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Crashes / Fires:
4 / 0
Injuries / Deaths:
3 / 0
Average Mileage:
47,322 miles

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problem #20

Aug 302016

Accord 6-cyl

  • 160,631 miles
The contact owns a 2009 Honda Accord. While driving 65 mph with the cruise control activated, the vehicle accelerated when the brake pedal was depressed. The contact had to place the gear into neutral and depress the brake pedal in order for the brakes to operate. In addition, while the vehicle was in park, the engine continue to accelerate. The contact had to turn the engine off twice in order to resume driving. The failure recurred twice. The vehicle was not diagnosed nor repaired. The manufacturer was not notified of the failure. The failure mileage was 160,631. Updated 10/21/16

- Chesnut, MI, USA

problem #19

Dec 032015


  • 70,000 miles
Vehicle in motion turning right into parking space. Brakes applied, vehicle accelerated into brick post causing significant damage to front end of vehicle and post. Second incident vehicle in motion turning right into parking space. Brakes applied, vehicle accelerated into grassy strip. Vehicle difficult to bring to stop.

- Amherst, NY, USA

problem #18

Mar 252016


  • 95,000 miles
Friday, March 25th I accelerated quickly into a left turn from a dead stop at church street and rt 20 in northborough, MA and the accelerator stuck in the full throttle position. I took my foot off the throttle and applied breaks heavily but the engine continued to rev, I reached down to turn the key and kill the engine but before I was able to do that there was a large clunking noise and the throttle released to idle. A similar issue happened today as I entered the highway (190 South) at the 140 South intersection. The highway entrance and both lanes were empty so I stomped on the accelerator to see if Friday's issue was a fluke - the throttle stuck again. I tapped the breaks but nothing happened. This time I was able to watch the tachometer rev up to 5,000 rpms and it released on its own. In both situations the cruise control button was on but not engaged.

- Northborough, MA, USA

problem #17

Feb 252016


  • 37,000 miles
The contact owns a 2009 Honda Accord. While driving approximately 60 mph, the vehicle independently accelerated above 100 mph for two miles or longer. The contact applied both feet on the brake pedal. The vehicle shook aggressively and continued to increase in speed. The contact was alone on the road and noticed that the brake pedal went to the floor but did not slow down the vehicle. The contact was able to change gears to neutral. The vehicle made a loud abnormal noise and was able to gradually decelerate. The vehicle was not repaired. The manufacturer was notified of the failure. The VIN was unknown. The approximate failure mileage was 37,000.

- Puyallup, WA, USA

problem #16

Nov 052015


  • 150,000 miles
I was the driver, enclosed is the passenger eye witness account.sudden uncommanded acceleration incident VIN 1hgcs 12869A011349 Nov. 5, 2015 us rt 12 just North of Illinois / Wisconsin border. Northbound lanes enroute to lake geneva. November 5 20115 9:15 a.M. weather clear and dry. Cruise control is not on or engaged. Normal driving until we make a lane change and driver says, 'the car is taking off on me.' I look over at the steering wheel assuming she means we are sliding. She then tells me she can't stop the car. At this point I realize we are accelerating (estimating speed 80 mph). I look at the floor to see where denise's feet are placed. Both feet are on the brake pedal and she is nearly out of her seat from pressing hard. Both of her hands are on the steering wheel. She directs me to place the car in neutral. I comply but do not sense any affect. Driver tells me there was no change and we are not decelerating. In fact the car continues to accelerate. I direct her to aim the car for the right shoulder and I would turn the ignition off. We successfully exit the roadway and come to a stop. The brakes are severely overheated and the engine is emitting strong odor of hot metal. We sit for two minutes or more attempting to make sense of what just happened. I try an engine start and engine immediately goes to red line RPM. I immediately shut down engine.

- West Dubdee, IL, USA

problem #15

Oct 152014


  • 19,500 miles
On two occasions in the last six months, my 2009 Honda Accord experienced what I would describe as unintended acceleration while operating the vehicle at a low speed (first time turning on to a road; second time accelerating while attempting to park the vehicle). The engine surged with power and nearly redlined the tachometer. Each case I shifted to neutral to disable the drive train and then shut down the car; waited five minutes and restarted the car. I scanned the ntsb data base to look for similar reporting but found none. I bought this car used, in 2014, from a Honda dealership, with only 15440 miles on it. I drove it without incident for at least nine months. I now have about 25500 miles on it. I also own an older Accord and consider their vehicles to be quality products. I am not treating this as a complaint as much as I am trying to determine if similar incidents have occurred. Unlike the recent Toyota issues of floor mats inducing acceleration, the mat I used is secured to the floor of the car and does not come within three inches behind and below the vehicle's acceleration pedal. Of note, this model variant is powered by a 4-cylinder engine. Given the infrequency of this; I am wondering if this is a software glitch in the vehicle's computer command module.

- Springfield, VA, USA

problem #14

Feb 012013

Accord 6-cyl

  • 55,000 miles
I have had my Honda Accord 2009 V6 serviced for constant spark plug fouling and oil consumption. After a total of 10 visits, and over 40 days without my car over the course of 3 years, I had received a total of 3 spark plug sets, two oil consumption tests, lost two catalytic converters, and O2 sensors. Even with this constant spark plug replacement, it did not alleviate any issues. I kept breaking down on the side of the road with a rumbling, misfiring engine. After numerous trips to Honda, they refused to acknowledge the problem. After speaking to a district rep and being referred to paragon Honda in woodside, NY, they had agreed to replace my engine. They have now had it for two months. After receiving a new engine, I instantly received check engine lights stating the car was running too lean. After returning it for another week, I received it back, but this time, it would literally choke out and stall at every other red light. I returned to Honda with a check engine light for too rich and a car that would not make it more then a few miles if stop signs were involved. It has now been there for two weeks, on top of the two months. Plus the 40 days, that's a total of 4 lost months. I had to fight this weekend for a loaner car, which for them, seemed like a very difficult thing to do. Honestly, I don't know how the NHTSA has allowed Honda to keep their oil consuming dangerous cars on the road, I have broke down in the left lane of a 4 lane highway, and I know this should not be happening. I am a meticulous person, who constantly checks his own oil, plugs, filters, etc.... I monitor my O2 sensors for bad fuel trims constantly, and I have never been nothing but disappointed with this hunk of junk. I've filed consumer complaints, Honda complaints, to no regard.

- Brooklyn, NY, USA

problem #13

Jul 252014

Accord 4-cyl

  • 65,000 miles
On a drive last Friday week (7/25/2014) from Chicago to Oklahoma city, I experienced a very frightening scenario. About 2 miles out from St louis with the cruise control on and the car at 65 miles/hr in the middle lane of traffic, I applied the brake to slow down. To my horror applying the brake did not slow the car down & the car continued to want to stay at the original speed. After pressing down harder on the brake pedal my next instinct was to put the car in neutral ' which while slowing the car down somewhat then resulted in the engine revs going to somewhere around 6000rpm & risingand so obviously not a good solution. I then put the car back into drive & tried further very heavy pressure to the brakes at the same time as pressing the cancel button on the steering wheel. Eventually ' with both feet now on the break pedal pressing with as much force as I could - I was able to slow the car down enough to change lanes & move to the side of the road - where the engine still wanted to rev uncontrollably but this could be fixed by turning off the ignition switch. After some minutes had elapsed I had enough confidence to turn the car back on and ' as everything else appeared to be normal ' proceed slowly ' taking care not to engage the cruise control. A few miles later the car still seemed to be performing normally otherwise and so we decided to continue on our journey. The car was then turned into the Honda dealer to fix the issue. His diagnosis was that the brake switch had failed. This was replaced - but when I finally had enough confidence to test the cruise control out on an open stretch of road on the return journey to Chicago, it was no longer functional - so until I resubmit the car to a local dealer (which I will do in the next couple of days) I am unsure if this was the only issue with the cruise control that had gone wrong.

- Naperville, IL, USA

problem #12

Mar 172014

Accord 4-cyl

  • 7,000 miles
While pulling into parking space, with foot on the brake pedal, the vehicle violently lunged forward into a block wall. The driver was unable to stop the vehicle by applying the brakes. The driver was hospitalized for 2 days.

- Danville, CA, USA

problem #11

Dec 212013

Accord 4-cyl

  • 87,686 miles
Started from stop at light intersection and accelerated while making a left turn. After letting off accelerator and now going straight, found car was still accelerating at full throttle. Began heavily stepping on brake with continued unintended acceleration continuing. Shifted from drive to neutral and RPM meter showed engine revving toward 7000 RPM and decided to go back to drive gear to avoid causing engine damage while still heavily stepping on brake. Unintended acceleration continued in drive gear and after several more seconds, I turned the ignition off while in drive gear. Engine successfully shut off and I continued to keep foot on brake and steering the car to a parking lot. After car came to a stop in parking lot, put the gear back to park mode and proceeded to start the car ignition (I have not touched the accelerator pedal at all since realizing the unintended acceleration had occurred). Car started as normal with normal idle speed in park. Drove the car to dealer and had dealer check for codes and take it for a test drive. Nothing abnormal was found during code reading and test drive. Dealer said that driver side rug could have caused accelerator to stick but this is not likely cause (in my opinion) because the accelerator pedal should then have still been stuck when I re-started the car in the parking lot.

- Brookfield, WI, USA

problem #10

Sep 132013

Accord 4-cyl

  • 36,750 miles
I have 2009 Honda Accord I purchased from bayridge Honda 23089 miles at 2011. Today 36700 miles. When I was driving brooklyn queens expressway two weeks ago vsa and engine light is on. And feeling engine is vibrating& uncontrolled brake distance, two weeks ago I visit my car dealer; there is vsa & engine light on when my car 36500 miles. Bayridge Honda service checked there is no mistake in the car. When I back my car engine light is off everything looking smooth. (charged 105.00$)following weekend short trip Connecticut- new haven (180 miles) and I returned as some problem engine is irregular working or stalling when is working. I called american Honda before serviced my car.just suggest serviced your car. First vsa following engines light and uncontrolled loose brake condition is came when engine not take gas irregular. Engine vibration and shut off engine.my personal auto technician test driven car with me, he diagnosed some problem. Something is running wrongly. Please be advice this unsafely condition where complaint this situations. I will be international trip September 20 to October 1 out of usa, car is parking not driving for unsafely condition. Sincerely

- Brooklyn, NY, USA

problem #9

Aug 032013


  • 37,000 miles
The contact owns a 2009 Honda Accord. The contact stated while driving 45 mph, the vehicle failed to accelerate with the illumination of the check engine light. The vehicle was not repaired and the manufacturer was notified. The VIN was not available. The approximate failure mileage was 37,000.

- South Ben, IN, USA

problem #8

Jun 252013

Accord 4-cyl

  • 24,500 miles
Upon exiting driveway and traveling about 50 feet, auto accelerated as if the gas pedal had been driven to the floor. Driver swerved off the roadway into a tree about ten feet from the roadway. Airbag was deployed. No skid marks on roadway.

- Silver Spring, MD, USA

problem #7

Jun 132012

Accord 6-cyl

  • 46,000 miles
Sitting at red light waiting for turn signal, car begins to rough idle. Upon turn and acceleration, car spits, sputters, jerks, jolts and would not accel properly. Engine light begins blinking. Motor runs/idles very rough. Next morning on drive in to local dealership, vsa light illuminates and stays illuminated. Car still idles and runs very rough, spitting and sputtering etc. Dealership inspects car. Dealership determines the mount of oil in the car is too low. No evidence of oil leaks. Dealership consults with Honda. Oil consumption test is now recommended. I am to return the car to the Honda dealership to check the oil level at 1,000 miles intervals for an unspecified period of time. This consumption will be forwarded to Honda to determine what "fix" will be recommended. Internet search provides endless identical complaints with no resolution from Honda or dealerships.

- Chesnee, SC, USA

problem #6

Jun 022012


  • 45,056 miles
I was stopped on side residential street preparing to turn right onto major thoroughfare. Started to turn right and car shot forward as if the car was possessed-- straight ahead and then veering left. Took foot off gas but still continued at high speed. I struggled with steering, which seemed to be more stiff and not responsive, fearing I would crash first into the stores, trees, light poles directly in front, then as I went with the direction it seemed to be pulling, and veering back left then right, pulled it back to the right enough to get into right curbside lane. I don't think the brakes responded either. Finally somehow controlled it enough to pull into gas station, where I parked but did not turn off the motor. I was afraid to move it any more. Called aaa and Honda to report and ask what to do. I was so lucky that for once traffic was light and no one got hurt. I was surprised that I had no police coming after me or some driver who would have been curious as to why I seemed to be driving erratically and screaming through the intersection at such high speed. Floor mats were not touching the pedal. Curious side note: After I made two calls to aaa and Honda, the phone would no longer respond. Doing the diagnostics, it said it had full five bars of strength but kept getting "call failed" when I tried to call them back to check tow truck progress. The history of those two calls also seemed to have been wiped off my phone. Tow truck could not call me back and got report that my phone was "busy". finally while we were waiting for tow truck, my husband took out the battery completely, reinserted and it reprogrammed itself. Question: Is it a car defect or did it have something to do with the nearby high tension lines and the phone cell tower across the street" how do I know it won't happen again" thank god that it did not happen in rush hour traffic.

- Miami, FL, USA

problem #5

Jul 092009


  • 1,200 miles
I own a 2009 Honda Accord ex-L. I am having problems with the engine not accelerating when needed to in emergency. I have come close to accidents twice so far on the highway since the car would not give me pick up when I needed to steer clear of trucks and cars. I have complained to two dealers, one in New Jersey and the other in mass. Both dealers told me that the car is fine when it isn't. at full throttle going from 1000rpm upto 6000rpm there is no pick up what so ever. It is the same as going normal speed and pick up. This is a family car and I drive with my two kids in there less then 5 yrs of age. I've had this issue since I purchased the car and it was my mistake that I did not test drive it prior to purchase. I've owned several Honda Accord since 96 and none of them have had this serious dangerous problem. Please look into this issue. I am stuck with an expensive lemon.

- Dedham, MA, USA

problem #4

Oct 062009

Accord 4-cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 264 miles
The contact owns a 2009 Honda Accord. The contact started the ignition, and the gear shifter was placed into the "reverse" position. The vehicle began to accelerate at the speed of 5 mph. The driver applied pressure to brake pedal to slow the vehicle down. The vehicle was taken to an authorized dealer for inspection. The failure occurred whenever shifting into drive or reverse positions. The technician stated that the vehicle was operating properly. The failure mileage was 264. Updated 5/20/2010 updated 05/14/10.

- Buffalo, NY, USA

problem #3

Feb 032010


  • miles
The contact owns a 2009 Honda Accord. The contact started the ignition and the vehicle failed to start until the steering wheel was in a tilted position. Suddenly, the "danger" warning light indicator illuminated on the instrument panel, followed by an unintended acceleration. The contact was able to stop the vehicle. The contact is in the process of notifying the authorized dealer of the malfunction. The VIN was unavailable.

- Mesa, AZ, USA

problem #2

Dec 292009


  • 8,845 miles
While driving at 30 mph, vehicle suddenly accelerated to a high rate of speed. Difficulty stopping the car. It was necessary to place in neutral and turn engine off. Honda dealership checked vehicle and could not provide an explanation for this problem. Fearful of this occurring again.

- Brandon, MS, USA

problem #1

Dec 212009


  • miles
2009 Honda Accord was in reverse and pulling out of driveway. Accelerator was "stuck" and speed increased while taking foot "off" accelerator.

- Charleston, SC, USA