pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
63,700 miles
Total Complaints:
20 complaints

Most common solutions:

  1. not sure (12 reports)
  2. replaced fuel pump relay (4 reports)
  3. get new parts, they are not available (2 reports)
  4. replaced map sensor (1 reports)
  5. sell the vehicle (1 reports)
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problem #20

Nov 012018

Grand Cherokee

  • Automatic transmission
  • 65,000 miles

I've been experiencing this problem for over a year now.

I've had the relay replaced and my vehicle keeps shutting off with no warning.

The brakes and steering wheel lock when this happens. My life has been on the line on several occasions on the freeway when this has happened. I travel with several minors on my vehicle under the age of 13.

I reached out to corporate and they just brush me off by saying take it to JEEP.

There is a recall on this vehicle and they don't have a solution for it. It's unacceptable that they don't care about the safety on the people that own these vehicles and others that are on the road and might get hurt during an accident.

I will be hiring an attorney if needed and will open a claim with the automotive business bureau. The lack of help is incredible!

- Esperanza S., Los Angeles, US

problem #19

Oct 062018

Grand Cherokee Laredo 3.6L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 151,000 miles

Failed to start at the library a few days ago. Fiddled with it for a while and it started. Got a P0128 code, coolant temp low? Did not have coolant problems. ??? Cleared code and never came back.

Today, same thing. Internet was GREAT in helping me find the issue. Recall was completed but still didn't FIX the problem.

Jumped the fuel pump relay once and now it seems to be working as it should.

At least it was at home and in my driveway where I had the resources to DIY. Bringing a jumper wire along just in case for a while. Fuel pump may be bad.

- David T., Saint Bonifacius, US

problem #18

Oct 092017

Grand Cherokee V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 100,000 miles

Like other complaints, this is the 4th time this has happened. While driving in about 70 degree weather at about 40 MPH, the vehicle froze and the gas would not work. The vehicle was going uphill so my wife had to pull over ASAP before getting hit from behind. Our 16 month old boy was in the car too! No code, no notice, nothing.

We had the fuel pump relay fixed back in 2015 when that recall came out, but have had problems over the last 6 months.

I called Chrysler and they entered my case, and recommended I head to a dealership for a diagnostic test. Since others have said that diagnostic test likely will come up with nothing, I asked that she log in the need for another fuel pump relay fix at their cost but that they need to figure out a fix since this happened after the initial fix.

As many have indicated, this is very dangerous and thank God this didn't happen at high speeds on a highway or in a location where my wife couldn't pull over.

A fix needs to happen ASAP otherwise negligence is very apparent, and no one wants to deal with lawsuits or legal issues. Safety needs to be first and it needs to happen now before people get hurt.

- Mike L., Carlsbad, US

problem #17

Jan 122016

Grand Cherokee

  • Automatic transmission
  • 80,000 miles

I went in to get my car 'Fixed" since it had a recall. (FUEL PUMP RELAY) ... They replaced it...(its took them 3 days to "fix" my car. After 2 days of getting my car,, I was driving on a main street with my two and three year old kids in my car..., and my car completely turned off, steering wheel got hard and was hard to turn, it was very scary because two cars nearly hit me... I got the car towed back to the shop the next day then they diagnosed it,,, this this "time" it was the 'Fuel Pump",,, CHRYSLER JEEP DODGE SHOP wanted to charge me $1300!! I bought this car bran new... I always maintain the car.. its very frustrating... I took it somewhere else and they charged me $700....

- Jaquelin P., San Lorenzo, CA, US

problem #16

Jan 052016

Grand Cherokee Limited 5.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 64,000 miles

Had my wife's Grand Cherokee in for the visor wiring issue and they said there was also a recall/bulletin for the fuel pump relay, and they fixed that also. A couple of weeks ago the vehicle stopped on my wife multiple times. We finally got it into the dealer last week and of course, they drove it and nothing happened. This past Saturday it quite on her a couple of more times, so I met her at the dealer's, and we dropped it off.

Before dropping it off the first time, I visited this site and others to learn a bit about what might be going on. I really did not look to see the "fix" for the fuel pump relay until after reading on these sites. Sure enough, there it was. I was told that they really only had a one year warranty, so I bought another kit from the dealer. It came with the complete "fix" wiring harness - $24.95. I replaced the relay, which is simply an Omron plug type. Two days later - the following Saturday- is when we took it back to the dealer. Of course they drove it and it didn't quit. I just advised the service rep that i would be there this morning to speak with the manager about this debacle. I planned on going armed with the latest FCA information in regards to the class action lawsuit over the TIPM/relay mess. Got there this morning and the vehicle was not there - they were out driving it again. Seems that earlier this morning they drove it and stopped on them multiple times. I was advised that they were talking with "Star" (as they referred to FCA) and they thought it might be the PCM. A vehicle with their supposed fix that was negotiated as part of the class action suit is not doing the same exact thing after the fix. Their service manager even said that the FCA service tech group was at a loss for words when they called them with their findings, and they called them back about ten minutes after the initial conversation. Of course, a PCM will cost FCA a lot less money than the TIPM, so if the PCM is the core of the problem, FCA can breathe a bit easier. If the PCM is operating correctly, the FCA actually does have an issue with the TIPM and not just the fuel relay.

I'll keep you informed.

Update from Jan 21, 2016: UPDATE: They have had the Jeep for a couple of days and have been driving it around. Got a call yesterday afternoon late asking if it was okay for a salesman that lives 20 miles away, to drive it home, and I gave my approval. The dealer called about an hour ago and said it stopped a couple of times on him. They said that is has a bad crank sensor and want to replace it and that will be a couple of hundred. I gave my approval but told the service manager that when it stops again, that I expect to be fully reimbursed for that cost. He said that would be covered as a warranty item. I advised them that I meant when the vehicle does the same thing I took it in there for, which would mean that they replaced a part that was no defective. I got no answer. I'll keep this updated as son as i know something else.

Update from Feb 2, 2016: Update: I let them replace the "crank" sensor, knowing that there is nothing wrong with it, at a cost to me of $390. Vehicle started quitting the next day. Took it back to dealer. I also made an appointment to speak with the general manager of the dealership, leaving a brief explanation for the meeting. He had actually done some reading up on the issue and made some calls to "Star" - what they evidently call Chrysler, on the service side anyway. He was pretty frustrated and said that Star had told them to replace that sensor. I had printed the online information about the class action settlement, and highlighted the section about FCA covering all costs of repairs. He said I would be reimbursed. They still have the vehicle and it is still quitting on them.

I also contacted the law firm that handled the class action suit. I advised the attorney that I spoke with that they were paid $3.8 million to settle something that really isn't settled. He was not the least bit interested. I guess they got their money and that is all that is important. Folks, it really is the TIPM itself.

Update from Feb 18, 2016: After the last time the dealer had the vehicle, we picked it up and it quit on the way home.It has been quitting regularly every time it is driven. The service writer and the service manager refuse to call me back after our last phone conversation three days ago. I caught them both in a lie and reminded them of exactly what they had said the last time we picked up the vehicle. I have filed a formal complaint with FCA about the issue - like that really matters. I am also filing a complaint with our state attorney general. His dad is a good friend of mine, so I think I can go straight to him. These vehicles out on the road are a danger to everyone.

Update from May 23, 2016: Tired of how slowly things were progressing, i once again called Jeep Customer Care. The rep that I got this time escalated the issue to another level. Within a couple of days, i received a phone call from someone handling the complaint at the next level. After providing details of previous attempts to find a resolution to the matter, that person actually called the dealer I had been working with. After about an hour I received a call back. I was asked if I would consider taking the vehicle to another dealer about 25 miles from me. I told them "no", and they made arrangements. We dropped it off that after noon, as we knew they wouldn't get to it for 3-4 days. Received a call from the service manager there and was told that it quit on them just down the road from the dealership, then on the way back to the dealership. I told them to keep it as long as they needed. They could find nothing wrong, but kept driving it some daily, and I would get updates form the service manager. FCA, or Star as they refer to it, had them to clean the throttle body, but it did quit again. Then they had them replace the MAP sensor. The vehicle did not quit on them after that. I had to pay for the throttle body cleaning ($105), and FCA picked up the rest of the labor time and materials as well as the gas they used. The dealer put about 50 miles on it, but I was fine with that. We have had it back for a week and it has not quit. Same person driving (my wife) and same driving habits and roads, with same stops. I think this may have it!

Update from Jan 5, 2017: Seven months later and vehicle has not stopped again. MAP sensor all along.

Update from May 24, 2017: A year later and this problem still has not returned!

- Anthony T., Owensboro, Kentucky, US

problem #15

Nov 112014

Grand Cherokee Limited

  • Automatic transmission
  • 50,000 miles

Car stalls while driving. Has happened twice now. Power steering is lost. Able to re-start.

- Elizabeth B., Forest Hill, MD, US

problem #14

Dec 102014

Grand Cherokee Limited V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 78,000 miles

First I got a recall about the fuel pump relay in June 2014. Mine started by having to try 3 to 9 times before it could start. One night about 11pm I was scheduled to work on the over night shift, got into my Jeep and it didn't start. Had to call triple A to bring it to Brooklyn from Connecticut because the dealer in Ct was closed for the next 4 days. I took it to a well known mechanic in Brooklyn who had the Jeep for about 2 weeks, then finally gave me a temporary fix under the instructions of Jeep USA.

This fix lasted about 2 weeks. The Jeep failed again. I took it to the dealer in CT and they had it for about a week. They told me the fuel pump relay problem is now permanently fixed. After 1 day the wipers and radio stopped working. I took it back they told me I need a new TIPM. I had to pay $1200 in order to get my car fixed. They then told me I need a new radio for $900 bucks.

To this day I have been driving around this piece of junk, everyday its one thing or the other. This car takes way more money from me than my 4 kids put together. I feel like Chrysler had put out a piece of junk and knew all the problems it would have given and still sold this vehicle for this whopping money

By the way the TIPM was not a recall so I paid straight out of my pocket. Also I wanted my old part back the dealer told me I have to pay him $150, and if i don't I cannot get it. The dealer said he has to send the old part back to Jeep USA so they can rebuild it and sell it back to other car owners. The name of the dealer is SCAP AUTO in Fairfield Connecticut.. More to follow....

- abernie, Bridgeport, CT, US

problem #13

May 012015

Grand Cherokee Limited 5.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 43,496 miles

The engine won´t start until you have tried at least 3 times. Mechanic said is the fuel pump, but the car also has other electrical problems.

- jvasmill, Lecheria, Venezuela

problem #12

Sep 012014

Grand Cherokee Laredo 3.2L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 36,000 miles

This relay can fail at any time. Jeep says you should down shift into neutral and restart the car if it fails. Really? If your traveling 65 on the highway and it fails, you will probably die!

Why aren't they being made to fix this. I'm horrified to drive my car! This is major. Safety departments across the country should deem them unsafe and force Jeep to give us a car to use till the parts are made. Or better yet, take back your piece of junk.

- judynh, Epsom, NH, US

problem #11

Sep 162014

Grand Cherokee Limited V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 48,000 miles

I had to turn the key 5-10 times each time I needed to start the jeep. It either wouldn't start at all or start then jump around and stall. Brought it back to the dealer and they changed the fuel pump relay. The fuel pump relay just became a recall two weeks before so I had to pay my $100 deductible wait for the official recall paperwork then I can get my money back. The same thing happened with the brake booster recall. Mine broke before the recall, I still haven't received my $100 deductible from Chrysler yet. Let's see what breaks next.

- chaos, Stroudsburg, PA, US

problem #10

Nov 032014

Grand Cherokee 5.7L V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 55,345 miles

Summary: This has been a most unpleasant experience, dealing with a company, Chrysler/Jeep, that does not seem to care about customer satisfaction or safety, and prefers to solve its problems by churning for new customers via Madison Avenue marketing instead the retention of existing owners.

11/3/14 - Jeep would not start, there is power and the starter turns over and over but it will not kick in; it seemed like a fuel problem. AAA towed Jeep to Gray Chrysler/Jeep on West Main Street, Stroudsburg, PA.

11/4/14 - Gray Chrysler/Jeep diagnosed the problem as a faulty fuel pump relay (no mention of recall at this point). I was told the repair would be around $600-700 but that the part was not available and that there was currently a backlog of 1200 units. It was not known when or "if" the part would be available.

11/5/14 - The next day, Paul Tonkay, the service manager at Gray Jeep (who was really great and by far the most helpful person in the service chain) called to tell me that the repair would be covered under a NHTSA P-54 recall to repair a defective fuel pump relay located inside the TIPM.

Multiple phone calls to Chrysler Jeep corporate went nowhere. They were essentially non-responsive, and would not pay for a rental car. My Jeep sat at the dealership all week.

11/10/14 - Paul, the service manager, called and told me that the Jeep would start with the remote start and that he had started the vehicle twice. I had already tried that and it did not work, but I tried it anyway. No luck. Then in a call to the dealership where I bought the Jeep, they told me to press the keyless start button once and it would prime the fuel pump, and then I could press it again and it would start. This worked once, but I could not repeat it.

11/11/14 - I went online and saw a post that suggested pulling the start button out of the dash, and inserting the key fob and using it like a traditional key. It initially worked, but then got harder to start, especially in the morning, and finally, would not function at all.

11/20/14 - I received a call from Gray Jeep that the part was in. The vehicle was in the shop for a day and half to perform the P-54 recall, which was an external fix to the TIPM.

11/21/14 - Picked Jeep up and went on my way.

12/3/14 - While traveling in New Jersey, the Jeep would not start in the parking lot of The Patten Point Yacht Club. It was poring rain, I called AAA and an hour later the Jeep was towed to World Jeep in Shrewsbury, NJ, and I rented a car from Enterprise.

12/4/14 - Donna from World Jeep called and said they would try to look at the car on Thursday, but that it might be Friday before they could get to it.

12/5/14 - Donna from World Jeep called and said I had a bad starter and that it would cost $632 to fix plus some additional taxes and charges. I said that it didn't sound right, that it seemed more likely an electrical problem. Although in retrospect, I recalled how many times the starter was in service when the P-54 issues surfaced, and thought yes, it's likely that the starter may have been fried.

12/8/14 - Called Jeep/Chrysler at 800-992-1997 re: reimbursement for starter repair and rental with James (#JM2677) in the oxymoron "Customer Care" division, who turned down my request, and added that if I joined a proposed class action lawsuit I would never get reimbursement from Jeep. Feeling that it was an empty threat, I joined the lawsuit the next day.

12/11/14 - Traded in said Jeep for a Toyota Venza AWD, and said goodbye to Jeep forever.

- jeep no more, Stroudsburg, PA, US

problem #9

Oct 012014

Grand Cherokee Larado 3.2L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 65,000 miles





- blackprez456, Sandston, VA, US

problem #8

Nov 032014

Grand Cherokee

  • Automatic transmission
  • 44,500 miles

I've had good luck with this vehicle since new, but the TIPM issue is widspread among Chrysler products. They have said that is in the process of being recalled, but have no ETA, parts or instructions. A bypass has been developed but parts are on back order for an unspecified period of time.

- Sean H., Gainesville, FL, US

problem #7

Oct 292014

Grand Cherokee 3.2L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 79,891 miles

Last week I noticed that my Jeep was not starting properly, it would turn over as if it were going to start and it would just stay there without actually starting. I would have to try two or three times for the car to start. The next day it did it again in the morning and didn't do it again. I told my wife about it and she suggested that we go and get the battery checked, turns out that my battery was pulling 280 of 700 amps. At that time I thought, well, that must be the problem. WRONG, we left the battery location and it did it again, I took it to a mechanic yesterday morning and explained the problem and I had to pay ($127) for the diagnostics test to tell me that it was a part of the massive recall.

I then contact the dealership and I explain what is going on, and they agree about the recall and say that I can bring it in. During that process, of leaving the mechanic my Jeep would not start. I attempted to turn it on several times with nothing happening. Finally it started and I allowed it to sit before I drove it to the dealership. I get it there and leave it with them, I call the Recall hotline number and they tell me that the part is on back order and that they have no estimated time when the piece will be ready. Mind you now I do not have a car AT ALL to drive back and forth to work and I was told that it was not their problem and that I needed to figure it out (carpool or something). This made me even more angry that the solution to the problem is a part of the recall and you won't provide me with a rental car (based on the severity of recall P54). I was then told I could pay 2K for the repair out of pocket and there is a possibility that I would be reimbursed, also mentioning that it was a temporary fix and that it would still need the part associated with the recall for the vehicle to run properly. I WILL not be paying anyone 2K to fix my car temporarily and then hope and pray they reimburse my money.

This is an outrage and I am beyond upset with the lack of care and concern for myself as a customer and their unwillingness to assist in this recall that is impacting sever hundreds of thousands of customers.

I will be selling this Jeep AS SOON as it is fixed and getting something, ANYTHING other than a product made by this horrible company.

- Tony F., Manassas, VA, US

problem #6

Oct 302014

Grand Cherokee Overland V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 69,000 miles

I bought a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee 2 months ago and last week it wouldn't start and had to have it towed to the dealership where, after having it for 3 days, said it was part of recall P-54 fuel pump relay and the parts to fix said issue are on back order and can take up to three months to fix!!

I understand issues happen, but the way Chrysler is handling this is unheard of! They are not giving me alternative transportation, rental car nothing!!! I have a full time job, family, life, and I am paying for a car that is dead in the dealership till God knows when till the back ordered parts come in. The only thing the "supervisor" at Chrysler recall center said she would escalate my parts so that I would be first on the list.....but what the heck am I supposed to do in the meantime!?!?!? Horrible, just absolutely horrible customer service!!!!!

- Melissa U., Indianapolis, IN, US

problem #5

May 312013

Grand Cherokee

  • Automatic transmission
  • 35,000 miles

I own a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee. About a year ago I started having trouble getting it to start. I took it to the dealership and they told me that it's probably a "quirk" and hopefully it would stop. But- they told me if it didn't stop that I would most likely have to replace the computers which would be extremely pricey. The problem went away within about 2 weeks. Then- the third week of September 2014- the same problem started happening again but much worse.

The fuel pump would run and run and we had to start disconnecting the battery everytime I went into my house/work/a store or wherever. This time however the car stalled out in the middle of the road with my two young children in the car. I lost control of the car and ended up in someone's front yard. If it had stalled out 10 seconds down the road- I would have ended up in an embankment or worse- over the side of the road which drops off into a valley. Two weeks after that it stalled out and I nailed a curb with my children and niece in the car. The tire was destroyed (as is my hub my husband suspects) because of this.

Now- my car finally gave up and is broke down in my driveway. My inspection is up but I'm very confident it won't pass (not that I can actually drive it to a shop), the car won't run and Chrysler is doing nothing! My husband and I have called several times and they tell us that they literally have no idea how to fix it and that they're not willing to do anything to help us out.

- Cindy S., Coatesville, PA, US

problem #4

Sep 182014

Grand Cherokee Larado 6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 56,000 miles

Start having trouble with my jeep grand Cherokee about three days ago, first it was slow to start then it wouldn't start at all. it acts as if its going to start but it never starts so I would get someone to jump start it but it still didn't want to start unless I pump the gas a couple of times. thinking my battery was bad I go pay $250.00 for a new battery, come home from the shop park for a couple hours, go out to the mall. when I came out truck doing the same thing - trying to start but would not start. so after the third try I turned it off pump the gas three to four times then it started, now I have to take it back to the shop to find out whats going on with it after just spending all that money on the battery and that wasn't the problem. so now I have a car note with building amount of repair bills,

- Glorea M., Stone Mountain, GA, US

problem #3

Aug 132014

Grand Cherokee Laredo 5.7L V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 44,000 miles

When pressing start button, engine cranks for about 8 seconds and won't fire. Can press start button again, sometimes starts on 2nd or 3rd try, sometimes not until the 6th try. Problem progressed to a condition where the engine was running, but sputtered and did not want to stay running. Was able to drive vehicle home since it wasn't far away.

Tow truck has taken Jeep to the dealer on 9/16/2014 and as of 9/18/2014, am waiting for part to arrive from New York but have been told it may not be available. Parts and labor are not covered by warranty, dealer states that gas tank needs to be removed for the repair.

- David O., Rosemount, MN, US

problem #2

Sep 122014

Grand Cherokee Limited V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 52,820 miles

I couldn't start my car. The starter would go but it would never turn on.

- Lauren B., Raleigh, NC, US

problem #1

Aug 262014

Grand Cherokee Limited V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 56,711 miles

Took my Jeep in to have it diagnosed. Being told that my Jeep is not getting fuel and that the fuel pump relay switch is needing to be replaced along with a wiring kit and a few fuses. My Jeep was having issues such as the rear door locks going out, stalling in the middle of the road, car alarm going off unprovoked, and issues cranking. Now I don't think all of these issues are related to the fuel pump although per my investigation the TIPM can turn off the fuel pump power.

- Jennifer F., Macon, GA, US