Affected Component: SEAT BELTS

Date Published
DEC 02, 2019
TSB Document
FRONT PASSENGER SEAT BELT WILL NOT EXTEND FROM STOWED POSITION SERVICE INFORMATION If you confirm the front passenger seat belt will not extend from the stowed position while the seat belt adjuster is in the top most position (see Figure 1 on page 2): 1. Move the seat belt adjuster down one notch (see Figure 2 on page 2). 2. Extend the seat belt fully, allow it to retract, and extend again to confirm the issue is resolved. 3. Inform the customer that lowering the adjuster from the top most position will resolve this issue, should it occur again. NOTE: If the seat belt is locked and will not extend at any height adjustment setting, the seat belt may need to be replaced. Refer to the Electronic Service Manual (ESM): RESTRAINTS > SEAT BELT > REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION > FRONT SEAT BELT.