NCAP 5-Star Crash Test/Rollover Ratings

2017 Prius C 5 HB FWD

Front Driver
Front Passenger
Side Driver
Side Passenger
Side Pole
NCAP 2017 Toyota Prius c front crash test photoNCAP 2017 Toyota Prius c side crash test photoNCAP 2017 Toyota Prius c side pole crash test photo

1 Although not included in the star rating, the rear passenger's abdominal rib deflection was elevated.

2 Due to the intrusion of the left rear door during the side impact test, the interior door panel struck the torso of the rear passenger dummy, causing a high lower spine acceleration. High lower spine accelerations, in excess of 82 g's, indicate a higher likelihood of thoracic injury.

IIHS Crash Test & Rollover Safety Ratings

The IIHS has not conducted crash tests for the 2017 Prius c yet.

Ratings only apply to the model and body or seat type tested. The date of manufacture and optional safety equipment can affect results. For full details see