Please note: The TSB information displayed below are summaries. We do not have access to the full versions. To get full information about a particular TSB, write down the TSB title & date, & either contact your local dealer or click on the links below.

The TSB numbers are the NHTSA numbers, which are different from the manufacturer-assigned TSB numbers — the NHTSA doesn't keep track of those. It's a very screwed up situation that's almost completely unhelpful to you as the consumer. Use the issue date or the title when asking your dealer for more information about a TSB.


    • TSB #122-T7Y5Q-12

      NHTSA ID #10125213

      • Date Announced: NOVEMBER 06 2017
      • Additional Info: How to Fix

      Summary: Information: This document updates information previously published in EQ 1105, EQ 1105, and EQ 1401. To provide stable voltage and sufficient current throughout certain service operations, you should connect the vehicle to a battery charg

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    • TSB #122-C8J6P-01

      NHTSA ID #10125191

      • Date Announced: DECEMBER 14 2016
      • Additional Info: How to Fix

      Summary: Vehicle Data Label Vehicle identification label is on the inside of the maintenance book. It Contains all important data about your car. This label contains the following information: ? Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) ? Vehicle co

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