Affected Component: EQUIPMENT

Date Published
JAN 29, 2019
TSB Document
NISSAN; DIAGNOSIS INFORMATION FOR DTC P161D SERVICE INFORMATION When key registration is unsuccessful after BCM replacement, P161D (Immobilizer) will set when the ignition is turned on. Possible causes - Improper key registration - Defective BCM (Vehicles with Intelligent Key only) - EPS control unit (Vehicles with mechanical key only) - Intelligent Key unit (Vehicles with mechanical key only) Trouble Diagnosis NOTE: If DTC B2196-52 is stored with P161D, perform the diagnosis procedure for DTC B2196-52 first. - Before replacing the BCM, confirm that the keys were programmed correctly by ensuring the vehicle will start and that the lock/unlock buttons function normally. - If any keys do not function normally, re-register all of the keys. - After re-registering all of the keys, reconfirm each key's function. - If OK, erase the code to complete the repair. - If NG, diagnose the Key, BCM and/or EPS control unit per the ESM.