Subaru Ascent Tie-Rod Recall Issued For 1,300 SUVs

2020 Subaru Ascent vehicles have front tie rods that may not fit properly.

Subaru Ascent Tie-Rod Recall Issued For 1,300 SUVs

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— A Subaru Ascent tie-rod recall includes more than 1,300 model year 2020 Ascents at risk of steering control problems.

The Subaru Ascent front tie rods may not fit properly because of incorrect tapered holes in the housings.

Subaru learned the out-of-specification cutting tool was first used by the supplier in 2020, causing Subaru and the supplier to open an investigation after an incorrect housing hole was seen.

The supplier completed durability testing and determined the reliability was equivalent to standard parts, but Subaru continued investigating the potential effect of long-term usage.

The automaker found under very specific conditions, the tie rods could have problems although no warranty claims have been filed.

Subaru dealers will replace both front tie-rod ends and housings after Ascent recall notices are mailed February 7, 2022.

Subaru Ascent owners may call 844-373-6614 and ask about recall number WRL-21.