VW Atlas Automatic Emergency Braking Investigated

Volkswagen Atlas owners say Autonomous Emergency Braking Front Assist systems are defective.

VW Atlas Automatic Emergency Braking Investigated

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— Model year 2018-2019 Volkswagen Atlas SUVs are under investigation after reports the automatic emergency braking systems activated when they shouldn't have activated.

Volkswagen calls the system, "Autonomous Emergency Braking Front Assist."

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has received 59 complaints about VW Atlas automatic emergency braking systems activating while driving.

At least five of those reports allege the sudden deceleration caused five injuries.

The system should apply automatic braking if the Atlas is getting ready to hit something in the road, but all the complaints allege there were no forward objects.

In addition to the complaints, NHTSA says it received "several" early warning reporting field reports about the Atlas braking systems.

The odds of a rear-end crash jumps up drastically if a VW Atlas suddenly brakes without warning.

Safety regulators didn't release more details, but the VW Atlas automatic emergency braking investigation includes more than 184,000 SUVs.

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