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18,650 miles
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  1. replace seal (1 reports)
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problem #1

Jan 192018

Grand Caravan CVP 3.6L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 18,629 miles

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axle seal leaking axle seal leaking axle seal leaking

Purchased Vehicle new in 2012. Have had Transmission problems since new. In September of 2016 after switching to a different dealer than original place of purchase. I took a Transmission Specialist at the dealer for a ride and finally got him to agree to look at the transmission.

He discovered issues with the transmission and in September 2016 under the original 5yr-100,000km Power- Train Warranty he replaced various components in the transmission (which you will see on a picture I've included 1 of 3 pictures). One of the components was Front Axle Seals (which he had done, when i spoke with him after the job was done in September 2016)

Fast Forward to January 19th 2018 (we have since purchased extended power-train warranty in July 2017, still having issues) Anyway, I took the van into the same dealer that repaired the transmission for a routine oil change. The oil change was done through their " Fast Lane ". Upon completion of the oil change, they service advisor told me the Oil Change Guys Spotted a Front Axle Seal Leak.

I said ok, was in a hurry to get home.....and parked the van in the driveway for the next few days , and immediately checked my service records and pulled up the September 2016 Transmission Repair. I thought to myself I am 100% sure I remember that Transmission Mechanic (he was their best guy) telling me he replaced front Axle Seals. i looked at the sheet and they have all the Chrysler Internal #'s that I don't understand listed, and on the parts at the top of the page listed it did not show Front Axle Seals.

Tried to call the dealer to talk to the service advisor but he was gone for the day (Friday), left a message Saturday and no call back. So I waited till Monday. Called in and got a Service Advisor who told me he did not see any front Axle Seals changed on this receipt/work order from September 2016. I said well I agree that I do not see it there, but perhaps they came in a kit or those #'s on the page are internal Chrysler #'s that will show more about what part was changed if you can check on the computer. He went on to say "I know the mechanic pretty well and he is thorough in his notes, he would have listed it had it been changed."

So at this point I am now super ticked off in hearing this, as basically this tells me that he is too lazy to bother to look it up to see if was done. I told the Service Advisor politely that I spoke with the the Transmission Mechanic after the job was completed in 2016 and he 100% told me that he replaced the Front Axle Seals and I said I am so sure I would bet my right arm on the fact that he told me that. Can you please either find out in the computer or perhaps go ask him if that would have been replaced and or in a kit of some kind and maybe it's not showing it on the page. He came back and said the mechanic confirmed that the seals would have been replaced and they come in a kit. (imagine that, I thought)

So then I said; well it would be covered under warranty etc, would it not from 2016 only 10,000km on the part and less than 2 years. And he said the part will have to be seeping/leaking quite a lot. Not just a bit. And he said there would be a diagnosis fee of $122 flat fee regardless it fell under Warranty from the 2016 job or if i wanted to use my 2017 purchased Extended Power Train warranty & that if the part was deemed faulty, then the diagnosis fee would be waved, but it had to be leaking pretty good.

I was like you want $122 to tell me if a seal is leaking, the Oil Change guy said it was leaking on the work order receipt. The Service advisor then told me that the guys in their Fast Lane are not licensed mechanics and that they would have to have a licensed mechanic make that diagnosis ...for $122 flat rate. To which in my mind I am then thinking (why is a unlicensed mechanic working on my car to start with in your shop) but anyway, I said well that's ridiculous but alright, I'll call you back and let you know thanks.

I then went int the next day I believe to talk to the service manager explained the situation, he said essentially that's ridiculous to charge that amount to check it, and said we will waive the diagnosis fee. He was also curious as to who told me that, but I said I don't want to throw the guy under the bus, so if it's all the same to you I'd rather not tell you the service advisors name. But I had the guys name written on the sheet, so i am sure he saw it.

Anyway it went in for diagnosis another day later and the part was deemed faulty and they covered it under the warranty from the 2016 September job (both parts and labour) (part was around $33-$35 before tax for the seal ) but because it was covered i didn't have to pay anything. So it all worked out thanks to the Service Manager.

The van still clunks and bangs on downshifts and sometimes up shifts when coming to a stop or slowing down at certain speeds and their seems to be a motor pop still. We have owned many Chrysler products new over the years and this will absolutely be the last one. We took a chance on this one buying new in 2012 and my fear over Transmission issues came true.

Sadly Canada has no lemon laws. We figured the vehicle is in good shape , low mileage lets just purchase the extended warranty in June 2017....would cost us less than taking a gigantic hit on depreciation and trading it in on something newer or the same age from another car brand. We are hoping before the Extended Warranty is up on the power train in 2022 that the transmission will self destruct and they will end up replacing it or fixing it properly

We actually had to get a bigger binder because we ran out of space from so many recall notices, and constant service appointments to have the transmission checked out. Chrysler has lost as a customer permanently after this car dies/ or we sell it.

- anonymousautobeef, London, Ontario, Canada