really awful
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
69,329 miles
Total Complaints:
55 complaints

Most common solutions:

  1. new transmission (33 reports)
  2. replaced transmission with remanufactured transmission (12 reports)
  3. not sure (9 reports)
  4. junked the car (1 reports)
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problem #55

Jan 232018

Versa SL 1.8L

  • CVT transmission
  • 55,605 miles

Service engine light came on. Went to dealer. You need new transmission for a car with only 55,605 miles. Warranty expired 9/2017. Oh well, we(dealership) will replace it for $4800 cost to me (more than the car is worth).

I can not believe that Nissan will not stand behind its product and admit that the CVT is a bad product. There must be some type of class action lawsuit for all the money that has been flushed down the drain by consumers who invested in Nissan and the 2012 model.


problem #54

Sep 212017

Versa 1.6L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 73,083 miles

I Purchased my vehicle from the Oursiman Hyundai & Madza in Laurel Md. On Sept. 12, 2017, during the credit process I told my salesman Quniton, known as Q, that I'd been a victim of ID theft twice & that I'd had a company from one of the accounts place a garnishment on my Navy Federal checking account back in April of 2010. That I once was in EXCELLENT standing with the above credit union. I NEVER went there with false information, when asked if I had anything to put down I stated to him yes my 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan, I don't have any MONEY!!!!. That's when Mr. Q, came back said that I'd been APPROVED, I thought then my next step was for us to go out on the lot & pick out the vehicle that was in my price range due to my credit rating, that wasn't the issue. That's when Mr. Q, came and asked me if I could drive a STANDARD (stick shift), MY response was YES BUT, I'M TOO OLD NOW & I'VE HAD 2KNEE REPLACEMENTS SO I NEED AN AUTOMATIC. THAT'S WHEN MR. Q, SAID I'VE GOT JUST THE VEHICLE FOR YOU, I'LL BE RIGHT BACK. That's when he came back & SAID LET'S GO OUT T SEE YOUR CAR. When I saw what he'd came back with I wasn't too pleased with what I saw, but when your present vehicle is on it's last leg & you've, got the parts in the vehicle to fix it & NO monies to get it fixed, you take what you can get. I was told that I'd got $1000.00, for my van I was very grateful. After driving it for a few days I'd went back to the dealership, spoke with my salesman Mr. Q, told him that this car isn't shifting gears like it should, his response was maybe it's due to it not being driven for awhile. Then it HAPPENS, coming from dinner just about 2minitues away from home stop at stop sign, a corner from home that's when my TRANSMISSION is SHOT!!!, I spoke with Mr. Andrew Cohen, said they'd tow my car to Ourisman's Hyundai, & once there would see what's happened. I told Mr. Cohen, that my transmission is DONE. I was told by Mr. Cohen & Dennis Airington(gen., Mgr., & service Mgr.,), that they'd be taking care of the problem it's ALL STILL UNDER WARRANTY, yet when I'd got the phone call, per Mr. Dennis Airington, I'd supposingly it a BUMP, and it's now MY PROBLEM. NOW my insurance investigator, & my OWN PERSONAL MECHANIC, their BOTH are SAYING, that there's METAL SHAVINGS in the TRANSMISSION PAN, IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MY SUPPOSSINGLY running over a BUMP. MY TRANSMISSION IS GONE!!!!! To take it back to the DEALERSHIP, & let them know that my vehicle is under the warranty when I brought it and, THEY NEED TO PAY FOR IT TO BE REPAIRED!!!!!. I do BELIEVE that Mr. Q, was told to get that vehicle for me based on my credit score, because while at the dealership back in September 21, 2017, Mr. Andrew Cohen, made a statement to me saying,(That it's a possibility that in some cases I may be able to GET ANOTHER VEHICLE, YET HE'S NOT GONNA MAKE YOU ANY PROMISES. NOW that's when I'd made a STATEMENT to him, you're treating me like a butthole, due to my credit rating &, you're thinking that I'm NOT going to PAY, because of that. Then that's when I'd said that I'm calling the Credit Union, that's approved my loan. I then had this person (male) come in being VERY NASTY, saying that I BETTER NOT CALL THEM, for HE'S THE ONE THAT'S DONE EVERYTHING FOR ME TO GET my vehicle, & I'm NOT GETTING ANOTHER VEHICLE UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES!!!!!, BECAUSE HE'S NOT GONNA ALLOW IT!!!!!!!!. That it's HIS choice WHETHER OR NOT I GET ANYTHING DONE TO MY VEHICLE, & WHY DON'T I GO HOME & SLEEP ON IT, & COME BACK TO TELL HIM WHAT GOD HAS SAID FOR ME TO DO!!!!. THAT'S WHEN I TOLD HIM NO!!!!!!, THAT GOD has already said for me to STAY THERE, and wait until (they) OURISMAN HYUNDAI, does something for me along with getting me something to get around in & that's FINAL. NOW 1ST THING TUESDAY OR THURSDAY MORNING I'M taking the INFORMATION ABOUT THE FAILURE OF THE TRANSMISSION'S on the NISSAN VERSA, & I'LL BE LETTING THE DEALERSHIP KNOW THAT THEY'RE GONNA PAY FOR MY PERSONAL MECHANIC, to do the repairs of replacing the TRANSMISSION, & ALL THAT GOES WITH FIXING IT INCLUDING THE PULLING OF THE TRANSMISSION PAN, in order for my Liberty Mutal Investigator along with my mechanic, to access the damage concerning to what (OURISMAN'S SERVICE MGR., DENNIS AIRINGTON, STATED THAT THE DAMAGE WAS IN MY TRANSMISSION PAN, that they'd (SERVIC DEPT., has taken care of ALL RECALLS &, it's now MY RESPONSIBILITY, OF GETTING MY VEHICLE FIXED!!!!. NOW everything that OURISMAN'S HAS SAID TO ME HAS BEEN A LIE. OURISMAN'S, NEVER TOOK CARE OF ANY RECALL'S, ALL THAT THEY DONE WAS TO TRY & HOLD UP, ANY TIME TRYING TO WAIT UNTIL MY WARRANTY EXPIRES. YET I BROUGHT MY VEHICLE IN TO THEM NOTIFYING OURISMAN'S OF THE DAMAGES, ALONG WITH MY CONCERNS ABOUT MY TRANSMISSION. THEY'VE CONTINUALLY TRIED STALLING TRYING NOT TO TAKE RESPONIBILITY FOR THIS PROBLEM. NOW IT'S TIME FOR ME TO TAKE THE NESCESSIARY ACTIONS, IN ORDER FOR OURISMAN TO HONOR THE WARRANTY, THAT WAS GIVEN TO ME AT THE TIME OF PURCHASE. I'M BOILING MAD!!!!!!!, FOR I FEEL THAT I WAS SOLD THIS PARTICULAR VEHICLE BASED ON MY CREDIT SCORE &, THAT I'M A WOMAN!!!!!!, BUT I'M NOT AN IDIOT!!!! THEY'RE GONNA SEE JUST TO WHOM THEIR MESSING WITH.

- , Severn, US

problem #53

Nov 282017

Versa SV

  • CVT transmission
  • 96,000 miles

I had noticed some hesitation and slight jumping after the car heated up. I thought maybe it needed tuning up and was about to have it done. However, I was coming down the interstate one evening and got off on the ramp on the way to my house. I came to a stop and when I accelerated, nothing, it would not go. The engine seemed to be running fine but it just wouldn't accelerate.

I put it in park and stopped the engine. I then restarted it and put it in gear. There was a sort of bang and jolt and the car weakly began to accelerate with a jerking motion. I eased out into the street with my flashers on and barely made it home. I had it towed to where I have my cars repaired and was informed the transmission was bad.

I called Fenton Nissan, where I recently had a couple of recall items fixed, to inquire about the cost of having a transmission installed. They told me it would be approximately $5,000. In the course of our conversation the service person informed me that my 2012 car had a new transmission installed, in New Jersey, in 2013 with 33,000 miles on the odometer.

I bought the car from Lenoir City Ford in Lenoir City, Tennessee subsequent to that without that knowledge. I did have my mechanic install a new transmission to the tune of $4,800 which is more than the car is worth. He had to haul it to a Nissan dealer to have the transmission fluid put in it, along with the necessary programming. Help! I would love to get all or part of my money back, if possible. Do I have any recourse?

- , Lenoir City, TN, US

problem #52

Nov 232017

Versa SL 1.6L

  • CVT transmission
  • 70,000 miles

The car failed driving home from Thanksgiving, leaving my fiancee stranded on a narrow shoulder next to 70+ mph traffic for 30 minutes. Took it to the dealership and found there was a "fix" that reprograms the car's computer. The "fix" caused the transmission to completely fail (it could limp a few miles down the road before robbing all power from the accelerator previously).

After some research, I found that the "fix" was a technical bulletin from Nissan intended to prevent belt slippage in the transmission that leads to premature failure, so it would not have fixed a thing since the transmission had already been destroyed. Nissan did not flag this as a safety bulletin (because apparently being stranded on the side of the next to highway speed traffic is completely safe), so they avoided having to actively recall the vehicle.

Nissan has been sued for this on a number of their other models from the same time period, and was forced to refund all costs for repairs and extend the warrant on their shoddy CVT transmissions. Here's a list of the models with lawsuits so far: 2013-2014 Nissan Pathfinder 2004-2006 Maxima 2005-2006 Altima 2004-2007 Quest 2001-2005 Altimas, Pathfinders, Sentras 2012-2017 Sentras

Nissan has a very clear pattern of pushing CVTs and refusing to stand by their product after it fails prematurely. There have been so many class actions regarding this transmission as each new model reaches 60-70k miles on average and customers begin to experience widespread failure.

There will likely be yet another class action for this model, and the large amount of money Nissan pumped from me for a complete transmission replacement will return to my pocket, but I doubt they will stop pushing their inferior CVTs.

Nissan, do right by your customers. Extend the warranty for all CVTs to at least 100k miles and stop pushing this inferior product.

- , Austin, US

problem #51

Nov 032017

Versa S

  • CVT transmission
  • 54,000 miles

I am bummed that my transmission went bad with less than 60,000 miles on the car. The warranty expired 3 months ago, so I am looking at just taking a major hit to my bank account.

- , Red Wing, US

problem #50

Aug 242017

Versa LS

  • CVT transmission
  • 126,000 miles

familiesThe transmission FAILED at an intersection on a major 4 lane highway, dumping us on the highway with no forward motion. I got the car pushed of the highway before we were slaughtered.

That would have looked like I just pulled out into oncoming traffic without looking Nissan would have blamed the driver (me) for the accident. How many people will die because of the trash transmission being produced by Nissan? But the Icing on the cake is the attitude of Nissan customer relations dept. " sorry its out of warranty cant help you" This transmission is a danger on the road and will result in deaths of families.

- , Jones, US

problem #49

Mar 032017

Versa SV 1.6L

  • CVT transmission
  • 39,146 miles

I bought this 2012 Nissan Versa because we have owned two other cars in the past and have been great quality cars. I have tried hard to get Nissan to help me out with my transmission problem. I bought this car through a third party dealership which bought the car from Nissan Canada off lease. They bought it last year close to warranty running out as to 5 year warranty, the car had 55000km. I bought this car in January 27, 2017 from this dealer and the transmission starting acting up within 3-4 weeks into us owning the car until it completely won't go anymore. Call the dealership where I bought it and they took it to Nissan dealer and they confirm faulty transmission. They advise me to try to get Nissan to put in a new transmission in. Called and spoke to Nissan customer service and they tell me that I am over my warranty by 3 months and over mileage. I bought the car with 55,000km and now the car has 63000km. They ask for service documents for the car. Nissan Canada was leasing the car, how is it possible that they don't have service maintenance when they require all this info for warranty purposes and to resale the car once the lease in done. I persisted on the problem and management decided that is not their problem and that there is nothing they can do. I purchased a lemon and Nissan Canada keeps on saying warranty is over, I believe that in Canada the warranty is 100,000km. Nissan Canada has had issues with CVT transmission from the very beginning and still has to date. As a customer I believe Nissan car drivers represent and advertised a company that should be responsible for their product, whether new or used. Paid a fair amount of money for this crap car and I asked how much a new transmission cost and they told me 4-5 thousand. With the money I paid plus the cost of the new transmission I could have purchased a KIA which I believe has now a better quality rating they Nissan cars. I am frustrated and out of $8,200.00 from this purchase, I think this will be the last time I owned a Nissan anything.

- , Cambridge, ON, Canada

problem #48

Apr 272017

Versa SV

  • CVT transmission
  • 103,000 miles

After being stuck in traffic because our freeway was closed due to a major accident, I finally took my exit and all of a sudden my car would not accelerate even after i pressed all the way down on the gas. I took it to my mechanic today only to find out that the transmission needed to be replaced completely. I tried looking at the warranty but it is only covered 5 years or 60,000 miles. I has been barely 5 years since the vehicle was purchased but i have 103000 miles on it so it is not covered.

Previously Nissan extended their CVT warranty for vehicles up to the year 2010/ I am unable to pay the $4000 repair to get the transmission repaired and driving is an essential part of my job. I don't understand why my vehicle does not have that extended warranty when there are so many consumers facing the same problem with this CVT Transmission.

I am very disappointed and now have to figure out how to get to work, which is an hour away from my house. Nissan needs to take responsibility for all the problems that these CVT transmissions have and extend the warranty for the newer models that have this, because obviously the CVT system has not been improved. So many consumers are facing the same problems with the newer models.

- , Mesa, AZ, US

problem #47

Mar 092017


  • CVT transmission
  • 70,000 miles

replaced cvt at 48k under recall after $400 tow!!!, second cvt out at 70k (exactly one year later). My dealership was kind enough to push the issue and get authorization to replace again but my 2015 versa already had the cvt replaced and I wonder if I will go through this a year from now on that one.

- , Austin, US

problem #46

Mar 152017


  • CVT transmission
  • 95,000 miles

It lost power or something, I had it in cruise and it started jerking and the tack was rising to about 700, it almost jerked forward into another car, I pulled into a walmart parking and called a garage, I was told it would take about a week to get done, and would cost over 3,000 dollars. Thank God for the extended warranty. I was told by two garages that Nissan versa transmission were really bad. I am very upset about this.

- , Ozark, MO, US

problem #45

Oct 152013

Versa SV 1.6L

  • CVT transmission
  • 120,000 miles

Nissan replaced the CVT Transmission the 1st under a extended warranty. It stared having trouble again at 120,000. My extended warranty ran out at 120,000. I took it to the Dealer twice and they could not duplicate the slipping. At 120,600, it went out.

I have lost 2 transmissions in 2 years and a starter.

- , Houston, TX, USA

problem #44

Nov 162015

Versa 1.6L

  • CVT transmission
  • 73,918 miles

On 11/16/2015 I took my wonderful Nissan Versa back into the shop and had my transmission replaced for a 2nd time! Mind you, the car was now 3 years old! And it was having the transmission replaced AGAIN! The guys in the repair department even told me that CVT transmissions do NOT hold up well in extreme weather conditions such as heat or snow. Then why the hell is Nissan still producing cars with CVT transmissions!? And I had to spend another $50 for a loaner car while the vehicle was getting repaired.

- , Henderson, NV, USA

problem #43

Jul 242014

Versa 1.6L

  • CVT transmission
  • 58,658 miles

I was driving to work (I worked on the Las Vegas Strip) when my car suddenly had no power what so ever. As I was turning off of Tropicana onto Las Vegas Blvd. my car died! It just stopped! Thankfully I did not get hit and the car started up right away. I made it to work safely but I knew there was something really wrong with my car. I took it into Nissan right away and they replaced the ENTIRE transmission! I had only had the car for barely a year! The car was 2 years old! A car that new should not have ever of needed the transmission replaced! Thankfully it was under warranty but still! I purchased a Nissan because everyone raved about how great they are. Oh and not to mention I had to shell out $50 for a loaner vehicle while the car was getting fixed.

- , Henderson, NV, USA

problem #42

Nov 222016


  • CVT transmission
  • 83,300 miles

I bought this from a Nissan (Corona) dealership 4 months ago! Fortunately I bought an extended warranty and was replaced free of charge...12,000 MILE WARRANTY!!! WHAT???after that, the guy smugly says it will last longer the better you drive it, I drive like an old man, not helpful. How many miles will this "new" transmission last?

- , Walnut, CA, USA

problem #41

Sep 292016

Versa SV 1.6L 4c

  • CVT transmission
  • 75,500 miles

Still trying to find a solution that won't bankrupt us. A trans in a well-maintained car should not be completely unfixable (can't even be rebuilt) at 75,000 miles! This is a problem with CVT that Nissan is aware of; so many 2010 and older models had it that the warranty was extended to 120,000 miles. Apparently, instead of fixing the problem, they "fixed" the warranty. It is now 75,000 miles. GRRRR

- , Chicago, IL, USA

problem #40

Jul 122016

Versa EX

  • CVT transmission
  • 90,445 miles

Tried every avenue to get help from Nissan through dealers and factory rep. Nobody was interested.

All said it was a bad transmission design and could not be fixed under any circumstances. Had to be replaced. Checked this out with several transmission shops and they said the same. Nissan had made it impossible to get parts for this transmission and shops would not guarantee it even if they could get parts because it is such a faulty design. Had to dump the car for $1500.00 and was only able to get that because we had kept it in immaculate condition inside and out. NEVER buy a Nissan with this transmission !!!!!

- , Tallahassee, FL, USA

problem #39

Sep 272016

Versa SL V4

  • Automatic transmission
  • 71,500 miles

2012 Nissan Versa with just over 71,000 miles. Took it to a local shop and they said the transmission is done, suggested we take to the Nissan Dealer and hope that they will step up and replace it under powertrain warranty. Local dealer charged 0 dollars to analyze and realize the transmission is no good. We took it to San Juan Capistrano Nissan dealer and they said they will look at the car for $159 fee. Dealer also said that Nissan extended some 2012 Versa models to 100K powertrain warranty. He checked our VIN and said our Versa was only covered up to 60,000 miles. We are awaiting word back from Nissan on whether they will cover the cost. What a sham that Nissan has had so many transmission failures between 61,000-80,000 miles.

I will never by a Nissan again and will tell everyone I know about this issue and how Nissan DID NOT back their product.

- , Sa, CA, USA

problem #38

Aug 012016

Versa S 1.6L

  • CVT transmission
  • 63,000 miles


- , New Milford, CT, US

problem #37

Aug 052016

Versa SV 1.8L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 64,000 miles

I bought the car for $8K last year used from a dealer. The car started having problems shifting gears last Friday at 64K miles, 4K miles out from the power train warranty. (From the complaints, it sounds like there's a time bomb in the transmission that explodes after 60K miles) The check engine just went on today. Since the repair of $3.8K will cost more than the value of the car, I'm going to junk it and try to get as much money back on the $8K that I paid. I will take precautions the next time I buy a used car by checking this site more often and thoroughly.

- , North Andover, MA, USA

problem #36

Jun 102016

Versa SV

  • CVT transmission
  • 71,000 miles

I can't believe that a car that is not even 4 years old has a transmission failure! Now that I have done some online research, I am seeing that this is a rather common event for the 2012 Nissan Versa. So why is Nissan not stepping up to the plate and doing something about this? I purposely bought a newer car so that I would not have to deal with issues like this. I have been without a car for over two weeks and it appears that I will be waiting another week for the replacement to be done. Yeah, I am really disappointed with this car and will be trading it off ASAP!

- , Scenery Hill, PA, USA

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