really awful
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
52,200 miles
Total Complaints:
8 complaints

Most common solutions:

  1. replace clutch (8 reports)
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problem #8

Nov 152021

Frontier SV 6 cyl

  • Manual transmission
  • 113,000 miles

The clutch went bad very fast. It turns out there is also the flywheel that needs to be replaced for another $600. There's also the front wheel bearings that need to be replaced for another $600. It's very expensive and a big hang up waiting on the flywheel to show up.

- phudiburg, South Plymouth, US

problem #7

Oct 012018

Frontier 2.5L

  • Manual transmission
  • 27,000 miles

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premature clutch wear

I have driven manual transmissions since 1980. This is my 5th Nissan. I used to love this automaker. But I think this is my last one.

I bought it new in 2011. And the clutch started slipping at 27,000 miles. Nissan does not want to even discuss the repair - they say it is a wear and tear item - good bye. I replaced it for $1320 by a local transmission expert with Luk. Hopefully this one will last a little longer than Nissan's junk.

Well, lesson learned - no more Nissans for me...

- Vladimir P., Carlsbad, CA, US

problem #6

Feb 272015

Frontier PRO 4X 4.0L

  • Manual transmission
  • 81,893 miles

I bought this truck used with just under 60k miles and at 81893 miles I noticed the clutch slipping and had it replaced at a cost of just under 1400.00. I thought that it fairly low mileage for the clutch to go bad but I didn’t know the driving habits of the original owner and just figured they didn’t know how to drive well with a manual transmission. I have been driving since 1975 and the majority of my vehicles have had manual transmissions. The two with the mos miles were a 1984 Mazda GLC that had 235,000 miles and never replaced the clutch. I also owned a 1987 F 250 with a utility bed full of tools and pulled a 7,000 pound trailer full of concrete forms. With this truck I drove 265,000 miles and never replaced the clutch. In all I have driven nearly a million miles in vehicles with manual transmissions and only replaced one before owning this Nissan. At 107200 miles the clutch went again and the service department at the dealership told me that a spring had broken causing it to wear prematurely. $1670.00 this time. Now at 131,500 miles it has started to slip again. The POS transmission they put in this truck isn’t fit to put in the Versa. I like the truck but can’t afford a new transmission every year. Nissan should do the right thing and recall the vehicles that have this piece of crap clutch in it.

- Dennis E., Deep Gap, US

problem #5

Aug 162014

Frontier PRO 4X V6

  • Manual transmission
  • 37,282 miles

I have driven with a manual transmission for most of my life, pulling heavy trailers and boats.... This is my 5th; closest ever to brand new vehicle. I could not believe how quick the clutch wore out!! Absolutely ludicrous! Previously, I re-built a 1988 Toyota 4runner that had over 250 km's, still running off the original manual transmission!

I am so worried about the clutch wearing out again, I have been trying to sell this truck but have a really hard time taking a loss from buying a new truck!!!! Stuck and want Nissan to take responsibility for this poor manufacturing........Really getting sick and tired of products being built to break for a 2%'ish higher profit margin, meanwhile making companies record breaking profits on replacement parts!


A consumer that will never purchase a vehicle post 1999 ever again!

- Jay V., Calgary, AB, Canada

problem #4

Aug 082014


  • Manual transmission
  • 75,000 miles

My father owns a 2011 Nissan Frontier. First of all let me say that my dads truck is his "baby" and treats it as such. His clutch has burned out twice in 5 months! He is a 70 year old man and does NOT drag race! It was $1500 the first time he had it fixed and its going to cost just as much this time! He tried reporting it to Nissan and they said this was the first they heard of it. Very frustrating for someone on a fixed income! Ive read three more complaints on this page about the same issue. I hope they reported it to Nissan.

- Lisa G., Cayuta, NY, US

problem #3

Sep 022014

Frontier PRO-4X 4.0L V6

  • Manual transmission
  • 33,484 miles

Nissan Frontier premature Clutch Failure: ME TOO - x2 now!

First of ALL - United We Stand!!! Individually we get F____ed at the drive-thru Nissan USA Corporate Service Center (see others premature clutch wear out claim denials on this and other sites)! They always F___ You if they can…they know you are down the road, without wheels and…well, just ask Leo Getz (Joe Pesci), he’ll tell you how it is!...

This forum is great for exchanging information and ideas about problems- but reporting them to the US Federal Department that inspects consumer complaints and enforces corrective actions (recalls) upon the manufacturer is "PRICELESS".

So, whenever you have a significant problem such as premature clutch failure, by each person reporting it, UNITED WE STAND!!! Nissan Frontier owners – indivisible justice for all: all for one and one for all, four by four - to the floor!

The agency to report problems to is: drummm roooolllll! Boom!

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and www.safecar.gov is the website: also great source to find recalls and others official complaints about any vehicle; and can sign up for email recall notifications for up to 5 vehicles. Get the CarFax, and get on this site too if buying a vehicle in the future!

Technical Note: Internet Explorer version 9 would not let me populate the vehicle Brand Model and Year fields, or the Faulty system(s), and I had to use Google Chrome Browser to send in my report.

There you will see my report (2011 Nissan Frontier Pro-4X, 4 door, 4x4) about the 1st premature clutch failure at about 14,000 miles and 18 months ownership, June 2012 (and dealer accused me of DRAG RACING as cause of premature wear out; but replaced it at no charge: Driver's Village Nissan in Cicero, NY, would have been a $1500 bill).

So, they didn't go by the 12 months/12.000 mile rule as others have mentioned when replacing my 1st clutch! And no, I didn't drag race either!

Another early symptom clutch is going: cruise control quits working, suddenly falls off/disengages!

Now at approximately 33,500 miles and 3 1/2 years ownership (August 2014) the 2nd clutch is going, going...almost gone…and burnt smell again too!

I still have 5 year/50,000 power train warranty which I think should still cover this "PREMATURE" failure due to some kind of design flaw, inferior materials, or improper adjustments...or combination there of!

If not, lets hope for a RECALL if we all get it together and that takes care of it for everyone!

I also established a complaint with Nissan Corporation about this and got a case number. Fuccillo Nissan in Clay, NY dealer gets the truck Tuesday (day after Labor Day weekend 2014) and I’ll see what they say about this second clutch going issue! Service rep just backed it out of a parking space in their parking lot and said, “Yup, the clutch is done” and drove it two more spaces and parked it! That was all the ROAD TEST he needed! I’m kind of ticked off because I brought it there two weeks ago for the clutch slipping/cruise control issue and a rattling noise when I started out. The rattling noise was some exhaust shield clamps missing and then vibrating and banging on the exhaust system. So they charged me $60 to fix that issue, and I thought they were coordinating with NISSAN Corp about fixing my clutch issue after I left. Guess not, but they are now! And while there, they wanted $30 to change the rear-differential breather valve they said was stuck, to prevent over pressure and blowing out an seals in the rear axle. Ha- I bought one at the parts department for $10, and it looks like a 5/8 socket and 1 minute to change it, saved $20! Satisfaction- priceless! Then the $610 quote for all wheels break job, because they noticed my pad indicator is getting to that point! Yeah, about ½ way because I downshift, and brakes last me x2 or x3 automatic transmission drivers! And I can do all 4 wheels for about half that cost at home! Note to Veterans: PEP BOYS, AUTOZONE and Advance AUTO give a 10% military discount! Save more cha-ching!

I've been driving stick for over 30+ years since 1978 (‘67 Pontiac, ’80 AMC, ’86 Plymouth, ’86 Mazda, 2x Fords ’90 & ‘96, motorcycles: and I’m a Commercial Truck Driver) - never went through a clutch before 120-150K miles! Certainly not two in less that bumper-to-bumper 36K mileage warranty period just commuting and recreation (no commercial usage)!

I have two light weight trailers (pop-up camper and 4’x8’ utility) I've pulled with it, each no more that 2,000 lbs fully loaded - Frontier is rated for 6,100 lbs! So, I never exceeded towing limitations with this truck. Although, when backing up with trailers, slight up hill in my driveway- often smelled “clutch” burn when doing this maneuver!

Anyways, I also talked to AAMCO here in Syracuse, NY - all they use is LUK brand clutches/sets, and reviews on-line I found look great! Looks like primary clutch vendor for GM and Corvettes! Do you own research! I think Nissan’s clutches are made in “cheap” China- but don’t quote me on that. If Nissan won't cover the clutch again for wearing out prematurely, then AAMCO is getting my business; instead of continuing to feed the dog that already bit me for over $30,000 for this vehicle back in 2010 (October ordered it from the Factory- Delivered after Thanksgiving 2010).

This AAMCO shop in Syracuse also replace a clutch on a 1996 5-speed Ford Explorer (4 DR, 4x4) at 120,000 miles for me- just because the slave cylinder failed and clutch was ¾ worn out- so went for it to save labor costs! And I towed the same trailers with it! If not for the slave cylinder going- that original FORD clutch would probably have lasted to 150,000 to 160,000 miles! As it was, the Explorer was totaled at 190,000 miles and 12 years old when an 18 year old kid ran into the rear at 50 mph while texting; and I was waiting to make a left turn! Never saw me he said, and traveled 1/2 mile from intersection to up my butt! Up to that point, 70,000 usage miles, the replacement AAMCO clutch was doing great too! Why I got this Truck – Ford stopped making F150 pickups and Explorer SUVs with manual transmissions in 2002, or I would have gotten one of those instead.

So, even if you have already had the problem and fixed it- send report to NHTSA at www.safecar.com and you never know; maybe a recall issued later, and then due a refund? Or a class action lawsuit reward. At least a small claims court visit, if Nissan doesn't cooperate and fix their defective product at no cost to consumers!

You will also do every other Nissan Frontier owner past, present and future a solid by putting the information where it can do the most good!

(Don’t pick a fight with an old guy, because if he can’t fight- he’ll just kill you)!

- av8or-dave, Liverpool, NY, US

problem #2

Jun 302012

Frontier PRO-4X 4.0L V6

  • Manual transmission
  • 13,729 miles

First: The towing popup camper and small utility trailer, specifically backup up my driveway always smelled a "BURNT" odor.

Second: Cruise Control started dropping off at highway speeds.

Third: Clutch slipping indicated by trying to accelerate and RPM jumped excessively, vehicle sluggish acceleration.

Dealer ACCUSED ME OF DRAG racing. Really, this 7K lbs 4 door. 4 WD - glorified "MANS" kid hauler!

But they fixed it at 18 months and almost 14K miles.

See my other complaint - now #2 Nissan clutch wore out again at 33,500 miles and 3 /1/2 years!

(I've been driving stick 30+ years, all I've owned and commercial driver- so not inappropriate technique driven issue: Commercial helicopter pilot too- so vehicle control finesse is my forte!).

Please join me in reporting these issues to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) www.savecar.gov

Enough similar complaints triggers investigations and recalls, and fair consumer treatment by the manufacturers.

Also, a great site to search official recalls for any vehicle, and complaints when shopping; and can get notified about up to 5 vehicles by email when recalls are issued. So, check it out!

- av8or-dave, Liverpool, NY, US

problem #1

Sep 162013

Frontier SV/PRO V6 4.0L

  • Manual transmission
  • 35,900 miles

I have noticed a disturbing pattern for the Nissan Frontier...the clutch goes prematurely. I have driven nothing but standard transmission cars for the past 25 years. So I was surprised when I felt my clutch slipping a couple of weeks ago at 35,900 miles. I thought how was this possible with relatively low mileage. My other cars did not need their clutch replaced until 80 to 100K miles.

I bought the truck used at approximately 25K miles so I don't know the driving habits of the one previous driver. I did notice not long after I bought the truck a burning smell associated with the clutch. This would occur periodically over the first couple of months but then went away.

Anyway, long story short, not covered because it is a wearable part. Cost $1500 to replace, which included a new slave cylinder which was recommended to be replaced at the same time.

I like the truck and hope that this is a one-time occurrence.

- Tim R., Greenville, SC, US