pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
48,600 miles
Total Complaints:
12 complaints

Most common solutions:

  1. not sure (9 reports)
  2. replace TIPM (2 reports)
  3. cables to battery corrosion (1 reports)
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problem #12

Sep 142020


  • Automatic transmission
  • 87,000 miles

For months while driving, the car would go into battery saver mode. I don't drive this vehicle very often and stopped driving it all together for a few months because I didn't trust it with battery saver mode, but eventually I needed to use the car and it was fine, until I got almost home from a 30 minute trip in town and it stalled 3 miles from home. The car did restart but stalled again almost immediately. Then it was displaying "press clutch and push start button to start" - this car is an automatic and has no clutch so there was immediate confusion and disbelief. The car would not start.

Anyhow I got a ride home and later came back to the car with another vehicle after looking into why it would be telling me to push the clutch. I decided to check my battery connection which was a little loose, I tightened and the car started with no problems. I left it there overnight and returned the next day to bring the car home. I had no problems again, and it got me home, but tried to go to the store later and the problems really began to increase. Now it was saying press clutch, and the display on the radio screen was saying enter anti theft code.

I decided to tinker with the battery again and realized the battery was almost 4 years old so I replaced the battery right away, later that afternoon after replacing the battery the car started, displays were back t normal, nothing was wrong… for 2.5 seconds… then the car stalled, wipers started going psychotic, on front and back, anti-theft code needed, without touching anything. Then it was saying the anti-theft code invalid, try again in 30 minutes. It gave a park assist failure, please service park assist. The horn was honking, headlights flashing, the whole 9 yards of vehicle psychosis.

Eventually I decided I hadn't been recognized in the ministry to deal with demons and possession, so I towed the demonic car to the dealer which confirmed my suspicion of TIPM failure, after $1000 my possessed Demon should return to the normal unreliable Dodge it was before possession. I should've bought a Ford!!!!

- Amanda C., Okeechobee, FL, US

problem #11

May 062020


  • Automatic transmission
  • 124,000 miles

I've been trying to get this Journey in running order since June - this is October - and it's still running the battery down. I've had them put it on the machine four times. I've wore my arms out with lugging around a dang battery booster box. I've changed the battery 3 times and changed the alternator.

- Rita I., Sylvania, AL, US

problem #10

Jul 132017

Journey SE

  • Automatic transmission
  • 34,676 miles

We purchased a used 2012 in Oct 2016 BC and my husband drove it to Ontario.

Got in the car which was just serviced YESTERDAY and the car wouldn't start. Periodically, the car would take a few seconds longer to start or start on a the 2nd/3rd attempts. Had to get the battery jump started and its currently in the garage to find out the problem. From reading the complaints I'm concerned that changing the battery wont be a long term solution so I'm ready to change the car. There have been other issues which just tell me that something big is going to happen and I don't want to work out thousands for the same issues to happen sooner or later down the road. We also paid and extra $6k on the warranty but many common issues aren't covered.

- Kerrin D., Mississauga, ON, Canada

problem #9

Dec 162016

Journey Crew 3.2L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 37,000 miles

We have had to call AAA on three occasions now for the same problem. The first time they jumped it and it started up. This lasted for several months before it happened again. The second time after several attempts we finally had to buy a new battery. This third time it was charged and taken to the Chrysler garage in Portsmouth, Ohio to be checked out there. Incidentally, when we start it with the heat on the heated seat on the passenger side automatically was coming on. The garage has recommended that the light in the glove box be replaced, as they think this is the problem. We have had no other problems with the car except this. We have under 39000 miles and leased then purchased the vehicle. We are to pick up the car tomorrow and will go from there.

- Charles L., Wheelersburg, OH, US

problem #8

Nov 142016

Journey CVP 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 55,923 miles

Hi there, so a continuing problem with my journey not starting up. here is the scenario. I go outside (its cold outside) and hop in the car and push in the brake and hit my start button, nothing happens. I again hit the start button again and nothing, I try again and hit the start button and all of a sudden the car comes to life all the dings and lights and everything turn on all at once like it had to catch up to what I was doing. However it still hasn't started so i let go of the brake and hit it again and press start, it works. This issue is causing my car starter to fail starting the car and all around is really ticking me off.

I replaced the battery last year thinking it was the problem it wasn't and as soon as it gets cold again it does it again. I mean come on i live in Canada it gets cold a lot here. I also a car starter for a reason and I have to go fart around with this stupid car outside just to get it running what a POS and only the tip of the issues I've had.

- samoya, Calgary, AB, Canada

problem #7

Nov 172015


  • Automatic transmission
  • 34,871 miles

Purchased extended warranty but found out this problem wasn't covered, so i had to pay.

- mobrien, Belleview, FL, US

problem #6

Jan 192015

Journey SXT 3.6L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 55,000 miles

Bought this vehicle basically brand new. Purchased it in June, 2013, manufacturing date is October, 2011. Never had any regular problems besides recalls. By the way, anyone with the 3.6L Pentastar V6 better get your vehicle checked out. Recall is for cracked cylinder heads, which make your check engine light come and your performance suffers, but is almost undetectable until it actually cracks and a mechanic opens up your engine and finds it!

Anyway, I was wondering if I was the only 1 with this problem, and I see I am not. Same Sh##! -40 on the dash. All the lights came on when it did start, Traction Control, Brake, Airbags, Charging System Light, Battery, everything. It happened all of a sudden. Never any warning the battery was low. No lights left on. Cell phone charger cuts of when the car is off. Nothing. Had driven it all day. Went to pick my daughter up from hair apt at around 9pm, and boom! Turned it off as I was waiting for her to come out. Tried to start it up when she did abut 20 minutes later, 1 crank then nothing! DEAD!!!! AAA came out and jumped it, went back dead as soon as I took it outta PARK!! Jumped it again, cranked right up. Ran idle for 3 minutes then started to sputter like it was struggling, all those lights came on again. Hardly responded when I pushed the accelerator. Idling very rough, so I shut it off. Pushed the button again and this time it wouldn't even turn over!! Couldn't even lock the car with the key fob, until it sat for a while. Now here it is, 8am, went out at 7am to start the Journey, started up, then did the SAME SH##!!!! rough idle, all waning lights on, shut down after taken outta Park!!!! I don't know how much the dealership is gonna try and charge to fix this, but I say it should be nothing!!!

This seems to be a common problem and should be investigated and recalled. This is my 7th vehicle I have ever owned, and, because it sounds like it could be the alternator, has absolutely NO BUSINESS going out in a 3 year old vehicle!!!! I have replaced an alternator twice in my life, and both vehicles were well over 6 years old and had well over 100,000 miles!!!! People whom have gone through this with a 2011, 2012, 2013 Dodge Journey, or any Dodge Journey, please post to see what was wrong, how it was fixed and definitely, how much if anything. I still believe this should not be considered wear and tear or routine maintenance. Especially since there are no after market features or accessories added (TV/DVD, Radio with extra speakers, Amp, Remote Starter, etc.). Completely how it came from Dodge Assembly Line!!

- Andre G., Cicago, IL, US

problem #5

Dec 142014

Journey ES

  • Automatic transmission
  • 40,004 miles

I bought my Dodge Journey in 2012, never had a problem with it until a year ago when I noticed that when I turned it on, the radio tuner sometimes will work, sometimes doesn't. I read once, don't remember where, that in order to reboot the radio tuner ( let's say if you had the SUV on and driving or just parked but on ) and you tried to turn the radio tuner on and it didn't, only letting you use the cd player. So my fix that always always worked was to turn vehicle off, and open driver's door, close it back, and turn vehicle on, and radio tuner will work perfectly after that. It happened then more often and I said forget it.

On December 10 after a hip surgery had a follow up appointment, tried to turn SUV on and it didn't. I used a jump box, the car will click but won't start, without the jump box not even the light or switches turn on. So thought was the battery, took it in, they replace the battery, it worked fine for 2 weeks. Today tried to turn the SUV on, nothing.

I read in this sight a lot of different things that can be causing it, browsed a bit. After 2 hours when outside with jump box again even though the battery is new and put the jump box on, turn the on switch to acc like 5 times, after that locked the vehicle from the inside with FOB key. Unlocked it, Move the lever to Neutral and it Started. Turned it off and on just to confirmed like 3 times and everything fine.

This is soooooo Retarded, I can believe I have to do almost a ritual to turn this piece of crap on. I regret so much buying this piece of crap which still owe and has more than 36,000 and warranty expired. Should have bought a Toyota.

Let's see if tomorrow happens again.

- june828, Clarksville, TN, US

problem #4

Dec 232014


  • Automatic transmission
  • 37,282 miles

I'm never sure when my Dodge Journey is going to start. I've replaced the battery. Checked all the connections and all I get is a click. At times it works perfectly and then the next thing you know it will not turn over.

- Paul H., Lillooet, BC, canada

problem #3

Nov 082013

Journey SXT 3.2L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 35,000 miles

Sometimes the engine will not start. If sitting in car with engine off and leave windows down and listening to the radio. After a little while you go to crank the car and the car will not crank as if the battery is dead. Lately it is getting worse. I drove about 20 miles after I cranked the car and left home and stopped for a minute and exited the car. Was gone for about 5 minutes and returned to car and tried to crank the car and nothing. I had to get a boost. Then the engine light will stay on for about 3 days until it resets. If you take it to the auto shop, they only tell me that they can not get a reading unless the engine light is still on. I am tired of dealing with this.

- jacksonm, Powhatan, LA, US

problem #2

Oct 072013

Journey 3.6L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 18,668 miles

Had my journey for 15 months And in the past 3 weeks my car has failed to start 4 times. took to the dealer they can not find anything wrong with it. Battery is not dead and nothing should be draining it when it's of running . Getting very sick and tired of having to call someone or wait for my works maintenance to come Nd Jump my car. The hook the cables to it and within a minute my car wil start right up. Extremely ANNOYING

- laquee, Gloversville, NY, US

problem #1

Nov 202012

Journey Crew V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 23,500 miles

I've had my 2012 Journey Crew AWD for 1 month. Today I got in to take the kids to school, and go to work, and to my surprise, it wouldn't start. I was shocked and confused and thought what am I doing wrong. I'm new to having the push button start, so I thought that maybe there was something else I could do. I didn't figure it out, so thankfully we have a spare vehicle. I was in such shock when I got to work that I googled that my car wouldn't start. I found all of these complaints and it just makes me sick. I noticed some of the complainants said that if they waited for an hour or 2 it would start. My husband just got home from work (8 hours after my incident this morning), and it still won't start. He's had it connected to his car battery for over 20 minutes, and it still won't turn over. The lights and everything else seems to be fine though, so it seems to be the exact same problem that everyone else is having. It makes me sick. I'll keep checking out here for answers, so please post if you figure it out.

- Kaci N., South Wayne, WI, US