Date Published
APR 29, 2016
TSB Document
SUBJECT: Flash: RA3/RA4 Radio Software Enhancements OVERVIEW: This bulletin involves inspecting and, if required, updating the radio software. SYMPTOM/CONDITION: A small number of customers may experience one or more of the following: • **Poor or no connection to cellular network (U.S. market only). • HVAC temperature out of sync with radio display (KL vehicles).** • Intermittently blind spot chime will not turn off (KL vehicles only). • Enable High Definition (HD) feature (RA4 radios located in Canada and Mexico). • Low battery condition due to the radio remaining powered up after the ignition has been turned off (U.S Markets Only). • The Radio may switch from SiriusXM to an AM station by itself. • Uconnect registration always present, can not remove Uconnect account. • Teleprompter does not appear when pressing the Voice Recognition (VR) button. • VR operation cancels while in media mode. • Radio may display previous image before displaying the current image. • Navigation lost vehicle position during route calculation. • Navigation displays are missing after vehicle heading changes. • Navigation giving incorrect guidance to exit the highway. • FM audio may switch to AM after ignition cycle. • Text messages appear as sender’s phone number not their name. • VR phone button may not work at times. • Audio muted after AUX device is disconnected. • VR, “ Listen” to text will only play first message. • Drive Mode: Eco, sport or normal setting may not be saved after key cycle (LA, LD, LX and ZD Only). • Drive Mode: Shift light On/Off, out of sync (LA, LD, LX and ZD Only). • SirusXM station information does not update. • Speed adjusted volume, may not work. • AM or FM seek or tuner soft keys may be missing. · Display screen show ambient temperature as ”- - “ not normal values.