pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
108,450 miles
Total Complaints:
23 complaints

Most common solutions:

  1. replace engine (19 reports)
  2. not sure (4 reports)
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problem #23

Jul 262019

Sonata GLS 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 138,000 miles

Bought my car with 19,000 miles on it, a returned leased vehicle. Have maintained and serviced the vehicle and loved it, so dependable until all the sudden a clicking in the top part of the engine started and I could only run around 40 miles an hour to get home or it got louder. The engine light was not on yet but came on later. I Was told it might be the timing sensors, and the auto store put an computer on my car and it read out CAMSHAFT & TIMING. I took it to a mechanic shop and they said it was the engine blown. Not repairing for $4,400 with 139,000 miles but was hoping it would last as most foreign cars to at least 200,000 miles. Without it being able to repair the engine without replacing with a salvage motor, I won't purchase another.

- Karen L., Kansas City, MO, US

problem #22

Mar 222019

Sonata GLS 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 108,000 miles

I am original owner. Took good care of the car. Love Hyundai's and their warranty. Never expected engine to blow at only 108000 miles! Once you start to hear a rattle, better be ready to shell out $5-$6000 or start car shopping! Was expecting to get a few more years and 30000 more miles. Very disappointing because the rest of the car was in good shape.

The scary part of the whole ordeal was that when the engine blew, it started a fire in the engine compartment! Luckily it didn't spread and the fire dept was able to put it out.

Think twice about buying a used Sonata that isn't under a power train warranty. Once you know something doesn't sound right, it may be too late!

- papagoose, Cleveland, US

problem #21

Sep 022018

Sonata ES

  • Automatic transmission
  • 78,000 miles

We purchased this car used with 45,000 miles on the car. The car was babied and received regular oil changes and maintenance. However; within 2 years and the car only had less than 78,000 miles, the timing belt came off of the engine while driving down the road at 60 miles per hour. All compression was lost and the car was towed from the side of the road. I took the car to a repair shop and they informed me that the rods were bent in the engine and it was going to cost around $5,000 to fix the car, which is almost more than the car is worth.

I called Hyundai and was told that the warranty is only for the first owner and that I was basically on my own...... I had been a Hyundai fan after first buying the car until the engine blew with no warning! I will now never own another Hyundai since they appear to be disposable cars.

I have since purchased a new Nissan (as I said before, I will never own another Hyundai) and so far am happy with my purchase.

Please save yourself some trouble and money, buy a different brand of car....

- ks363308ks, Chillicothe, US

problem #20

Sep 152018

Sonata GLS 3.6L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 104,000 miles

While driving to work one night, I heard something knock against the engine. While driving back home I kept hearing it, so I had pulled over on the side of the expressway to take a look at it. At first it seemed fine to drive back home and drive to the mechanic to drop it off. However as I woke up to drive to the mechanic to drop it off, I accelerated all of a sudden the engine stopped working and light smoke was coming out from the hood and I had pulled it over near the stoplight to wait for a tow truck to tow it to the mechanic. If the NTSB and Hyundai could investigate this it would be really great, since I am sure I am not the only one with the problem and this would keep any fatal accidents from happening.

- Kevin K., Deer Park, NY, US

problem #19

Jun 292018

Sonata SE 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 121,000 miles

While driving down the highway doing 70 mph a small pinging noise got louder and louder and faster, the car stopped accelerating. I immediately pulled over to the shoulder of the road and the engine stopped running. I had the car towed to a mechanic shop. He diagnosed a thrown rod. The repair cost estimate for a replacement engine with 165,000 miles on it and labor 23 hours, $3300.00.

This 2007 Sonata had no history of engine problems, no warning and no service engine light came on in advance. The oil was changed regularly and was changed 4 weeks before this happened. The car only has 121,000 miles.

I purchased this car brand new in 2007 and kept it maintained and low miles, averaged 11,000 miles a year. I planned on keeping this car indefinitely. I am unemployed and cannot get a car loan or afford a used car.

My other option is to scrap the car for $175.00 but the 30 mile tow will eliminate that money. I was going to buy another Hyundai because it was a great car but after reading all these complaints I will buy a Toyota.

- Catherine C., Saint Charles, US

problem #18

Jan 192018

Sonata GLS 2.4L V4

  • Automatic transmission
  • 127,000 miles

Only owner, always babied my 2007 Sonata. Planned on keeping it for another 3-4 years and trading it in for another Sonata. Not Anymore.

Driving down the freeway in rush hour traffic, I noticed whenever I tapped my gas I suddenly got a loud metallic knocking noise. I happened to be right near my mechanic and stopped in. At first it was thought to be the timing chain ratting around on the pulley, but was then discovered to be a crank shaft/ball bearing issue when the oil pan was dropped and metal bits were discovered. My engine has been declared dead and unsafe to drive. It had an oil change only 1 week prior and was perfectly fine. There was no engine warning light, and there was no loss of oil. It sits in my driveway awaiting to be used as evidence, along with my long list of records showing how well I cared for my vehicle.

I am in the process of attempting to start a class action lawsuit regarding this issue. It seems like it may be a simple one to win for the right lawyer, as the Theta 2 engine probably used the same process as the Theta 1, and Hyundai lost that one.

- Cheeze W., Tampa, FL, US

problem #17

Dec 262016

Sonata EX V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 80,234 miles

It really makes me sad to add my 2007 Sonata, with barely 80,000 miles, and a history of great care and fresh oil to the catastrophic engine failure list. I've read that the car is a good bet as a used car. However, my (may I repeat well cared for) car gave up the ghost the day after Christmas. I cranked it and the engine clacked and clattered like crazy. My mechanic told me that the oil isn't getting into the top half of the engine, and he said he researched it and this exact car apparently has had similar complaints, all resulting in engine replacement or junking the car. Four thousand five hundred dollar estimate. However no recall from Hyundai.

I'd like to add that in the last year, the following have failed: air bag, driver side visor, front passenger window motor, driver side door handle, and factory Infinity CD player. Honestly, I love the idea of Korean cars competing, but this car has been a major disappointment, and has ended in a catastrophic failure, apparently not uncommon, at eighty thousand miles. And no, I can't get help under the warranty because I bought second hand. I really wanted to believe in this car, and enjoy it for another fifty thousand miles or so. Proceed with caution if you are interested in Hyundai.

- Sherry J., Tallahassee, FL, US

problem #16

Aug 082016

Sonata GLS 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 120,000 miles

Same as many others and as the 2011-12 engine recall: Sound coming from the engine that quickly turned into the engine seizing. The oil was replaced ~every 3000 miles. Never ran with very low oil. Started making noise, the mechanic could not determine what it was and told me to keep driving it after replacing the oil. They thought a valve was not getting oil and it needed to run to get better. Lost a car and a mechanic.

- Jorge F., Portland, OR, US

problem #15

Jun 232016

Sonata G 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 77,000 miles

engine failure of 4 cylinder engine with 77000 miles.

- Kevin J. M., Pittsburgh, PA, US

problem #14

Jun 182016

Sonata GLS 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 116,000 miles

We bought this car new in 2007 and for the most part this has been a really good car. We had a few tire pressure sensor issues that were eventually solved and replaced by Hyundai in 2008. Since then this car has been serviced regularly, and was in very good condition inside and out. My daughter was driving this car in a 45mph zone when the engine started making a tremendous noise. A mechanic said there is a loud noise in the crank shaft and in one of the cylinders. The only repair is a complete engine replacement. We were told that Hyundai has an existing recall on 2011-2014 Sonata's for similar engine issues. There is nothing heard yet on 2007 models. We are waiting on a final decision as to what Hyundai will offer to do for us. So the answer is nothing. They are looking at the engine this week.


- Brian M., Matthews, NC, US

problem #13

Nov 112014

Sonata GLS 3.2L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 92,000 miles

Purchased vehicle with 20K miles in March of 2010. Drove fine, never had any issues except for the brake light sensor recall issue that the dealership fixed with no problems. Fast forward to Dec 22nd 2013-- my birthday. Vehicle had about 89,000 Miles on it by this time. Driving out of town, started hearing a strange noise. Pulled over checked all fluids everything was fine . Noise grew louder. Got to destination and let the car rest. Waited until the next and get about 30 miles from home... Here a boom and engine looses power on highway. Luckily we were in slow lane and were able to cruise to the shoulder. Rod had went clear through the block . No indications before that day of anything being wrong. Get car repaired with used engine 4K later, back on the road.. Fast forward to Nov 2014, less than eight months after repair.... no indication whatsoever that anything was wrong, happens again. What the hell!!!??? Car has been sitting ever since. What a waste.

- Shara M., Sacramento, CA, US

problem #12

Apr 042016

Sonata GLS 2.4L V4

  • Automatic transmission
  • 109,000 miles

I've never run out of oil, had the oil changed every 5.5k-7k miles. My mechanic said that when I brought it in, there was only about 1/2 a quart low. It started with metallic clicking/knocking noises and about a week later I had it in the shop. By then the engine had started to SQUEAK and SQUEAL when it was running. He tells me that he's never seen this in an engine < 200,000 miles unless it's run out of oil. He's pretty sure that this is due to a defect in manufacturing, where metal was left in the engine which disrupted oil flow.

I find it interesting that Hyundai recalled nearly half-a-million Sonata's from 2011 and 2012 years for metallic bits left in the engine, which restricts the oil flow. Coincidence?

- Gordon G., Austin, TX, US

problem #11

Mar 262016

Sonata L4

  • Automatic transmission
  • 123,218 miles

Today I drove on the highway when I felt the engine slow down and with no warning a loud bang and smoke pouring out from under the hood. I pulled over and popped the hood and saw fire coming from the bottom of engine from burnt plastic after the engine blew up. Luckily a police cruiser showed up in seconds and put the fire out. So now I'm puzzled...regular oil changes and no indication that engine had problems....this is my first Hyundai and my last....just finished with the car payments and now get to start all over again...thanks Hyundai.

- Don H., Oregon City, Antarctica

problem #10

Jan 132016


  • Automatic transmission
  • 160,000 miles

In August we went from Charlotte to DC. On this journey, we started hearing a new faint ticking noise when feathering the accelerator for deceleration. It also seemed to be making a strange noise while shifting so I thought it was the transmission. We had the transmission inspected, but they found no problem.

So at the beginning of December one day, my wife is pulling out onto the road from our subdivision - getting on the gas to merge into traffic - and this time it does a serious rattling, over revving, late shifting from 1st to second. After this it was clear a rod was going. Oil changed always. Plenty of oil then. But for some reason none was getting to where it was needed to protect the wear.

Been babying it since then and not driving over 45 mile per hour on short less than 10 mile trips. Well went further on the 14th and broke a rod! What is wrong with these engines and getting the lubrication where it needs to go? This requires an engine replacement and I don't know if its worth the money...

- Armond D., Charlotte, US

problem #9

Oct 192015

Sonata 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 90,000 miles

I bought this car about 4 years ago from a dealership. Currently the vehicle has about 90,000 miles on it and has had regular servicing, oil changes, repairs etc. ( which I have all receipts) A few days ago without any warning it completely broke down on the freeway. I got the vehicle towed to a shop who informed me that it needs a new engine!! a 2007!! with only 90,000 miles!!!! I am just in shock and complete frustration! I am a single mother with little income and still owe $6000 on this car that seems to have no warranty or anyone willing to help unless I pay out at $4500 which of course I do not have! I have NO idea what to do :(


- Shanda R., Woodbury, MN, US

problem #8

Oct 012015

Sonata GLS 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 176,700 miles

My Sonata was part of the service fleet when I bought it. It had 6500 miles on it. I have always had oil changes every 3000 miles and one tune-up. Fixed anything that needed done tried really hard to take of it. Soon after I paid it off I started having problems. The check engine light came on from time to time but never on long enough to make me think there was a problem. I did have it checked about 6 months ago and was told that everything was fine. Well last night on my way to work it blew up with no warning. It all happened in a matter of min. Had to have it towed back to town to a shop where I always take it. They called this afternoon saying threw the timing chain and more than likely bent the rods and therefore I should replace the engine. Gonna cost about $5000 to fix it. I don't have that kind of money just laying around. Don't know if I will ever buy another Hyundai.

- texas73, Washington Court House, OH, US

problem #7

Sep 302015

Sonata 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 87,564 miles

HI, I have a Hyundai Sonata 2007 4 Cylinder - I use Full Synthetic Oil and change the oil every 8000 KM. I religiously service my car and have never had issues other than the normal wear and tear. I've always done the repairs if any on time. I just did an oil change on Saturday, September 26, 2015. All of a sudden my engine light goes on.

The mechanic couldn't find any issues with anything in the car. The car is in excellent condition. The computer showed him there was a sensor issue and he looked into it checked again there was no issue showing up. But for the next couple of days I felt like the car was struggling to push when i hit the gas. Everything else in the car was good to go nothing wrong.

All of a sudden yesterday morning (Wednesday, September 30, 2015 the car wouldn't start. Tried to boost it via CAA but nothing. Took it to my mechanic and he tells me that your engine has ceased. I need to replace the engine. There is nothing else wrong with anything else in the car it is just the motor. The shocking part to me is that I only have 140,000 kms on the engine. I have been the only owner and my car has always been serviced properly and taken care of. This is crazy!

I read on another post that there is a class action law suit in regards to this issue. How do I go about getting on that? Whom do I contact?

- jossy27, Mississauga, ON, Canada

problem #6

Jul 302015

Sonata ES 3.2L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 105,000 miles

My 2007 Hyundai Sonata recently blew an engine. We had regular maintenance, including regular oil changes every 5000 miles as well as tuneups. No other major problems with the car indicating a pending problem. All of sudden the engine would hesitate with very little power when the accelerator was pushed. The shop, which is a small shop a guy i have known and used for years for other car repairs, indicated the engine was blown. The car of course had 105,000 miles, 5k over the limit for warranty. Hyundai told me they would not be responsible for anything over 100,000. I noticed there were other 2007's with similar issues so wanted to warn people not to buy a used 2007 Sonata. Not only a risk but that company would not stand behind their vehicle or even offer something to help out. Pretty sad!

- kelm01, Omaha, NE, US

problem #5

Feb 272015

Sonata LX V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 113,000 miles

I purchased my vehicle new, I put the first mile on my vehicle. I had it service and never missed an oil change. I am speechless to be the only driver of this vehicle to have the engine blown. I did not get a warning and every time work is done i.e. oil change or tire rotation I took it back to the dealership. Now I had to purchase a used car that is giving me trouble as well because of the engine blown in my Sonata with about 113,000 miles on it that the dealership want to charge $5,900 to replace the engine.

- buchannon, Auburn, AL, US

problem #4

Mar 042015

Sonata GLS 4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 75,000 miles

I was on my way home from work when the check engine light came on. I called my mechanic immediately and he told me to bring it in now. At the shop, my mechanic said the sensor was reporting a timing issue but that he would have to look at it further. I left it with him and the following day he told me that he had tried a couple of things but was not able to pin point the problem and recommended sending it to the Hyundai dealer in Glendale. It was the mechanic at the dealership that reported the engine would need to be replaced.

I had no other indicators that there was something going on with my car. I have always taken care of my car and have the service records to show that. I am the second owner having purchased the vehicle from CarMax in 2008 with 9000 miles and it only has 75000 miles now. It is past the warranty miles. How does this happen without warning?

My mechanic tells me there is a pending class action lawsuit referencing this exact issue with Hyundai Sonatas and after contacting Hyundai, they will refuse to offer any assistance. I don't know whether to spend the money ($4500) to replace the engine, especially when the Kelly Blue Book for the car is $5200.

- dkhunt, Pasadena, CA, US

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