pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
71,850 miles
Total Complaints:
55 complaints

Most common solutions:

  1. not sure (23 reports)
  2. replace cvt transmission (20 reports)
  3. replace transmission and add external cooler (4 reports)
  4. replace r&r valve body (3 reports)
  5. cvt transmission flush (2 reports)
  6. added a transmission cooler to prevent overheat (1 reports)
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problem #55

Oct 122019

Rogue S

  • Automatic transmission
  • 82,000 miles

My daughter was driving her 2013 Rogue this weekend and when she tried to accelerate after stopping at a red light the car wouldn't move. Luckily she was right near a advance auto parts that coded "torque converter clutch circuit intermittent microcuts" and sent her to a transmission place that told her to come home. On the way home her check engine light came on. She stopped at another advanced auto parts who reset that light. We took it to a shop and she needs a new transmission. The car only has 82K miles on it. My daughter is in high school. I work at a church part time. Neither of us have $3742 plus tax for a new transmission. I read there are lots of other cars with this same issue. I'm hoping to find someone who will rebuild it cheaper.

Update from Oct 16, 2019: IF you have lost power please make a complaint on nhtsa.gov wesite! They can issue a recall on these unsafe cars. If enough people make claims they have to fix it or risk being sued when someone gets hurt.

Update from Oct 16, 2019: NHTSA continually and carefully monitors new and previously submitted consumer complaints, data and other resources to identify defect trends. Investigators review each complaint and, if warranted, the Office of Defects Investigation will open an inquiry to determine if a safety defect trend exists; you might be contacted by an investigator to clarify the information submitted. Please make a complaint to get a recall on these unsafe cars.

- ddugan, Aiken, US

problem #54

May 012019

Rogue 4 cyllinder

  • Automatic transmission
  • 121,000 miles

PLEASE DON'T EVER BUY THIS CAR!!!!!! I know that if you're on this website, you already bought this car and you're now having issues. But just in case you haven't....PLEASE DON'T BUY THIS CAR!!!!! that's more for you than it is for me. This car will lose acceleration, without any warning sign. You'll take it to your mechanic and he'll say it's a recall on this car. Then you;ll take it to Nissan dealership and they will say, there's no recall. Meanwhile you'll continue to put your life in danger and have issues with this car after driving for over an hour. I had one mechanic tell me that I have to keep a full tank of gas, I do and I still have the problem. Another mechanic told me that it's the fuel injection, I had it replaced, still a problem. Another mechanic told me that it can't be the transmission because it's not enough miles on it. I've gotten different stories from different mechanics and nothing is working. I don't want to go into debt when I'm just trying to maintain and get to work. WHATEVER YOU DO DON'T BUY THIS CAR!!!!

- Chawanda W., Decatur, GA, US

problem #53

Aug 262016


  • CVT transmission
  • 60,506 miles

After having my vehicle for about 2 years. I was dropping my brother off at college in Franklin, Massachusetts. I got off the highway exit and stopped at the red light. I proceeded to accelerate when the light turned green and my 2013 Rogue would not move. I shut it off and turned it back on and we were able to make it to the school. Got him setup and a few hours later proceeded to head home to NJ. Got on the highway and we see a puff of smoke behind us on the highway. I pulled over and shut the vehicle off. Luckily I had family in Springfield, Massachusetts which is about an hour away. We took our time driving to Springfield. My cousin took us to her mechanic, his machine wasn't getting a read of any codes. The mechanic took my vehicle for a drive to see what I was saying regarding the vehicle driving sluggish; he agreed the vehicle drove sluggish. He advised me to park my vehicle let it completely cool down and take my time driving home to NJ. I was able to make it back home and luckily I already had an appointment setup with Nissan. I dropped off my vehicle, couple days late I was told I needed a new transmission and it would cost me about $5,000. I made a stink, we checked and saw that I had the extended warranty and that is how I was able to get a new transmission.

- Keisha B., Bloomfield, NJ, US

problem #52

Jul 252019


  • CVT transmission
  • 115,700 miles

On my way home from work and going up a hill my vehicle is doing a jerky motion like it's struggling to go up the hill. Get down the hill and about to make a turn, I get caught at the red light. Light turns green and my vehicle will not move. Engine is running, but no acceleration whatsoever. I turn on my hazard lights,.turn the vehicle off and let it sit for a few seconds, I finally got it to slowly move (stuck in the middle of the intersection and everyone honking), I finally got the vehicle to complete the left turn. I crawled a little ways down the round approaching the entrance for the Route 280 entrance. I smelled like something was burning so I pulled over and called AAA for a tow. Towed it to a local shop by my house and waited to hear from the mechanic the following day. Mechanic did checks, said he found nothing wrong. My vehicle was driving OK now, so I called Nissan and brought my vehicle there the following day. Nissan called and told me I needed a new transmission and I was furious. After communicating with Nissan Corporate and the dealership, a week later I end up paying almost $5,000 to get a new transmission. Nissan will never get me to by another vehicle from them as long as I live. When you pay over $30,000 for a vehicle, you expect to get your moneys worth. I have spent the most for maintenance and had the most problems with my 2013 Rogue than any vehicle I have ever owned. Worst experience in my life. Replacing 2 transmissions within 3 years of each other and my vehicle is parked majority of the time now that my brothers graduated from college last year.

- Keisha B., Bloomfield, NJ, US

problem #51

Aug 122019


  • Automatic transmission
  • 100,000 miles


- nastyboo43, Bowie, US

problem #50

May 112019

Rogue 2.5L

  • CVT transmission
  • 141,000 miles

I was on the highway going to Orlando. As I attempted to accelerate in speed Noticed the air conditioner was not cooling. As I continued to drive the vehicle would not accelerate. It smelled like something was burning and began to smoke the more I stepped on the gas. I pulled off an exit with my grandchildren in a hot overheated vehicle; 7 & 9 years old and 2 month old. The following week my vehicle was towed to Wesley Chapel Nissan.

I was told AWGS had to come and inspect the vehicle. The claim was denied on 5/20/19 due to the transmission not being found defective. The cost to repair would be $1245 to replace a transmission oil cooler. AWGS would not cover because “it is an external part”. Nissan should be responsible for this problem. It is happening too often. I will never be another Nissan. I was told by another Nissan dealer that it may not be the problem. It could be bigger or smaller.

The more I read about the same transmission issues Nissan just refuse to be accountable for screwing up. I was even told by another dealer that the transmission cooler is not sold separate. The entire transmission needs replacing.😡😡😡😡NEVER PURCHASE NISSAN

- Michelle B., Riverview, FL, US

problem #49

Mar 242019


  • CVT transmission
  • 89,000 miles

Bought 2013 Rogue 3 years ago. In March took a 4 hour trip and the transmission mission started to slip (thought it was just my wife's driving). On our way home that night started doing it again this time while doing 75 down the freeway. Took it in to the dealership where the told me the transmission over heated and that my transmission fluid was red which is not cvt fluid. Contacted Nissan where they told me my warranty was being voided. So I went to 3 different transmission specialist where the pulled little fluid and showed me it had no red color but was green. I sent that picture in to Nissan where they reinstated my warranty but I had to have the fluid tested by there lab they use to make sure fluid was the right one with out contamination. So had that done. The fluid was green when they pulled it for the test. The test came back as NS3 fluid which is blue and not NS2 fluid which is green like I have in my rogue. In the report it even stated the fluid most likely has not been changed (being new to cvt transmission did not know needed fluid changed so often). Nissan will not honor there warranty now and will not respond to my emails with proof of it being the right fluid. Nissan customer service is the worst to deal with.

- Colt W., Rainier, OR, US

problem #48

Jun 152018


  • Automatic transmission
  • 60,000 miles

The vehicle stopped accelerating while traveling long distances on the highway. This occurred at least 15 times before I was able to afford to take back to the dealership. It left me and my small child stranded in the middle of nowhere in over 100 degree heat. No lights inside the vehicle ever came on and there was no indication that the transmission was overheating. After taking the vehicle in I was told that the warranty would cover the replacement of the transmission but the vehicle lacks a transmission fluid cooler that was not covered under warranty because it was a part added after manufacturing. They told me the part costs approximately $1,000 and that price did not include labor charges. The employee of the Nissan dealership stated he did not know how this vehicle’s transmission did not have a recall due to the number of problems and number of these transmissions they have had to replace due to this problem. I searched for this part from companies outside of Nissan and was unable to locate it. It is only available from a Nissan dealer. II became disabled shortly before this problem began and I cannot afford to repair the vehicle. I live in an area that always has temperatures over 100 degrees and am scared to drive this unreliable car due to the fear of breaking down again. I recommend no one ever purchase a Nissan and I will be selling this vehicle as soon as possible.

- Stephanie S., Bakersfield, US

problem #47

Jul 172018


  • CVT transmission
  • 91,000 miles

The second problem with this transmission....totally replaced at 60,000 miles....taking my Granddaughter to the SC beaches for her first time. After about 1 1/2 hours started losing speed up small hills going into Columbia. Stopped for fuel and lunch and things cooled off a bit and ran fine....until about 40 miles from Florence. Crawled into Nissan dealership to find that the transmission was good (only 30,000 miles old) but it was overheating. The heat causes the Valve body to fail $1,400 AND the transmission needs a cooler $750 plus labor....TOTAL COST OF REPAIR $3,170....plus cost of car rental and major inconveniences and delays. this is my second Rogue....this is my last Rogue....all total, it has cost me over $4,000 in repairs and I still don't have 100,000 miles on this vehicle. The dealership in Florence was nice and got the work done so that I could pick up the car on my way back through town...but they, like HUNTER NISSAN are NOT your advocate back to NISSAN. Plan to fight your own battles with NISSAN.

So after 4 Nissan automobiles, here is where we end up....


- Pat S., Hendersonville, NC, US

problem #46

Apr 122018


  • Automatic transmission
  • 69,000 miles

My daughter drives approximately 75 miles to school twice a week. Starting last week, after driving for approximately 1 hour, without warning, the car will not accelerate. She pressed pedal all the way down and still nothing. She was in the left lane traveling 65 mph. Thank GOD she was able to get over without harming herself or anyone else. We immediately took the vehicle to the dealership. They test drove and had a tech drive the vehicle home (he lived approximately 30 minutes away) - UNABLE TO DUPLICATE.

Contacted Nissan Consumer Affairs - their response, SORRY nothing we can do until a tech can identify the problem. Am I the only one - no!! Have they received multiple complaints - YES.

I will not be letting my daughter drive this vehicle on the highway. Oh, they did suggest that the next time it happens she should immediately find a Nissan dealership, perhaps the codes will come up then.


- Cheryl G., Richmond, VA, US

problem #45

Jul 202018

Rogue S V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 71,205 miles

Myself and my 6 year old daughter were driving from New Haven, CT to Fitchburg, MA. About 1 hour into the drive, my 2013 Nissan Rogue would not accelerate beyond 60mph!!! We were in heavy traffic on a hot July 20th, 2018 afternoon, heatwave weather! I had to get off the highway and make it to the nearest gas station.

After several frantic calls to family members trying to figure out what to do, I decided to add engine oil, anti-freeze, gas and water hoping something would help. After sitting for an hour, I drove on the local roads to try out the car again but realized I had to get back on the highway and try to accelerate above 60mph again!!!! We made it to our 3 hour trip destination.

The next day on the way back, the same problem happened and this time after stopping for a while my car still would not accelerate. We had to use all local roads to get back home and that took double the time!!!! It is too expensive to fix right now!!! I'm so disgusted with this car and cannot wait to get rid of it!!!!

- Renee C., West Haven, CT, US

problem #44

Dec 212014


  • Automatic transmission
  • 40,000 miles

I bought the 2013 Nissan Rouge brand new and around 40,000 miles the vehicle started slowing down after being driven on the highway a few hours into a trip. Within the next six months the problem got even worse, happening after only 1 1/2 hours on the highway. By the October 2015, just after 60,000 miles, it barely made it home from a 5 hour trip. I was told it would cost at least $2500 to fix, so I traded it for another vehicle, taking a significant loss towards my trade.

- mcsc, Mobile, US

problem #43

Jul 042017

Rogue Automatic 2.3L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 56,000 miles

I will never buy another Nisan Rogue, it is a garbage car. I paid $1,500 insurance to cover the car. I went to dealer where I bought the car from. They do not care at all, I am so disappointed. I recommend that you do not purchase a Nissan Rogue.


problem #42

Jun 232018


  • Automatic transmission
  • 66,000 miles

I purchased a new 2013 Nissan Rogue from Scott Clark Nissan in Charlotte, NC right after New Years Day in 2014 (obviously they were trying to get last year's model off the lot). I purchased a 3-year service package and have kept up with all recommended services and oil changes perfectly. I work from home so there is very little wear and tear on my car and I currently have 66,000 miles on it from weekend trips. I was driving up I-26 to Asheville, NC (in the Blue Ridge Mountains) in June when suddenly my car stopped accelerating an hour and a half into the trip. I was going about 65mph and the car slowed down to 35mph, not able to go over 3,000 rpm, on a major interstate going around a curve in the Mountains. Thank goodness there was a shoulder and I was able to pull off safely. I let the car rest for a few minutes (while panicking of course) and my boyfriend jumped out to check for any fluids leaking. We didn't notice anything except a rattling noise from the engine before I turned the car off. I let the car sit for about 20 minutes, we turned it back on and everything seemed fine. We continued our trip with no more problems but I knew something was very wrong.

I took the car to the Nissan dealership the next day and after inspection, they told me that basically the transmission fluid was getting so hot it was boiling and had damaged the valve body. There is currently a service bulletin out for the 2013 Rogues describing this exact problem: loss of acceleration after traveling at a high rmp (interstate driving), on a hot day, at increasing grade or high altitude (mountains), and a rattling can be heard/felt from the engine. I was told that I needed to replace the valve body ($903) and have an external radiator coolant valve put in ($1500), so to properly repair and prevent the problem from happening again, it would cost me roughly $2500. Of course, I only had a 5 year or 60,000 mile warranty on the transmission so I'm 6,000 miles out of luck.

The service manager I have been working with gave me the information for Nissan consumer affairs and told me to file a claim with them to see if they would cover any of the repair costs, as this is clearly an issue of a faulty transmission and not due to negligence or extensive driving on my part. They politely told me that I was 6,000 miles over warranty and there was nothing they would do. Admittedly, I don't know much about cars, but how is this not a defect of the transmission??? As there is a service bulletin out about this problem, it is obviously happening to many people. Does anyone know if this could potentially become a recall? If so, would I be reimbursed for the service charges? I have not liked this car from the beginning, it is not a smooth drive, it doesn't feel sturdy compared to other, and it is not a car I would recommend to others. I was simply lured in by the inexpensive price for a new small SUV; it is true that you definitely get what you pay for and I would gladly take my old 2005 BWM 325i back over a new Nissan any day.The trade in value for this POS is probably only around 8-9,000 so I really hate spending almost 1/3 of its value to have a problem repaired that I didn't cause.

I am very disappointed in Nissan and will look into filing a class action lawsuit against them as this seems to be a common problem with 2013 Rogues.

- Madison P., Huntersville, US

problem #41

May 282018

Rogue S

  • Automatic transmission
  • 113,900 miles

I purchased my 2013 Nissan Rogue S in 2016. The car has always ran good but I noticed that when I went on long trips my car would slow down to anywhere from 50 to 60 miles and I couldn't go any faster. I would always be doing about 70 and this would happen after about an hour or two of driving on a highway, also, check engine light came on. I was concerned and took the car to a place that does only transmissions. The transmission guy called and said they had check the transmission and the torque converter, and it was running fine. I would still have a problem where the car would slow down on the highway with long drives but only to about 60.

This last trip, coming home from Memphis, TN to Atlanta, GA, my car seemed to be doing ok and no slowdown. Then my car decelerated, I was getting no speed and had to pull over. From that point, I was never able to drive that car again. Had to pay $440, which my car club paid $100 of this to tow the care back to Memphis, TN, since we were on the way back home to Atlanta, GA. The next day I paid to have the car towed to the same transmission specialist and was told that the transmission had gone out. I was also told that this car has a CVT transmission and this was common with my type of car even for people with lower mileage on their cars.

My car had just under 114,000 miles and I didn't drive the car lot because I work from home. Never had any trouble with my car slowing down when driving on the highway anywhere around town, only happened when I went out of town and this was maybe 4 or 5 times since I bought the car in May 2016 and it is now June 2018. I was told that I need to replace the transmission and still have the car sitting and paying notes on it but right now, just can't afford to get the transmission replace. I have been quoted between $3000 to $4500 to replace it.

- Janice B., Atlanta, GA, US

problem #40

Jul 052018

Rogue Limited Edition

  • CVT transmission
  • 82,566 miles

On vacation with family. Not knowing where I was going I was following family at 75 to 80 miles per hour. After 1 hour and 30 minutes lost acceleration and could not catch up to family. I called them to tell them what was going on. I had my pedal to the floor, but my SUV would not go any faster than 60. They said they would pull over and wait for me at a certain area.

I finally found them and we did not know what to do so we sat there for around 30 minutes and drove off again. My SUV then seemed ok until we go another hour and half it starts again. Called them again and we pulled off again to let my SUV rest or cool off. Finally made it to our vacation spot where we did not know what to do about my SUV so we borrowed another ride for the sight seeing we were trying to have.

We dove back home the same way stopping and letting SUV cool off or resting which ever was best but made it home after one stop at a red light almost getting rear ended because I started to take off when light turned green and my SUV would not move even when I pushed my gas pedal. I had to turn my SUV off and restart to go but cars behind me blowing horn and very upset that we had to sit through another red light.

I am very disappointed with my Nissan Rogue they need to fix their cvt transmissions or recall them and they pay for it. My vacation was a total nightmare worrying if I was going to make it home.

- Tina P., newbern, TN, US

problem #39

Jun 242018

Rogue S

  • Automatic transmission
  • 55,000 miles

After the car runs 1 to 1-1/2 on highway, it seems to go to limp mode, can barely do 70 mph speed limit on freeway. This could cause accident as you can't accelerate if needed. Causes traffic to back up behind you as on hills it loses speed down to more than 20 under the limit. Nissan needs to fix this crap transmission and cover for more model yrs than currently doing.

Update from Jul 2, 2018: per service bulletin transmission cooler needed. They should have notified all owners this is needed if you are going to drive it on highway for more than 1-1/2 hrs above 75 degrees. Who would buy a vehicle that can not do that without it

- John W., North Prairie, US

problem #38

May 252018

Rogue S

  • CVT transmission
  • 67,000 miles

Good afternoon,

I am writing to you about my 2013 rogue with 67,000 miles. We were on our way from Connecticut to Maryland when the car suddenly lost power and would not accelerate. My husband luckily was able to pull it off the road as it was not rush hour.

The car ended up smoking and smelled like something was burning. We had to get towed off the highway. 2 Hours later the car seems fine and we are on our way. I bring the car to the dealership and they say I need a new transmission. How can a car with low miles need a new transmission. I have seen tons of complaints online regarding the same issue in the same suv year. Yet Nissan does not do a recall on this? That is just ridiculous. We paid a lot of money for a new suv and of course the warranty expired at 60,000 miles and all these SUV’s seem to be having issues around the same mileage.

I feel there should be a recall on these transmissions as they are a safety danger on the road.

Nissan will only give me $500 towards this fix, they quoted me $5200.

- Rosa G., Trumbull, CT, US

problem #37

May 112018


  • Automatic transmission
  • 62,800 miles

This is my 3rd occurrence where I was driving to Charlotte Airport going 75-80 and then the speed dropped to 55-60 after driving for about 1 1/2 hours both ways on my trip, I had to stop in traffic at one point for an accident and when I went to accelerate the car would barely move, then picked up some speed and I was able to continue, check engine light on. Again took to dealership. They inform me that it is a torc converter clutch code and I have to take it to the Nissan dealership for repair, as they do not have the software for this and it should be covered under my extended warranty. It better be because this is costly and apparently an issue with these cars, it could cause a serious accident when the car does this and you have traffic on you and this happens so unexpectedly. Nissan needs to look into this issue before someone is killed.

Update from Jun 9, 2018: My entire transmission had to be replaced per the dealership, My cost guard covered most of it but the dealership stated it took more hours to fix than the cost guard allowed and I would have to pay up to $400. If this is a problem Nissan needs to recall not make people have to go thru there extended warranty it is a manufacture issue not the customers.

- Hannah E., Axton, VA, US

problem #36

Apr 132018


  • Automatic transmission
  • 58,390 miles

This was the second occurrence 4/13/2018, driving for about 1 1/2 hours with traffic at speed of 75-80 and then the acceleration on the car stopped car slowed down to 55-60 unable to get it back up to speed. Check engine light came on and the next day was off.

- Hannah E., Axton, VA, US

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