagnostics. Even though I have a lifetime powertrain warranty, this is not covered, and they were going to charge me hundreds of dollars just to diagnose it. I decided I could live with it- perhaps some additional research would turn up that I could repair myself, or have an independent mechanic perform for much less than the dealership.

It is sporadic. I have read that it is a static buildup issue in the ignition column, or a range sensor in the transmission that is causing it. A supposed repair is to add another grounding cable to the battery. I tried that and it didn't work.

If I wiggle the transmission shifter while in park (AT), this generally will get it to start the first time. Also, you can shift the AT to neutral and then start. Pain in the ass as it is kind of embarrassing that a gremlin of this sort pops up whenever you have people in the car- they start to get worried that we are stranded.

IN the old days, a starter solenoid would die, or the battery would be drained for something of this nature to happen. Modern electronics in this Jeep are just no reliable, or rugged enough to handle everyday driving.

- climbingdanewa, Bellevue, WA, USA

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