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Crashes / Fires:
13 / 0
Injuries / Deaths:
3 / 1
Average Mileage:
81,774 miles

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problem #134

Sep 032019


  • 89,500 miles
Complete brake failure due to an electronic component failure. The brake pedal went all the way to the floorboard. There was no collision and the vehicle came to rest on the shoulder of the highway.check brake system he car has no brake.

- Citrus Heights, CA, USA

problem #133

Aug 022019


  • 159,000 miles
(my daily path is on city streets marked 45 mph. Incidents generally occur at intersections with stop lights/signs; I am continuing straight and not turning) brakes do not function when brake pedal is pressed while driving during wet conditions, conditions with a dusting of snow or if vehicle hits a bump while brake pedal is pressed. Instead, the brake pedal falls all the way to the floor and the vehicle continues forward. Driver must pump brake pedal numerous times to get pedal to return to normal position and for brakes to activate. This has not happened under normal conditions. The ABS system does not seem to activate, as it does not function with the normal chattering movement that an ABS system has. Driver can hear a slight hum and feel normal pedal resistance when the brake pedal is initially pressed, then the brake pedal falls to the floor and the vehicle continues forward. This does not always occur when the pavement is wet, as it is very unpredictable. The brake pads on this vehicle are somewhere around a year old. Tires are about 8 months old and have full tread. The vehicle has been driven 159,000 miles with the first incidence of brake failure happening somewhere around 40,000 miles. I was narrowly missed by a semi truck driver on Friday morning as I slid through a red light, on a wet roadway, with my foot on the pedal which had fallen to the floor. This is not just a problem with my vehicle, as there are hundreds of people reporting the same issue on forums online. Please make Ford recall these vehicles before someone dies. I will put a date of occurrence below but it only signifies the latest date this has happened. This began in November 2012 and seems to be increasing in frequency. I have experienced brake failure three times in the last 45 days.

- Mcloud, OK, USA

problem #132

Jul 222019


  • 103,000 miles
Takata inflators: My vehicle was not driven for 6 months as part of the recall. I was given a rental while waiting for parts, but since having the recall parts installed my vehicle has started having brake problems. When driving the brake pedal will go all the way down to the floor. It feels like the brakes will not hold pressure. I had the brake pads and rotors changed after it sat for 6 months.

- Carthage, MO, USA

problem #131

Jul 282019


  • 80,000 miles
I had a recurring issue where the power brakes failed and we were forced to depress the brakes almost to the floor to get them to work. I reported this issue a couple years ago and was contacted by a NHTSA employee. At that time the dealer had said it was permanently resolved, which I told the NHTSA employee. The employee told me to contact him if it happened again. It happened again this evening. I replied to the employee's email, however the employee no longer seems to work there. It occurred while I was backing slowly out of my driveway, and shifting out of reverse to drive. The brake assist service light came on.

- Austin, TX, USA

problem #130

Jul 092019


  • 105,000 miles
The first time this happened, I hit a pothole. The brakes felt loose/spongy, and I had to press down all the way for the brakes to work. I pumped them a few times, and it seemed to fix the problem. It was raining a bit the other day. I turned, and brakes a little and felt the ABS kick in. After that, I was coming to a stop light. I began to brake, but had to press down about halfway to even begin braking, and all the way to brake completely. This problem has continued since then, even without rain

- Waldorf, MD, USA

problem #129

Jun 282019


  • 175,000 miles
1st incident while trying to make a turn I applied my brakes and the pedal went to the floor I pumped the pedal and was able to slow my vehicle to make the turn. It happened again while trying to come to a stop on a slight incline to park again I applied brakes and it went to the floor I had to pump the brakes to come to a stop. Second incident 2 weeks after the 1st while approaching an intersection I applied brakes and the vehicle came to a stop but instantly lost pressure and the pedal went to the floor. My vehicle started rolling into the intersection and I had to pump the brakes to be able to avoid hitting another vehicle. This seems to be happening sporadically. Ive researched the problem and it seems multiple people have had the same serious safety issues with the brakes & has cost over $1,000 to possibly correct the situation.

- Union, MO, USA

problem #128

Jun 232019


  • 130,000 miles
Unexpected increase of braking distance. When doing a K turn, I should be able to stop but the car continue to rolls when brake is pressed to the floor. This caused me to roll into a curb. This happens regularly but inconsistently. The car was going less then 5 miles an hour and took more then 5 feet to come to a complete stop with the pedal pressed all the way.

- Cherry Hill, NJ, USA

problem #127

Oct 232018


  • 92,000 miles
There have been numerous occasions when I hit my brakes and the pedal goes all the way to the floor and I cannot come to a complete stop. However, if I pump my brakes, my brakes usually work like normal but typically I am having to slam on them which is dangerous. This happens any time I want to stop. It doesn't matter if I am on the freeway or city street or even trying to turn into my driveway.

- Fort Worth, TX, USA

problem #126

Jun 112019


  • 152,000 miles
Vehicle in motion, at 35-40mph with the brake pedal to the floor, the vehicle will take 6-7 car lengths to come to a full stop, slowly, with no locking of tires, no ABS. No error codes. Shop #1 went through brake system and said it sounds like the hcu is bad. Ford dealership is telling me that the braking distance, response (pedal to the floor) is normal for this car. At freeway speeds, the stopping distance is so long there would be no way to avoid an accident. Dealership states since no codes are showing, they won't physically test or warranty the hcu. This is an on-going issue with the car that is getting worse over time. This is a known issue, without codes, and has resulted in an investigation. Recommend speeding up that investigation.

- Taylorsville, UT, USA

problem #125

Jun 062019


  • 200,098 miles
Shortly after the ABS of the car was activated on loose gravel, my brake pedal faded and ultimately went to the floor forcing me to use the emergency brake to stop the car to avoid going thru an intersection, potentially causing an accident. Pedal braking power is almost non-existent. There were no warning lights, and the car reports everything is fine with the braking system.

- Sioux Falls, SD, USA

problem #124

Sep 162017


  • 81,000 miles
The contact owns a 2010 Ford Fusion. The contact stated that the brakes failed. The contact had to slam on the brake pedal with excessive force to stop the vehicle. The failure occurred more than once. Multiple messages and unknown warning indicators illuminated on the instrument panel, including "service advancetrac" and "service brakes". the vehicle was taken to an independent mechanic who diagnosed that a new anti-lock brake system control module was needed. The vehicle was currently being repaired. The manufacturer and dealer were not made aware of the failure. The failure mileage was 81,000.

- Yuva City, CA, USA

problem #123

Feb 152019


  • 98,000 miles
The contact owns a 2010 Ford Fusion. While driving approximately 5 mph, the brakes lost power and the ABS indicator illuminated. The vehicle was taken to an independent mechanic who diagnosed and replaced the brake module. The manufacturer and dealer were not made aware of the failure. The failure mileage was approximately 98,000.

- Stoneville, NC, USA

problem #122

Apr 052019


  • 112,000 miles
When trying to stop vehicle, the brake pedal lowers to floor and is slow to stop the car. Car continues to travel with foot on the pedal. All diagnostic tests on brakes and master cylinder are stating that brakes are working as they should with no problems to fix but the brake pedal does not stop the car. Everything that could be causing the pedal to lower to the floor and be slow to stop the vehicle has been checked multiple times. Pads are good, rotors are good, brake fluid good, no leaks, brake lines are good, no air in lines, master cylinder is good. According to social media outlets and Ford forums, there are hundreds of complaints with the same exact problem with the soft brake pedal and failure to stop the vehicle. So, the question is...why has there not been a recall?

- Eht, NJ, USA

problem #121

Feb 152019


  • 210,000 miles
While driving on dry pavement and transitioning to a dirt road, the hcu unit has malfunctioned while applying the brakes and caused my vehicle to have no brakes and the vehicle failed to stop. I was forced to use the emergency brake to avoid an accident. This caused the entire braking system to fail and the vehicle has been in the shop for over 7 business days with no concrete repair in site. To date the estimated cost for repair not including the hcu is $1,500 just in labor to try and find the issue.

- Buchanan, MI, USA

problem #120

Jun 082018


  • 67,000 miles
During my normal daily commute I experienced a terrifying and unannounced loss of breaking power. I was simply coming to a stop at a light in heavy traffic and lost total break response. I narrowly missed causing a accident with stopped traffic. I was driving responsibly in a light drizzle when it happened. I am told the ABS module sensed loss of traction in at least one tire so it kicked on. This only made the situation a panic stop. The pedal went to the floor and breaking power was only about 10% of the normal feel. After this event the breaks never regained their power and had to have my car towed to service. The service center told me this is somewhat common and they could fix the issue, $1600 later I have a new ABS module and the breaks works better but not 100% of where they were before. I have heard of several other people's stories since this event and all are the same issue. The event was such a unannounced and terrifying experience I will be selling the car. I am a 35, perfect driving record, drive 20K miles+ every year and never experienced a situation like this where I was helpless. And knowing the manufacturer knows of the problem is appalling.

- Batavia, OH, USA

problem #119

Oct 232018


  • miles
The brakes on this car go almost all the way to floor before they engage. I have bled the brakes, replaced pads and rotors and none of these actions resulted in improved performance. I have read numerous posts that the ABS pump is defective. I am troubled by this as my daughter drives this car and I do not feel it is safe. This issue occurs at any speed in any condition I.e. dry, wet, turning or going straight. This also results in longer braking distances as the engagement is not normal. I have called Ford and they have taken no action whatsoever.

- Long Valley, NJ, USA

problem #118

Feb 282019


  • 138,000 miles
Driving during a snowstorm, I went to use the brakes. The anti lock brakes kicked in and since then the brake pedal is spongy sometimes the pedal goes to the floor. Have to pump the pedal. Master cylinder is good and brakes have been bled.

- Cumberland, RI, USA

problem #117

Feb 132019


  • 197,000 miles
While turning out of the driveway into the street the brake petal pulsed as if the antilock brake system was activated. Immediately after that the brake pedal went to the floor with no brakes being present. Pumping the brakes restored a little of the pedal pressure. After that the brakes remained spongy. We replaced the brake master cyljnder but were unable to get any pressure in the brake system even after bleeding the brake lines. The dealer said that it was the ABS control module. There should not be a part that can fail while driving that can physically take away all of the break pressure in the system. In researching on the internet I have found hundreds of cases of people saying the same thing happened to them with their Fusion. The problem seems to be that one of the valves in the ABS control module can stick in the open position creating a loop in the brake line system that allows the fluid to circulate instead of pressurizing the wheel calipers.

- Lebanon Junction, KY, USA

problem #116

Feb 072019


  • miles
Brakes failed. Replaced master cylinder, and ABS pump still no brakes. Electrical codes keep coming up. Rreplaced pads all around and rotor and caliper. Bleed system. With no power to car brake petal hard and power pedal goes right to the floor. System barely bleeds.

- New Bedford, MA, USA

problem #115

Oct 292018


  • 175,000 miles
Coming home from late night movie with my 10 year old son.pulked up to 4 way intersection across from my driveway at 10am angle when I got my breaks to stop at 4way pedal went to floor I had no breaks.ive already replaced multiple calipers break pads every 2 months and rotors cause I've had nothing but serious issues with the breaking sytem.but I had to angle my car at the wall in my driveway and hit to stop

- East Providence, RI, USA

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