pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
37,350 miles
Total Complaints:
69 complaints

Most common solutions:

  1. not sure (30 reports)
  2. replace compressor (22 reports)
  3. replace condenser (9 reports)
  4. A/C evac, recharge, replace line (6 reports)
  5. the compressor was replaced under warranty and now is cold (1 reports)
  6. will need to spend over $1800 to fix problem (1 reports)
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problem #69

Jun 262020

Civic LX

  • Automatic transmission
  • 50,000 miles

My AC needs to be replaced at 50,000 miles and I want to scream. I've had nothing but issues with this car.

- leahcolley, McCleary, US

problem #68

Sep 012019

Civic EX-T

  • CVT transmission
  • 45,000 miles

I have a 2016 Honda Civic, at approximately 45K and 3 years old, ac started failing. At the time, I thought it was not as cold as previous year due to extra high summer temps. Nope. This year I have NO AC in my Honda Civic. At 45K and just 3 years old. And Honda knew about these issues and did nothing to correct them. I am not a happy camper, and after 3 Honda's purchased myself, and 3 others by family members, it appears this will be the last. Not just because of AC issue they are not standing behind, but because of treatment by Honda Automotive Representative.

I received letter from Honda Corp about extended warranty on ac condenser (due to pending suit/complaint?)

I scheduled appointment and had taken my car to Local Honda dealership to have covered condenser repair. Service manager claims not condenser, states compressor needs to be replaced, which of course is not covered, at a cost of $1300. Independent licensed mechanic states compressor failure can be due to 'over working' b/c of condenser failure/letting debris through?

I called Honda automotive on 5/19/2020 @ 9:15 am, spoke to service agent, Advised female service rep of letter and reason for call.

After giving my name and car info, service rep proceeded to read extended a/c warranty letter to me, verbatim to letter I had in hand from Honda corp. I explained to agent third party licensed mechanic statement, Honda service rep CUT ME OFF mid sentence, stating it did not matter what 3rd party mechanic stated, Honda did not honor independent diagnosis, diagnosis must be made by HONDA service center alone. The agent just sharply proceeded to re-read extended warranty letter aloud to me, advised me that nothing can be done, the compressor is NOT covered. What else could she help with? I received no, 'I apologize for your inconvenience, ....Let me check into this further, ....I see you are a valued repeat customer, this is your 3rd Honda purchase, let me see how I can help, ...I Just got "nothing can be done." Really? This Honda now has 50k miles and is 4 years old, serviced regularly, mostly garage kept, not always. With no AC.

- Tammy M., Bristol, TN, US

problem #67

May 012020

Civic EX

  • Automatic transmission
  • 70,000 miles

Blowing hot air on the drivers side and cooler on the passenger. Like everyone else. I called Honda and was told even under warranty the cost to look at it was $130-150.00 and if ONLY the condenser is the issue they will replace the condenser but not the labor or any parts needed when replacing the compressor.

- Tiffany J., Tucson, AZ, US

problem #66

Aug 022019


  • Automatic transmission
  • 33,000 miles

Same problem here with A/C not working. Only has 33,000 miles. Had the dealer diagnose the problem and paid $548! They won't honor the extended warranty Honda offered due to "road hazard". Called Honda America to complain and now I have a case #. The problem is every time I call and try to speak with the case manager, he's not available! Obviously avoiding the complain? Honda definitely knows the problem and still they won't issue a recall? There should be a lawsuit on this!

Update from Oct 18, 2019: Finally spoke with the Honda case manager SAL and he basically said there is nothing they can do. A condenser leak due to rock damage is not covered by their extended warranty. They refuse to accept that it is a defective AC system.

Note that Honda paid $38M to settle suits for AC malfunction back in 2012 for 2005-2007 Honda Odyssey, 2002-2004 Honda CRV and 2004 Acura TSX.

A class action lawsuit can be filed if there are more consumers who will complain about 2015-2019 Honda Civics. Check link below:


- Maria V., South San Francisco, US

problem #65

Feb 012019

Civic LX

  • Automatic transmission
  • 23,000 miles

Had the condenser replaced under warranty ac was cooling then ac was releasing a odor took the car to dealer and they replaced the fluid it was low. Again ac releasing hot air no more warranty on car. I am very frustrated I have less than 30000 and have this car for 3 years and 5 months.

- Kris F., Montebello, US

problem #64

Jul 012019

Civic Touring

  • Automatic transmission
  • 22,000 miles

I am completely devastated. I took my car to the dealer today because the air conditioning hasn't been properly working for a couple of months. They are telling me I need a new compressor and it will be $1800 to fix. My car is practically new. It only has 22,000 miles. I am so upset and Honda is making it seem like they cannot do anything for me. Why would the compressor be leaking in a car that is barely 3 years old?!?!

- Makenzie T., Columbus, OH, US

problem #63

Mar 052018

Civic LX

  • Automatic transmission
  • 19,800 miles

Monday will be the 4th time I will be at the dealer with the same problem of warm air blowing. I even switched dealers in hopes of resolving the problem. The 3rd time the new dealer changed out the lines, worked a short time. There is a govt website to file a complaint. If you scroll down look for complaints, problems with the a/c is listed under other. I live in Florida, driving without a/c is horrible. I am so done with this car. I have been told corporate knows of the problem. Mind you it takes 3.5 hrs to run a diagnostic. Other dealer did the test and only put more freon in. Here is the website: https://www.nhtsa.gov/vehicle/2016/HONDA/CIVIC.

- Kathleen R., Winter Springs, FL, United States

problem #62

Jul 302019

Civic EX-T 1.5L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 49,500 miles

This is the second time the A/C compressor went out. Brought it to the dealer to diagnose the issue, and it came back as the compressor again. I was able to do a 60/40 split with Honda, and this time they put in the A03 compressor. I wouldn't be surprised if the A/C goes out again, so we will see.

- Drew D., Campbell, CA, US

problem #61

Jul 272019

Civic EX-L 1.5L Turbo

  • CVT transmission
  • 35,070 miles

This is the second time my A/C went out. It will work on the passenger side decently but not the driver's side. This happened a year ago and they replaced my air compressor. This time, they did an "evacuate and recharge with dye (to detect leaks, if any) and two schrader valves". Very frustrated and annoyed that this is going to keep being an issue.

- Shawn H., La Mirada, US

problem #60

Jul 272019

Civic Touring 1.5L 4-cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 28,500 miles

Add me to the list of complaints about the air conditioning system for by 2016 Civic. My car is at 28,500 miles, well under the 36,000 milage warranty and 10 days beyond the 3 year warranty. Yet, calling various dealerships, they would not "give me a break." Apparently there are many similar complaints with this particular year/model. Honda Motors is well aware of the problem but has not taken responsibility and has not issued a recall. I am $1,800 in the hole. My mechanic recommended that I write a letter to Honda Motors to file a complaint. Apparently, if there are enough of us, there's a chance they will take responsibility.

- M F., Rosemead, CA, US

problem #59

May 162019

Civic EX-T 1.5L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 36,800 miles

I bought a 2016 Honda civic in May 2016, exactly close to end of warranty i.e. 3 years and 1 month, the car AC started blowing out hot air. Honda of America knows about this issue and they have not made any recalls on this issue. They suggested me to take the car to a local dealer, and the dealer charges about $1500 to fix the issue. Why do I have to pay $1500 for a problem which Honda cars have out of factory. It should be on them. Very frustrated with Honda. Will never buy one in future,

- winzhack999, Los Angeles, US

problem #58

Apr 022018

Civic EX

  • Automatic transmission
  • 19,000 miles

They replaced the compressor and added refrigerant in April 2018. In June 2019 put the air conditioner on for the first time this season, no cold air. They only temporarily fixed the problem. Now I'm hearing there are a lot of defective condensers. The dealer said they are waiting for a recall. They should have replaced my condenser last year.

- Judith W., Commack, US

problem #57

May 012019

Civic LX 2.0L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 30,000 miles

Air conditioning stopped working last when I was out of warranty. My warranty expired dec 2018 and I started noticing issues in May when I had to start using the ac since I’m in Chicago. After looking online I decided to wait to take it in since it was out of warranty, it was cooling off, and maybe Honda would decide to recognize the issues. Learned that the compressor will have to be replaced along with clutch and it is back ordered. It is back ordered since all Honda Civic customers are having the same issues and no recalls. I am planning on filing a lawsuit if they don’t fix my car. I don't buy Hondas to experience problems like this. My prior civic never had mechanical problems I expect better. I'm going to be calling American Honda Motors to file a complaint. I will be posting my experience to prevent others from purchasing this vehicle. Never will I buy another Honda car.

- Sandy O., Cicero, US

problem #56

Jun 012019

Civic LX 4 cyl

  • CVT transmission
  • 22,000 miles

An otherwise magnificently designed vehicle. the AC unit on this model almost makes it a completely regrettable purchase. We purchased the car early 2019 so checking the AC wasn't on our list of obvious things to look over. Big mistake. Once we actually needed the AC, the problem was immediately oblivious. Just got the call back from our highly reputable local mechanic shop. They explained that the AC fix would be $1700 and required a complete system replacement.

Here's the kicker. The parts are magically on "unknown fulfillment back-order" due to EXTREMELY HIGH demand for it. So they couldn't fix it if they wanted to. And Honda told them it's out of warranty after they gave them our VIN number. They fully suspect a recall is being prepared.

DO NOT PURCHASE this vehicle until that recall is activated. And it's a shame, because this is easily one of the best cars we've ever owned.

- Bob W., Topeka, KS, US

problem #55

Jun 152019

Civic EX

  • Automatic transmission
  • 44,000 miles

A/C only works when the temp outside is under 75 degrees. Won't cool down enough when the weather outside is warmer than 75 degrees. From what I read on the internet is that this is a common problem with the 2016 Civic. They say that coolant needs to be added around the 3 year because the coolant is constantly leaking out. My prior Honda was a 2005 Accord that I bought new and had for 11 years. My A/C with that car never needed coolant added.

Update from Oct 24, 2019: Found out that the problem is that the A/C compressor is leaking and needs to be replaced. This should not happen to a car under 3 years old at 44,000 miles. Honda will not extend the warranty.

- Rob N., Sierra Madre, US

problem #54

Jul 282019

Civic EX-T 1.5L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 44,117 miles

I've been a Honda owner since 30 years and I'm starting to think switching company more and more. My 2016 Civic has yet and another problem with the air conditioning. And it started only after 29 months of use of my vehicle and 71 000km of use. My dealer told me the compressor is the problem and also the condenser. But only the first one is covered under the NEW 10 years warranty by Honda Canada. They extended the 3 years to 10 years this summer but for the compressor only... This part cost around $1500.00. I'm negotiating with my dealer and Honda Canada at this points and hoping for the best for me. But this is probably my last Honda because this problem along with the recurrent one for the radio is very annoying and has drained all my love for Honda. For your information I've had also air conditioning problem with all of my Honda but always after 4-5 years of use, not 29 months.

- Gaétan B., Trois Rivieres, quebec, canada

problem #53

Jun 012019

Civic Touring 1.5t

  • CVT transmission
  • 65,000 miles

At the start of the summer, I started noticing that sometimes when the car is idling or traveling slowly for long periods of time(rush hour traffic), the A/C will stop blowing cold air and blow pretty warm air. There's also a distinct smell that comes from the A/C when this happens. The A/C will continue to blow warm for several minutes or until I start traveling at a higher speed, then the A/C will go back to cold. I have also gotten it to blow cold air again by shutting off the A/C when it starts struggling, and then turning it back on a minute later, which usually resolves the issue.

I took it into the dealer recently, and they told me the refrigerant levels are fine and they didn't see any issues with it, but yet the issue persists. It doesn't seem like I am having an issue with refrigerant leaking, but the A/C system is not working as it should. I hope Honda addresses this issue with a recall, as they should. This is my first Honda and may be my last if this goes unresolved. Never owned a Toyota with this issue, and I live in AZ where A/C is an absolute must.

- zsimpson09, Gilbert, US

problem #52

May 012019

Civic LX 2.0L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 46,000 miles

2016 Civic AC has been blowing warm out of the passenger vents for some time now. Bought from Ray Price Honda Stroudsburg PA. Loan financed by Honda financial. Honda said I am out of the CPO warranty period. Said go to the dealer and pay for a diagnostic which I was told by the dealer that they don't give any estimates on diagnosis. They eventually said it will be $300+ just for the diag. I was given a case number but not any assurance that anything will be covered. I don't know if I will do the drag considering the posts on here don't say that it was covered and the prices for the compressor are really expensive.

This sucks and I wish I knew this before I bought a Honda. Their attitude and level of concern about this or me in general is disappointing. Seems like they are annoyed and just want me to go away.

Customer service for my toilet paper holder was better...

- Jarett S., Scranton, PA, US

problem #51

Aug 042019

Civic EX-L 1.5L 4-cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 40,000 miles

I have a problem with the AC compressor and the solution to the problem. Honda however for some reason does not have the part available (Compressor Clutch) to fix my car. So at the moment for a week or so maybe longer since there's no ETA on the back order of the part, I'm either forced to drive around 110F+ weather without AC or pay $200 per week for rental. This should be a recall, no compressor system should fail catastrophically this early, hence why maybe there aren't enough parts to fix all the problems.

- Pye Pye W., Phoenix, US

problem #50

Jul 142019

Civic EX 2.0L

  • CVT transmission
  • 51,000 miles

ac not working!!!!!!!!!!!! tried closing off door side vents to get cooler air! but nothing! ac not working! 90 degrees outside 90 degrees inside? now I'm hearing 850 to recharge system! or is there a fix? yes or no !!!!!...time to sell?

- Eddie L., Enfield, CT, US

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