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In letters dated March 30, 2007, Ford Motor Company (Ford) and Mazda North american operations (Mazda) notified the Agency that they will conduct recalls 07V-156 and 07V-157, respectively, to remedy a safety defect that may result in fire in a wiring connector used in certain model year (MY) 2001-2004 Ford Escape and Mazda tribute vehicles equipped with ABS.the recall campaign prescribes an inspection of the subject components, which shall be repaired or replaced only if necessary.if the subject vehicle passes the visual inspection then the recall instructs the technician to apply electrical grease (Ford part number xg-12) to the ABS module connector and verify system date, approximately 388,500 subject vehicles (71.7% of the total recall population) have been serviced under the recall campaign, the vast majority of which (373,985) passed the visual inspection and received only the electrical grease applied to the ABS module connector. The Agency is aware of at least 86 unique subject vehicles that have reportedly experienced non-crash fire incidents originating in the engine compartment at or near the ABS control module some time after the vehicle was serviced under the subject recall.the manufacturer has provided some information that indicates certain vehicles were improperly serviced under the subject recall as evidenced by the factory wire tie-wrap not being removed from the wiring harness (which indicates a proper inspection could not have been performed) and by incorrect grease being applied, incorrect amounts of grease, and even instances where no grease was applied to the ABS module connector.also, there remain some questions regarding the severity of the reported fire incidents.the manufacturer contends that most reported fires were actually non-fire thermal events with damage limited to the subject components and that most vehicles are repaired and returned to service.however, the trend appears to be ongoing with 5 reported incidents having occurred in the past 6 months.accordingly, this recall query has been upgraded to an engineering analysis to further assess the effectiveness of the recall remedy.
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