Tesla Model Y SUVs Recalled Over Trailer Brake Lights

Tesla recalls 2,900 SUVs equipped with global rear lamps and tow packages.

Tesla Model Y SUVs Recalled Over Trailer Brake Lights

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— A Tesla Model Y recall has been issued for more than 2,900 vehicles equipped with global rear lamps (part numbers 1502086-00-A, 1502087-00-A, 1502088-00-A and 1502089-00-A).

The Model Y vehicles are also equipped with tow packages, but Tesla says the trailer brake lights may fail due to software errors.

In August, Tesla received an appointment request for a Model Y customer who reported their trailer brake lights weren't working. An appointment was scheduled for September 17th.

However, the day before the appointment, Tesla found problems with the brake lights during trailer testing, but engineers didn't know what caused the problem.

The automaker opened an investigation while creating firmware release 2020.36.12, which will be carried forward in firmware releases 2020.40.3 and later.

About 2,560 Model Y vehicles are recalled in the U.S. and another 342 vehicles are recalled in Canada.

Tesla sent an over-the-air firmware update in September, but Model Y owners with questions should call 605-882-4000.

Tesla's trailer brake light recall number is SB-20-00-002.