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96,000 miles
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problem #2

Jan 012017

Prius v TWO 1.8L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 100,000 miles

Excessive Oil Consumption....I use 0W 20 Synthetic oil and recently had to add 2 qts after appx 1,200 miles.

Noticed it first when my oil light first came on maybe around 100,000 to 110,000 miles or so. I checked the dipstick for the very 1st time (bought the car brand new in 2013) and could not get any reading on the dipstick at

all. I thought maybe the dipstick was defective or was inserted wrong. Went to a gas station to purchase 1 qt of

Mobil 10W 20 and after adding the 1 qt, I barely have anything showing on the dipstick so bought another quart to finally get it to middle.

Ever since, I have been checking the dipstick on a regular basis and had already finished a case (6 qts) of Mobil 1 synthetic oil 0W20 just for fill up in between oil changes and I am now on my 2nd case (used 3 qts already) at current mileage of 134,800 (last oil change was 130350) I also added Lucas Synthetic Oil Stabilizer (appx 1/2

of the 32 oz bottle). So in appx 4,400 miles or so, I added 3 qts already and appx 16 oz of Lucas Oil.

- Dennis K., Valencia, US

problem #1

Oct 202016

Prius v Five 1.8L, 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 92,000 miles

I am a proud owner of a 2013 Prius V and bring it regularly to my 5,000 m tune-up and 10,000 m oil change to my local dealer. Until recently I have never touched the dip stick. Why would I? I paid 35 K for this car with a 125 K bumper to bumper warrantly. Thought it to not be necessary as it is a Toyota, I am driving, right !?

Ran into this guy, who asked me how I like my Prius? Told him, I loved it, - overall get up 45 mpg out of it. He hated Prius due to excessive oil consumption. I went home, pulled the dip stick and had only a drop of oil on it (light had never come one once). Went right to the dealer and they acknowledged oil loss. They wanted to test car and visually checked for leaks.Then they tasked me to drive about 1,100 m and come back to read dip stick (mind you Toyota did NOT follow their official guide lines for an Official Oil Consumption Test - which I learned later). I loaded my 15 yr. old son into the car and took off for an about 2,300 mile road trip (Las Vegas, Zion and Bryce). After about 1,100 miles - on the road, had to give it 1 quart of oil (no light). Came back, went right to the dealer with about 2,300 miles and again was 1 quart short. So I used essentially 2 quarts over 2+k miles.

Here is where I heard for first time, the annoying phrase "it is normal consumption when your Prius consumes up to 1 quart per 1,000 miles.

Now, we got serious. They started an Official Oil consumption test at 93,233 m - sealed all possible temper accesses and off I went. I drove locally in San Diego up to 94,380 m (1,147 m). This first reading came back -- as no consumption at all. I called Toyota Warranty and Toyota Experience Group and complained. I got two case numbers and got soon a call from a Customer Relation's Person at my local dealer.

They assured me they would do a 2nd oil consumption test (both on their bill), when ever I wanted to do 2nd one. Brought me car in @ 96,018 for my 95 K - tune up (1,638 m later). We pulled the dip stick and it was about 3/4 to 1 quart short of oil. Commenced a 2nd Oil Consumption Test and came in for a reading at 97,247 (1,229 m later) and was told the seals had been tempered with and it was an invalid test. I DIDN'T TOUCH A THING! What I assume happened, that the 2nd mechanic just opened oil cap and dip stick to refill oil, yet never properly sealed it. He also never verified in writing that the seals were properly applied, when 2nd OCT (Oil Consumption Test) started. Was also told that I would have passed the test with flying colors, as I had, again, no consumption.

Now on my 3rd OCT and running out of patience. I consulted with a friend/mechanic that stated that highway consumption, mountain driving and climate change (drove in snow and ice in Utah) -- can make a vast difference whether engine consumes oil or not.

So here is my problem: -- I know the Prius eats oil under "strenuous" conditions -- up to 1 quart per 1,000 miles -- I have essentially 2 OTCs done - city condition, that show now consumption at all -- Toyota is about to wash their hands on any claim against my warranty, as they did "what they have to do" -- mind you, they never did compression test, checked spark plugs or checked tail pipe for traces of excessive consumption -- I learned that Toyota came out in late 2016 with a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) for the 2013 Prius V, re excessive oil consumption as admitted by head service writer that follows me case. Of course never got access to it. I can't find it for the life of me on Google -- just today made contact with a forensic automotive examiner, that will seek to find said TSB

What I need: -- I am looking for similar stories, specially fixes that Toyota offered or came up with -- "In numbers we are strong" -- seeking company of other drivers who have similar pxs -- would love to hear from experts why do I sometimes have significant consumption and sometimes none

Final comments: -- I really like my service writer. He is a Toyota man, for sure, yet he seems to go the extra mile to assist -- as in other posts mentioned, I find Toyota Warranty Department and Customer Experience Group, so far pretty helpful.

Would love input and feedback, Sorry for the long post.

Update from Mar 5, 2017: Update: On 2/16/17, I was granted by my local dealer a 3rd OCT @ 99,311 miles. Over the next weekend, I drove 1,285 miles from San Diego to Zion and back and my Prius "ate" the large quantity of 3 quarts of oil. On 2-23-17, the dealer did the reading and stated my car failed the test "miserably". I must say, at that point, the Assistant Service Manger and his boss really kicked into gear.

I was given a rental for a week and told that the engine would need to be taken apart. Supposedly, a Toyota inspector had to grant a warranty repair. I was finally given a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB)- [T_SB-0169-16; 2ZR-FXE Engine Oil Consumption Repair Procedure] issued by Toyota for Prius 2010, 2012-14, and told, that for now I am responsible for the tear-down of the engine. If warranty were to kick in, they would take over the costs. Three days later, I get call from the manager, that it was not needed that an inspector needs to grant warranty as the cylinder 1 and 3 had deep scores and were beyond repair.

I was promised to get a brand-new engine block; (not a rebuilt) and that Toyota would assume all costs. It took literally a verbal ok, putting up w/ a rental for a week and a final signature to get a "brand-new" engine.

Sounds like grand news, right ?!

I picked the car up, on Friday afternoon, 30 min before closing. The following weekend, I drove car quite a bit and the smell of burnt oil and/or tar never left the car. Upon studying the warranty agreement it stated in 2 places: it's a used engine w/ 6000 miles warranty on parts only. And in a another place, it states labor and services are only warranted for 90 days or 4000 miles only.

So, what this seemingly "Happy Ending", will look like ..... remains to be seen. The Assistant Service Manager, assured me that this is a BRAND NEW ENGINE BLOCK AND IS WARRANTED FOR 1 YEAR AND UNLIMITED MILES.....

Well, we will have a chat tomorrow at the dealer ship and see what this is all about.....

Do I consider problem fixed.... NOT QUITE YET.......

- tigerboy, San Diego, CA, US