Honda Automatic Emergency Braking Problems Investigated

Honda Passport and Insight vehicles suddenly stop without objects in the roads.

Honda Automatic Emergency Braking Problems Investigated

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— Honda automatic emergency braking problems and complaints have caused a federal investigation into sudden braking events in 2019-2022 Honda Passport SUVs and 2019-2022 Honda Insight cars.

More than 250,000 Honda vehicles are affected by the automatic emergency braking investigation opened by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Honda Insight and Honda Passport owners have filed at least 46 complaints and several early warning reports about unintentional activation of the automatic emergency braking systems.

The driver of a 2019 Honda Passport described a collision caused by sudden braking.

"I have has consistent problems with the braking system. It will brake and/or show the warning when nothing is there. The jerking of this has caused me to get in an accident June 2020 while moving to a new duty station. It was raining and there were no other cars on this highway thankfully. It was scary and I was even going below the speed limit. This caused my car to become nearly uncontrollable. My children and I were fortunately unharmed, but pretty shaken up."

And the owner of a 2020 Honda Passport complained how the unintended braking occurred at highway speeds.

"Vehicle braking heavily and unexpectedly on highway and interstate due to defective Honda sensing group input data (radar, camera, on-board software creating dangerous situation) at high speeds (60-70mph)."

Automatic emergency braking works by slowing down the Honda vehicle when it senses an object in the road, warning the driver to slow down. If the directions are not followed, the vehicle will automatically apply the brakes.

The problem with the Passports and Insights is how the vehicles slow down without any objects or obstructions in the roads.

This greatly increases the risk of a crash, especially a rear-end collision into the Honda vehicle.

According to NHTSA, there have been three alleged crashes and two injuries caused by sudden unintended activation of the automatic braking systems. will update our website with results of the Honda Passport and Honda Insight investigation.