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Average Mileage:
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problem #31

Nov 202012

Ram 1500

  • miles
First it was fuel light coming on then the engine light started coming on. Got that off then the blown light started coming on change all blown fuses and lights but light wouldn't go out and engine light came back on. Paid to fixed after 1 year it started up all over again.

- Baltimore, MD, USA

problem #30

Jul 242018

Ram 1500

  • 68,537 miles
Fuel tank strap failed due to rust - tank dragged - 2004 not covered under the recall that included 2009 - 2012. It should be included because everything they said could happen, did. Paid $249.54 to repair at dealership. Freehold Dodge - freehold,

- Wall, NJ, USA

problem #29

Oct 012017

Ram 1500

  • 174,656 miles
Engine stalls at all speeds on an interstate while going 75 mph with no control of steering due to lost of power steering or brakes. Sometimes it will restart of sometimes it doesn't right away but after about thirty minutes it will restart. This is also true of parking lots and city streets. With no codes or engine check light to refer to.

- New Bern, NC, USA

problem #28

Aug 012017

Ram 1500

  • 130,000 miles
Takata recall. I have a 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 quad cab. I am having issue finding mopar-oem bell crank part# 53032456 ae. If you go to the dealer in elk grove ca, they are on back order 270. Or on the morpar website they are on back order too. When driving the vehicle the truck has ( ) with a lighting volt. You loose all power and the truck stays at high idle about 1800 rpms. Difficult braking when this happens. The transmission shutters.

- Sacramento, CA, USA

problem #27

Aug 032017

Ram 1500

  • 215,000 miles
Sometimes when driving the vehicle rpms rev and down the a light on dash comes on.the light symbol looks like a lighting bolt with two lines one in each side of lighting bolt. Switch truck off and restart the light goes off and truck runs fine. It might not do it again a day or sometimes a week or so.

- Delco, NC, USA

problem #26

Aug 012017

Ram 1500

  • miles
Every time I get gas I pull out on to the road and it goes dead after about 30 seconds it'll crank back up..has just about gotten me killed several times.

- Wauchula, FL, USA

problem #25

May 262017

Ram 1500

  • 160,000 miles
I was driving my 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 on the highway when my truck stopped running. Found the fuel pump was no good. I have been an auto mechanic for years and this is very dangerious! I had it towed to the garage daves auto on madison ave told me the fuel pump was no good also the fuel tank is no good the ring on top of the fuel tank is rotten the "tabs that hold the fuel pump in is rotten" and where the fuel pump sits on the fuel tank is like in a well so when it rains the water on top of the gas tank sits in the fuel pump location has no where to drain and my thery is that is what rotts the fuel pump bracket on the fuel tank! and they said it is not safe I had to get a new fuel tank. I called multipul used auto parts supply companys and every single one who had a gas tank had the same problem was rotten. So I called the dealer scap Dodge of fairfield, ct they have 68 people waiting on back order fuel tanks and they are over $800 redicules.so can you imagine across the country how many people are driving around with a bomb waiting to explode!!!! this is a safty hazzard because any one will tell you that if this faulty fuel tank is rotten gas fuems will escape and cause an explotion or fire even death if the vehical is in an accedent te fuel will leak every where this really should be a recall im scared to drive this and everyone should be to!!!! I really hope you look in to this problem any information you need I have photos if you need them you can contact me asap! thank you josh E

- Bridgeport, CT, USA

problem #24

May 032016

Ram 1500

  • 250,000 miles
When the gas tank on this truck is filled to capacity, the truck will stall when making a left hand turn. The truck cannot be filled to the "full" mark. If it is it will stall when making a left hand turn. This has happened many times. The only way to avoid it is to not fill the gas tank completely full.

- Gilbert, AZ, USA

problem #23

Feb 172017

Ram 1500

  • 170,000 miles
My truck was parked at work and at the end of the day it wouldn't start. Had it towed home and I determined that the fuel pump failed. The next day I lifted the bed to replace it and I was shocked to see the whole top of the tank's locking ring tangs were all rusted away and the pump was just sitting in the tank crooked. If it was filled full or in an accident fuel would've slooshed out of the tank. On a rollover the entire tank will empty.

- Temperance, MI, USA

problem #22

Aug 042016

Ram 1500

  • 121,380 miles
For a few weeks I would occasionally smell gas fumes. I had the truck visually inspected and the mechanic could find nothing wrong. Then one day I filled the tank. When the tank was full, instead of the pump shutting off the pump began pouring gas onto the ground. This time they dropped the tank to find that the metal collar on top of the tank had rusted away causing the fuel pump to pop up half out of the tank. That was the reason the pump had not shut off. Gas was flowing out of the top of the tank!!. the mechanic told me that if the fuel pump connection had shorted out with the top of the tank open the way it was, me and anyone in the truck would have been blown up!!!. this was a very poor design on Chrysler's part that has the potential to kill people.

- Berlin, MD, USA

problem #21

Jun 012016

Ram 1500

  • 145,000 miles
Fuel tank has metal tabs to lock fuel pump in position. Water can collect with road salts to eat away the locking tabs which allows the fuel to leak out next to hot exhaust which can cause fire. When filling fuel tank the fuel will seep out because the locking tabs no longer hold the pump in place. This leaked fuel can cause fire, and allow fuel to pool under the vehicle causing fuel spills.

- Burlington, NJ, USA

problem #20

Feb 182016

Ram 1500

  • 81,000 miles
The truck stalls at stops and turns after fuel fill

- Barling, AR, USA

problem #19

Jul 142015

Ram 1500

  • 80,000 miles
The contact owns a 2004 Dodge Ram 1500. While driving at 50 mph, the vehicle stalled without warning. The vehicle restarted after a few minutes and was taken to an independent mechanic who diagnosed that the fuel tank needed to be replaced. The failure recurred several times. The vehicle was not repaired. The manufacturer was not notified of the failure. The failure mileage was 80,000.

- Newfield, NJ, USA

problem #18

Jun 012013

Ram 1500

  • 75,131 miles
As stated in other complaints, the vehicle will stall after slowing down at intersection of driving in heavy traffic. If you ride the brake and gas, you can keep from stalling. This incident started to happen after a smell of gas vapor smell after filling tank. Researched stalling and gas smell, was led to other scalp notice for hemi gas tank due to ethanol gas causing the rollover valve in the gas tank to expand and not close. When you fill the tank you get liquid gas in the purge vapor canister and line. This giving you the gas smell upon filling. I have stopped filling the tank past 3/4 and have not had the issue since. Kind of disappointed that other hemi models gas tanks were recalled, but not the truck even though it has the same issue.

- Spencerport, NY, USA

problem #17

Jul 012014

Ram 1500

  • 110,000 miles
Stalls at every stop after re fueling

- Bloomington, MN, USA

problem #16

Jul 032015

Ram 1500

  • 177,523 miles
A whining sound started coming from somewhere on the vehicle approx 30 min before the rear end exploded locking the vehicle up and causing the drive shaft to fly across two lanes of heavy holiday traffic. Thank the lord no one was injured or accident was caused due to this failure of a loose pinion nut on the drive shaft. I had it towed to the closest dealership who said it will cost over 4500 dollars not including car rental to get it repaired, the dealer said they contacted the mfg. And they said it was not under the recall. This is a serious and dangerous problem. This vehicle has been dealer maintained since new and should not have experienced this issue without a recall or warning.

- Flowery Branch, GA, USA

problem #15

Mar 292015

Ram 1500

  • 118,000 miles
This has been happening at every fill up. Once I fill the tank, for approximately 20 or so miles after the fillup, my truck tries to stall if I don't rev the engine up really high.. at stop lights or turns, it will stall completely. I have also had to stall on the interstate at speed! once I drive 20 or so miles it stops. I have heard from many owners that it has something to do with a fuel vent or something. Apparently this is quite a common problem that should be looked into. Thank you for your time

- Millstadt, IL, USA

problem #14

Mar 032014

Ram 1500 4WD 8-cyl

  • 22,000 miles
The truck stalls at idle or low speeds after refueling. It happens every time. It is dangerous because the power steering goes out and the truck is very difficult to control. It has happened as I am entering off-ramps and proceeding through intersections. The problem is the vapor/liquid separator valve located at the top of the fuel tank. The valve is designed to prevent liquid fuel from entering the charcoal canister/emissions system. When the valve fails, liquid gas can enter the line and fill the charcoal canister. After refueling, the PCM on the vehicle detects a change in fuel level. Then, when the engine meets certain temperature and driving criteria, the PCM issues a purge command to the charcoal canister to remove the stored gas vapors. It"S at that point that all the liquid gas in the line gets sucked into the charcoal canister. The PCM expects to see gas vapors entering the intake manifold and it is prepared to adjust air/fuel mixtures to compensate. However, it is not prepared to see liquid gas coming into the intake. That"S what causes the engine to stall. Unfortunately, the only fix is to replace the entire gas tank. Chrysler does not sell the vapor/liquid valve as a separate unit. Once the tank is replaced and the charcoal canister purged, the problem goes away. This problem is well-known to Chrysler across a broad range of vehicles, including pickups, minivans and SUVS. Chrysler settled with complainants on some models and years by agreeing to extend the warranty to lifetime, but refuses to acknowledge the problem outside of those vehicles. I am looking at a $1,300 repair bill for a known defective and unsafe part, the replacement for which Chrysler refuses to sell separate from the gas tank itself. I would be deeply grateful for any assistance you may provide.

- Claremont, CA, USA

problem #13

Jul 272012

Ram 1500

  • 84,000 miles
I have a 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 when I get gas and fill up until the pump clicks (I do not top off tank) then upon pulling out of the gas station my truck stalls. If I stop for a red light truck stalls again and it continues to stall every now and then at low speeds, at a complete stop, when braking, slowing down, or at idle and last until I run some gas out of it (about 10 miles or so). Vehicle will start right up with no problem but battery gauge takes a few seconds to rise to operating levels. Transmission also feels like it wants to slip at time of stall. I took it to the dealership but because a code was not thrown it is my issue to deal with (have to drop the gas tank and replace a sensor in the overflow tube $500 plus dollars- which I do not just have lying around). I have avoided topping off at the pump and have to watch the amount of gallons of fuel I put in order not to have the same situation occur again. This is not a valid fix in my opinion. I can see the situation exists with other owners of the same year of my vehicle as well. Why is this not being addressed"!"! this is ridiculous and not to mention very frustrating and dangerous. I have my 3 children in the car with me most of the time and I cringe every time it happens just praying we donot get hit.

- Wylie, TX, USA

problem #12

Jan 072015

Ram 1500 4WD 8-cyl

  • 94,665 miles
I purchased this 2004 Dodge on January 5th 2015. I was to return on January 7th to have different tires & rims installed. On the way I stopped and filled the gas tank. Afterwards every stop sign I came to the vehicle stalled out. It started right back up but continued to stall at every stop sign. The mechanic at redding truck & auto diagnosed that the crank sensor was bad and replaced it at no charge. It ran fine until I filled the gas tank again and started having the same problems with it stalling out. So now if I fill the tank it will stall out until I drive it for several miles or until I run some of the gas out of the tank. I was told not to fill the tank which is not a fix for this problem.

- Shingletown, CA, USA

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