Date Published
OCT 01, 2012
TSB Document
?SI B51 15 08 Body Equipment October 2012 Technical Service. This Service Information bulletin supersedes SI B51 15 08 dated July 2008. designates changes to this revision SUBJECT Rear Window False Anti-trap Activation. INFORMATION The anti-trap protection feature may be activated when no obstruction is present. This may occur at either one or both of the rear windows. The root cause of the false anti-trap activation may be difficult to determine. The attached diagnosis flowchart has been developed to assist with determining the actual root cause of the failure as well as to help prevent unnecessary part replacements. The root cause is typically either an issue with the window system, or an electrical/software issue. The diagnosis flowchart will help ensure that repairs are only carried out for the system that is most likely at fault. Refer to B511508_Attachment. PARTS INFORMATION Refer to the Electronic Parts Catalog (EPC) for the appropriate parts noted in the diagnostic flowchart. WARRANTY INFORMATION Not applicable.