really awful
Typical Repair Cost:
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Average Mileage:
80,350 miles
Total Complaints:
7 complaints

Most common solutions:

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problem #7

Feb 102020

1500 Bighorn 5.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 76,000 miles

Hello, I drive a 2012 Ram 1500 Bighorn. 5.7L hemi crew cab. About a year and a half ago my truck started dying randomly. It started doing it while I was sitting at a light waiting for it to turn green so I could go. It would be just fine then just instantly die. Put it back in park and it starts right back up. It started doing it about 1 time every other day then progressively got worse fast. To the point it will die 10 to 15 times a day on me. Then it started dying on me while I was driving.. there is no rhyme or reason to when it does it. I have taken it to Larry H Miller Dodge here in Colorado for diagnosis. They had my truck for 3 days and told me it was a bad TIPM. So I ordered a TIPM and installed it but, it still dies randomly. So I took the truck back to the dealer again. They had it for 4 days and told me I need to remove the pedal commander (It was already disabled by me before ever taking it to the dealer) it could be causing the problem. And that the TIPM I bought was not new it was a rebuild. So I said ok.

I went out and bought A NEW TIPM. I installed it and made sure the pedal commander was not hooked up and it wasn't. I started driving the truck again and sure enough, it STILL DIES RANDOMLY! So again I called the dealer. Got the truck back into them and they installed a running data log computer with a button in the truck I was to push each time the truck died on me. I drove it for a week and hit that button every time it died. Took the truck back to them and they sent the data off to someone to analyze. They called me back and said my TIPM is bad. I said it has had 2 TIPM'S in it now costing me about $1000 plus. The truck still keeps dying on me. They couldn't fix it at the dealer even with all this information.

As of today, it will die on me about 15 times a day (I drive the city all day for work). Bucks when it dies while driving. Dies them comes back to life about 1-2 seconds later. Scares the crap out of me when it happens. Why did Chrysler extend warranties for about 5 other vehicles with the same tipm issue but skip right over the 2012 model? AND, WHY CANT MY DEALER FIGURE OUT WHY ITS DYING?! THEY ARE THE PROFESSIONALS RIGHT? THEY BUILT THE TRUCK, THEY WROTE ALL THE PROGRAMMING FOR THE TRUCK BUT, THEY CANT DIAGNOSE IT. SO I AM STUCK DRIVING A TRUCK THAT SHUTS OFF RANDOMLY ALL THE TIME. IS LEMON LAW A POSSIBILITY? I'M PISSED. I LOVE MY DODGE, AND WITH CHRYSLER APPRECIATED THE FACT THAT I LIKE THE TRUCK AND HELP ME FIX IT.

- William L., Thornton, US

problem #6

Jun 102020

1500 Tradesmen 5.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 96,160 miles

have come very close to hitting some or being hit by hoping some one can till me what is wrong before going to the dealer there nothing on obd no engine light and I see were others have taken there to a dealer and found nothing wrong we all need help before some one get killed

- moody ri, Topsham, US

problem #5

Jan 062019

1500 Tradesman 4.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 112,143 miles

When I started the truck it died right away. Started again and died again. I'm afraid it's gonna get me stranded by not restarting one of these times.

- Susan S., Madison, US

problem #4

Nov 142017

1500 Sport 5.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 110,822 miles

I have been noticing this behavior last year once or twice. Each time pulling into my driveway, making a left turn.

I thought it was just a weird anomaly. It then started more frequently at the beginning of this year twice and this month four times, back to back. ex: yesterday twice making a left turn trying to manually turn my steering wheel as the power went out, due to engine shut down. Put it in neutral and resumes normal operation.

And an hour later shuts down slowing down on a light, getting ready to make a right turn. I had put it in neutral to restart the engine and resume normal operation.

I baby my truck, I don't dogged so to speak it or anything to it.

This is very dangerous and seeing nothing on the internet of why this is happening. Maybe I'm not researching good enough? Going to call the dealership and see what they say.

If anyone has any insight please let me know.

- Dj G., Cypress, US

problem #3

Nov 042017

1500 Big Horn V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 120,000 miles

The engine just shuts off while driving. Did it first about a month ago, but did it 3 times in 5 days now with my kids in the car. Radio stays on, but engine shuts off and power steering goes. No codes. No lights. Local ato guys checked it out, but found no issues. Recommend taking to the dealer.

- Howard A., Hanahan, US

problem #2

Dec 132014


  • Automatic transmission
  • 26,000 miles

When it is cold outside, the truck shuts off in the middle of the road sometimes while the vehicle is running. I feel it is really unsafe for the vehicle to completely shut off in the middle of the road for countless reasons.

Although stated that the problem has never been fixed, I have spent who knows how much money trying to get it fixed. It has been brought to a Dodge dealership out-of-town over a hand-full of times. At the time, the vehicle was still under the regular warranty, and the Dodge dealership always said there was nothing they could find that was wrong with the vehicle. I have brought it to a second Dodge dealership and was told they did not have time to look at my truck. So after many trips to get it fixed, I have given up on fixing the problem because it is costing too much money to be told the same thing repeatedly.

- Andre A., Larose, LA, US

problem #1

Feb 262013

1500 Big Horn 5.7L V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 21,280 miles

Really sh*tty this truck has all maintenance done on time or early. only has 21280 miles on it and engine died out. At the dealership getting looked at but not until tomorrow afternoon. so glad i paid 38000 for a piece of sh*t.

- Vinny C., Midlothian, VA, US