Jaguar E-PACE Airbag Problems Cause Recall

Jaguar recalls SUVs because the passenger airbags can tear when the airbags deploy.

Jaguar E-PACE Airbag Problems Cause Recall

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— Jaguar E-PACE passenger airbag problems have caused a recall of 2,500 SUVs because the airbags can tear when they deploy.

The recalled 2021-2023 Jaguar E-PACE passenger airbags may tear during deployment as a result of the fascia airbag deployment door panel not being sufficiently weakened.

The airbag module needs to be able to break through the door panel fascia to properly protect the passenger.

Jaguar opened an investigation in 2021 following reports of airbag problems.

The fascia supplier and Jaguar performed tests and experiments into what factors needed to be present in the fascia to influence the deployment of the passenger airbag.

Engineers learned the airbag fascia doors were inadequately weakened leading to higher forces required to break through and correctly deploy the airbags.

Customers who have paid for repair of this defect out of warranty can be reimbursed by Jaguar.

Jaguar recall letters will be mailed June 14, 2024, and dealerships will replace the passenger airbag modules.

Jaguar E-PACE owners may contact Jaguar at 800-452-4827 and use recall number H491.